A couple weeks ago, Samsung spent big bucks to play a commercial during the Super Bowl for their latest device: the Galaxy Note, a 5.3-inch phablet (phone/tablet), powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, and 16GB of built-in memory. Oh yes, and I almost forgot. It also comes with a stylus!

The guys over at Joy of Tech imagined what would happen if an iPhone met a Samsung Note. Quite entertaining, and perfect to start the day on a funny note…

For those of you interested in reading more about the Galaxy Note, Walt Mossberg has a pretty good review up.


    • Anonymous

      Come on, bro. It was FUNNY.

  • haha actually funny

  • all this samsung – apple debate, all the lawsuits, apple making us emotionally attached to its products by marketing, samsung trying to copy the way apple does it and not quite getting it right,
    then plainly just starting to hate on apple customers with its commercials, and so on, and so on….
    makes me remeber the good old days, when a phone was a phone and nothing more, or even better,
    cellphones strait on, not existing.
    its getting a bit tiresome

    • Anonymous

      Does the Note require the use of a stylus? I suspect not. There are many times when using a stylus would be beneficial, like getting the insertion point exactly where you need it. Jailbreakers have options but stock do not. Especially at times like this when the insertion point is invisible like in this text box. Listening IDB? Poor coding or is it Apple’s fault? How about the fact you cannot sign into Discus withou going to landscape? I can’t fix that spelling error.

      Let us remember that Apple does not have clean hands in the going negative wars. I find waiting in line for 24 hour to buy a phone a few weeks earlier than doing so online rather silly. Just shot all that efficiency.

      • gayroid fan?

      • Anonymous

        Let’s resort to name calling. Never had an “gaydroid”, my household ha a 3G, 4 and a 4S. Thank you crApple fanboy.

  • I love the adorable lil IPhone and find it funny how the Note seems to grow in size xD

  • “What’s wrong? Got a stick up your butt?…. OMG!!! YOU DO!”
    haahahahahaha HILARIOUS!

  • ahahahahaha

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  • Note > iPhone

  • creed waters

    i took the piss out of this when i first heard about it but i got a chance to play with it today and its a pretty nice device. i dont think it can tempt me back to android but i love the big screen <–dell streak owner 🙂

  • Michael Mcgriff

    Love it LMAO

  • Its David vs Goliath. We know how that turned out! Sucks for you Samsung! Lol

  • Haters were going to hate

  • Anonymous


  • Siddhartha Konwar

    Lets not fight who’s good and who’s best. Out of healthy competition only the consumer wins

  • 5.3″ screen + 4G = 20 minute battery life

  • PWNT!!

  • 5.3 inch!? Jesus Christ. It’s like every Android phone increases the screen size by 0.1 inch. Bigger is not always better.

    • Anonymous

      thats not what she said….

  • To the whole IDB I thank you for this picture ha I showed everyone its so funny.

  • Well for people who have not try one. It is pockatable if your a male and battery life is around 20% more than an iPhone with the same usage. I usually get around 10 hours with my iPhone 4, I’m getting around 12 with the note. The stylus is optional.

  • moeezhaider khalid

    its bad 😛

  • It isn’t funny. And it was only made to make fun of Samsung, which is failing because it is only for people that want something that big. If they don’t, there are always the smaller GSIIs and other Samsung phones.