iOS hacker i0n1c came out of a long period of silence to tweet about a future iOS 5.1 jailbreak and a piece of advice to get ready for it.

According to a rather sarcastic tweet sent a few hours ago, i0n1c recommends everybody downloads KakaoTalk Messenger, a free application in the App Store that apparently hides some mysterious features, namely an exploitable vulnerability that can be used for an iOS 5.1 jailbreak…

Is he really being sarcastic though? This sarcastic tweet might just be another way for him to tease us with an exploit that doesn’t exist. But if it’s not sarcasm, then why mention an iOS 5.1 exploit at all?

iOS 5.1 is rumored to be released next month when the iPad 3 launches. It will likely patch any exploit used for the untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak that was unveiled last month. New devices sold in store will then come with iOS 5.1, leaving those new owners without a jailbreak. This trick shared by i0n1c will apparently help.

Even though i0n1c has proved to be very helpful for the jailbreak community in the past, he has also proved to be somewhat of a troll at times, teasing people about exploits and jailbreaks that never materialized, just to generate buzz. Before people start flaming me for calling him a troll, let me tell you that I have had conversations with very influential people in the jailbreak space that feel the same way. So clearly, this isn’t just me.

But I might be wrong, and hopefully I am. In the meantime, it would still be a wise thing to download KakaoTalk Messenger, just in case I’m just a bad mouthed blogger who’s completely wrong about i0n1c’s attention.

For what it’s worth, i0n1c’s tweets were retweeted by MuscleNerd, giving a little more credit to his claims.



  • he clealy says it has nothing to do with it! You just make a big deal out of nothing. I love iDownloadblog, but this article is not so good.

    • You’re kindof an idiot… He was being sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell.

  • He definately has troll attributes mixed in with a tough of genius. it’s funny reading his tweets ripping on users “and their dumb questions”…

    Also, MuscleNerd retweeted it so it might have some validity to it.

    • sn0wbaLL

      musclenerd? the same guy who promised an iphone 4 unlock, and now gives false hope for the 4s unlock? the same guy who screwed up the 3gs with his so called unlock. gimmie a break.

      • funny. musclenerd doesn’t owe you a thing. if you don’t like waiting, maybe learned how to unlock it yourself. amazing, give people an inch and they expect a mile.

      • sn0wbaLL

        all my iphones are factory unlocked, so i could give a damn, but its people like you who cover for his lies and support him. pathetic!

      • You obviously don’t know who MuscleNerd is. He’s probably the most respected iOS hacker out there. If there is one guy to respect in this industry, that’s MuscleNerd.

      • sn0wbaLL

        I know who he is to some degree, however, educate me, what did he do for the JB community. I know he implements other peoples exploits into redsn0w and geohotz unlock solution into ultrasn0w and that he was part of the dream team. What else? I know im missing a lot. Either way. He’s just let too many people down, too many times, and this app to download, what a joke and a way to get tons of downloads for an app. I aint no musclenerd/i0n1c sheep. In other news, love idownloadblog rules. Love the selection of jb and app store apps. So refreshing from all the other sites.

      • Lol. What a little girl, one of the bloggers replies and he gets all nice and respectful. You internets are really funny.

      • again snowball, he doesn’t owe you, me or anybody else a single fucking thing. Instead of being a dick because you don’t get what you want when you want (sounds like a child throwing a temper tantrum), be thankful he’s around for doing what you think is nothing. Maybe you should hack. But seeing how you probably don’t know how to, you’ll just bitch. Classy. You’re an idiot. Your opinion at this point is worth a pile of dog shit.

        Like I said, you give this idiots an inch, they DEMAND a mile. Assholes.

      • oh, and what really cracks me up are these morons on TMob, or any other unofficial iPhone carrier… is that they know the iPhone isn’t really supported on their network yet they make the conscious choice of using TMob. And when stupid sinks in and they “accidentally” update iOS (updating their baseband), they either start crying to musclenerd to save them or…. or they start bitching about how musclenerd can’t deliver all over twitter hoping someone, anywone will hear them.

        Maybe these users should use a REAL cellular network that actually supports the iPhone and this won’t have this issue. But being the “rebels” they are, giving the FU to the other in protest, they shoot themselves in the foot. And if you’re bullheaded and still want to use Tmob but don’t want to wait for the ultrasnow, your choices are simple: buy an unlocked phone (you’ll likey bitch about the price), hack the baseband yourself (you’ll bitch about that too), or change cellular networks (oh, definately bitching material).

