The iPad 3’s processor is assumed to be called the ‘A6’, following Apple’s recent history. The iPhone 4 has the A4 processor and both the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have the A5 processor. The iPad 3 featuring an A6 processor makes sense.

However, according to a leaked image on Chinese forum WeiPhone, the iPad 3 will have an A5X processor, rather than A6…

The upgraded processor has been rumored to be a quad-core processor, while some publications have said dual-core.

As MacRumors points out, the code “1146” on the A5X processor indicates that the processor was manufactured November 14th-20th. Perhaps this could be just a prototype.

The logic board looks close to the iPad 2’s, specifically around the power management chips. There’s also 16 GB flash memory chips from Hynix.

It’s not clear if Apple will use an A5X processor rather than an A6, but this leak certainly looks to indicate it. Apple is rumored to announce the iPad 3 March 7th, with a launch a few days later. The tablet is also rumored to have a Retina display, LTE chip, and upgraded cameras.

The lingering question is if the iPad 3’s processor will be dual-core or quad-core.

Do you think Apple would use an A5X processor, rather than A6?

  • A5X

  • Anonymous

    I think the question now is ¿What carrying the iPad 3? because really nothing is confirmed…

    • makes absolutely no sense what you just wrote

      • Anonymous

        “[…]the processor was manufactured November 14th-20th. Perhaps this could be just a prototype.” Apple could have changed their iPad 3 processor plans within the past few months.

      • Still makes no sense

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it will be quad core. I’m sure this is it.

  • When we expected an iphone 5 they launched the 4s, now that we expect a a6 they launch a5X, is it me or apple is starting to release new gasgets with few changes compared to it older version? Iphone 4s(an Iphone 4 with an ipad processor) A5X.. Not exactly something I wanted to see from Apple.

    • Yes, because all rumors are hard fact.

    • it’s not like this is new. the iphone was 2g then the 3g. following year 3gs. now the iphone 4 then 4s. 2 year cycle. it’s not really a tough concept to digest and it’s not exactly new. it appears that the ipad 3 is going to be a ipad 2s. 2 year cycle without major design changes. iphone to iphone 3g was a huge change in style as ipad and ipad 2 were a huge style change. all of this makes sense…it’s how they’ve done it all along.

    • it’s a way to keep the iphone/ipad seem younger than it is. people are complaining that after 5 years the UI hasn’t changed, and the front of the device looks nearly identical to the first gen 5 years ago. it’s a way to confuse people about how old they are. naturally to confuse the people who are not in the know. it’s a good tactic, but what i prefer, just change the UI and the look of the iphone already. look at the scroll bar on the OSX, its blue/white stripes. more than 10 years and they can’t think of something different? apple, innovative? nope~

  • Anonymous

    A5X for an iPad “2X”? maybe a play on the double resolution for the new iPad? it’s a thought…

  • The Apple logo looks distorted.

  • i think the iPad 3 is sporting the A4 the A5 is just to fast

  • KewlDewd

    Why are people so hung up on names? Who cares what they call it? All that matters is how it performs.

  • Cloudi Windi

    The real question is, does Dream Team making their move on jailbreaking the up coming iPad or processor and how long are we going to wait after the iPad is release? xD

  • A lot of metal fans will buy an iPad with an A7X processor