When iOS 5 was released, the folks at Apple HQ brought with it the ability to add social network support within the stock iOS address book application. Smartr Contacts from Xobni manages to push the bar a whole lot further.

The team behind popular Outlook plugin, Smartr Inbox, have released what is essentially an address book on steroids for your iOS device. This nifty free application promises to create rich profiles for all your contacts, including communication history and updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Smartr works by creating in-depth profiles by aggregating all of your data from the leading social networking sites and your email accounts, storing the information in the ‘Xobni Cloud’. Once a contact’s information has been matched you are presented with a slick profile view of every contact you have ever interacted with from the various portals mentioned above…

Smartr is largely focused on its ability to search. The application lets you look up contacts by name, email, company, title and more. Smartr is fast: searching almost 2,000 contacts, currently in my Smartr address book, is an almost instant process. The information is always up to date as Xobni’s servers are constantly analyzing and matching your contacts to provide the best results.

Currently there is no support for me.com accounts or iCloud email but this is hopefully going to be rectified in future updates.

These are just a few of the key features on offer from Smartr Contacts:

  • Integrated. Built for iPhone and leverages iPhone contact list.
  • Automatic. Finds all the people you know from your email, calendar or social networks.
  • Personal. Puts a face to every name and email address.
  • Insightful. Detects and assigns phone numbers automatically.
  • Socially aware. Integrates Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Relevant. Ranks contacts by importance, so the most important people are at the top.
  • Fast. Search by first, last, company name or phone number to find anyone.
  • Contextual. View email and calendar subjects for each person.
  • Customizable. Easily edit any contact or hide them out of view.
  • Convenient. One click access to SMS, call or email.

For a better idea of how Smartr works, check out the promotional video below created by the folks at Xobni.

Along with its stunning design and lightning fast searches, it really is, as the title suggests, a super smart address book on steroids. You can download the app, which works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch free from the App Store.

Can you see yourself ditching the stock iOS address book for something like this?

  • Looks cool. Like Android’s contact integration, but with more social networks.

  • Too bad there is no iPad version.

  • I got a weird message from the app the app says i have no contact’s but my contact list is full i sync it whit iCloud ? some one have the same error ? and then i need to add a email account like Gmail or Yahoo?

  • So all the contact info phone No. Email address , facebook , twitter ..All of it

    • Sorry about that..
      Is stored on a third party sever ?
      As much as it look great a think I pass . Not sure if my contacts would like there info on a third party sever

      • I think all our personal email and contact info are stored on a 3rd party server also.

      • Like ?

  • Cool stuff. But i think i’ll stick with the iOS adress book app.

  • No way to see the contact list?

  • Anonymous

    Given all the recent controversy regarding Path, I would like to have seems some analysis regarding security and privacy. This just seems like a marketing piece from the developers.

  • Anonymous

    I just tried it. Don’t like it. Doesn’t work all that great. Hotmail integration would have been nice. You can only use facebook/twitter once you’ve attached a gmail/yahoo account. In the few minutes I was trying it, it crashed 3 or 4 times.

  • Anonymous

    Dont like it. Creates a bunch of spam contacts that I would never want to save. Also it makes duplicate contacts and doesn’t merge all of a persons info into one.

  • Anonymous

    As an individual looking from the outside in this app is incredibly intrusive. It went throwing every single person not only in my phone contacts but aslo my entire yahoo email history. Even people I only emailed or emailed me once. Have me just too much info. Right down to my attorneys personal Facebook page. Scary!! If your looking to hunt someone down and stalk them its great. I don’t like the idea of someone knowing do much about me. I have not posted 1 time in Facebook in 18 months but I’m sure it would even pull that up. Scary!!

  • Don’t like it. The reason the contact application remains the same is because of an old principle; if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Contacts needs to be clutter free and snappy. When you need to contact someone you don’t want to open another app, type their name or navigate various pages. You want to press a single button and quickly access them and that is what the default contact application does. Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    Every time I try to play the video, Safari crashes on my phone. Bummer.

  • Anonymous

    lol dayum, This is app is honestly on steriods SAAN!

  • i have tried this app… and only been able to keep it for one day…
    it was so useless…..

  • Anonymous

    a free app….that has access to all your contact information…..

    how do you think these developers make money?
    can’t help but think they sell the info they collect….

  • AB

    Sorry to go off topic guys but does anyone know what tweak gives you that mail and silent bell by the battery meter on the status bar?

  • AB

    Sorry to go off topic guys but does anyone know what tweak was used to get the mail and silent bell icons by the battery meter on the status bar?

  • its quite stalkish