      • Anonymous

        I can’t tell if you are being an ungrateful asshole because you didn’t get a software unlock from Musclenerd or if you are just starting a troll post but either way your stupidity is clearly evident. So what if they promised something they were unable to deliver? It happens. This shit isn’t easy and it isn’t like they haven’t been trying. Either way, people who rely on the work of one person to give them carrier freedom are idiots, much like you are.

      • sn0wbaLL

        did you not read what i said. i dont rely on unlock. and why are you so quick to defend someone you know not. thanks for the insults, shows your intelligence.

  • i don’t trust that kind of face.

  • That first tweet makes no sense…

  • Anonymous

    If its fake, well played, troll. If its real, he’s my new best friend.

  • Mr Sebastien
    Ads on idb to ulock iphone 4s is true…

    • No it’s not. Those ads are served by Google. We keep blocking them but they always reappear under slightly different names or URL.

      • Anonymous

        I think they’re different for each person, depending on what he frequently browses the most on the web.

  • Anonymous

    he might have found the 4.3 jailbreak but he is a straight up asshole judging by his past tweets
    he probably sold that tweet to promote that asian app

  • It’ll prob turn out the same as the ‘elevat0r’ hype he created, useless. He’s a talented hacker, no doubt about it, but he really should stop trolling people so much. No wonder he gets so much abuse on twitter…

  • the idea here is that everybody should be using KakaoTalk….period. it’s the best messaging app out there, WhatsApp is crap. this is a no brainer

    • Kok Hean

      Too bad, WhatsApp has more users so I’m stuck with WhatsApp.

      • so did AOL at one point. I am willing to bet this is just his way of saying everybody should be using this app, it’s frustrating to get people to use something better sometimes..

  • Guest

    I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, the app is free anyway so there is nothing to lose.

    • really? that’s what a lot of people said about Path….

  • What’s twitter?

    • Anonymous

      What’s Facebook?

      • They’re like Google+ with more people on them.
        LOTS of more people…

      • Anonymous

        I prefer calling them “Google+, WITH PEOPLE”.

    • Anonymous

      lol, an Eliminate Pro legend.
      sup, soto, big ups to ya!

  • Yea muscleNerd retweeted it so i download it. Dude u just called him a troll in public, man i’d be pissed. Jeff if iDB experiences any cyber hacking its Seb’s fault.

    • Anonymous

      They’re hackers, not Anonymous. You got it all wrong, bro.

    • Yeah, and iDB is my site, so Jeff hasn’t much control over what I say.

      Besides, would you rather me kissing his ass or say what I think? I thought people came to iDB to hear our opinion, not just to read watered down versions of events. No?

      • asda sada

        dude, jeff is legendary his voice in the youtube videos when he says “hi it’s jeff with idownload blog” makes any tweak better you own the site good for you but the reason i come here is for the tweaks jeff previews so don’t be an ass and be nice to him .-ps : yeah ionic is a troll probably

      • When wasn’t I nice with Jeff?

    • There is no doubt that @i0n1c can be a troll.

  • Well it’s one way to push a app up in the charts..

  • Anonymous

    I will just download the app to my computer just in case. =P

    • ron-mcse

      That was a smart idea, I just did the same thing, d/l it to iTunes, just in case, besides it seems they should be able to push out the same software through cydia if it was legit and apple took it down.

      • Anonymous

        What good would releasing it through cydia do. Once you update to 5.1 anything from cydia will be removed. If this is legit the point is that it’s an app store app that will stay on your phone until you delete it.

  • Anonymous

    This IS the same guy who talked about a 4.3.5 untether… remember that?

    • It also the same guy who said if he lost 70000 follows on twitter he would do a untether for 5.1…

  • Anonymous

    I’m not gonna lie, the second I saw MuscleNerd retweet that, I ran to the App Store. I haven’t even opened the app.

  • Yeah I highly doubt that it’ll be a jailbreak tool considering he said download it before it gets pulled. Why would he risk getting an app removed when apples gonna remove it. It doesn’t make sense. Suppose it does happen. Do you know how quickly apple would pull it. It would be a waste to do that. The app would hardly get around. That’s my opinion.

    • he didn’t say it was a jailbreak tool. he mentioned an exploit vulnerability. sometimes apps crash due to bugs in iOS itself, lending hints to possible iOS exploits. That’s why the tool CDevReporter was created. It captures the crash logs and sends it to the dev team.

  • maybe the app hides an installing app inside it… that way you can install cydia or the installer from the app….

  • We don’t have to wait till MuscleNerd finds a jailbreak to figure this report real or buzz. But i think we have to wait till APPLE pulls the app. I’ve downloaded it coz i hate waiting.

    • i meant I0nic , but wrote MuscleNerd

  • Anonymous

    While it is possible this could just be a genius plot to bring this app up in ranking in the app store, it is a free app so I’ll download it just in case. There’s no harm…

  • guys honestly if it was a joke, then i find it funny i like trolls the are funny guys he’s talented with a sense of humor which is nice its not like he said a paid app its free who cares?

  • Downloaded now!

  • I would download it, it’s probably a way to run unsigned code which would be a good reason for apple to take it down. but as long as you have the app on your idevice and/or the .ipa on your hd, it’s all good. it’s free, so why not?

  • There is no way Apple will pull this app. It is the #1 messaging app in the East (from the Middle East all the way to Japan and in between) and for good reason. The best features, fun to use, MUCH better designed UI, the list goes on. The fact that he had to disguise a jailbreak exploit in the app to get people to use it in the West is sad. It’s the best messaging app, hands down.

    • …according to you. Much more people use Whatsapp, thats why I use it.

      • the facts are clear as day for you to research. Kakao has more features and benefits than WhatsApp, the only reason people use it is because it was there first, plain and simple. A MUCH better alternative has come but people don’t like to change out of habit.

  • Osorio11

    In relation to this topic: I was wondering thhe following: in SBSettings there is a toggle saying: “Apple killswitch”, which if you download SBSettings fresh is always set to: “on”.
    I never understood taht: is the swicth meant to prevent Aplle from pulling an app you have on your phone the next time you try to sych with iTunes, and if so, shouldn’t the switch be set to: öff”?
    If someone here can clarify that for me it would be much appreciated.

  • I downloaded it. Almost perfect because I can install it on my iPad 2, which I could not with Whatsapp (maybe Whatsapp has better intelligence). Anyway, after testing it, Whatsapp is a lot better. You can delete messages or whatever in the chat. Not with Kakao. And the photo I sent from iPhone 4 couldn’t be saved into my iPad 2. Sigh…

  • How can an app hold the potential to help you jailbreak your device on iOS 5.1? Is this legit or is this a way for him to generate download numbers for an app?
    Well there are a few things that I can say for sure.
    At Least Sebastien responds to some comments on his post (“Eh hem”, other bloggers!).
    And an update on the status of the proposed unlocks for the iphone 4 and 4S (that either say its either in progress, possible or not, for each device) needs to be given.

    • maybe you should use a carrier that officially supports the iphone. then you won’t need to worry about unlocks… or just buy an factory unlocked phone. but nobody is required to give updates on the status of unlocks. why? for the most part, nobody knows.

      • Then why would he mention something that plp are desperately hoping for and then go completely silent about it? MuscleNerd talks about it but the never speaks of it again, as if to want plp to forget about it by never mentioning it again. How come? I curious as to why.

        And as for carrier and officially unlocked iPhones, thats all fine and dandy, but for some plp it not and economical option to do either one of those two. You shouldn’t be bias again them (us), some of the first plp to jailbreak was bcuz of the unlock exploits that were discovered. We are still part of the jailbreak community. It’s not like I’m bitching about there not being an article about it, but I am curious as to whats is going on with it at this point. With all the progress on jailbreaks, it seems that unlocking is stalled at a dead stop.

  • iOS 5.1 will be released with the iPad 2s/3 is my guess. Probably he is right, maybe it will help jailbreakers find new exploits.

  • its certiany possible. anyone remember the charlie miller thing where he installed an apps deleted it and reinstalled it giving him root access from his computer?

  • KakaoTalk 2.8.8 has been exploited! Easy job 😛 @RongmarioxD123 @i0n1c @MuscleNerd

  • Follow @RongmarioxD123 @i0n1c @MuscleNerd for more detail/updates!

  • this article mentions the two obvious options i0n1c might be providing useful information or can be just teasing for nothing …. mmmm

    the only useful information in my mind is that it was retweeted by MuscleNerd

  • sn0wbaLL

    @Nickie Argentine because i Seb was respectful to me and i respect him for this site. different tone and a different pace are good things

  • sn0wbaLL

    @Obi Juan lovin’ the way i can work your emotions like a puppet. the bottom line of my initial post was that just because musclenerd retweeted that tweet, doesnt mean it means something.