Is there a new game of cat and mouse brewing? Reports from non-iPhone 4S Siri users indicate that there may be.

Apparently, Apple has altered its requirements for a successful Siri connection, adding a new token to the mix that has caused problems for those who connect to a 3rd party Siri server on non-iPhone 4S devices.

Are you one of them?

According to Twitter and various other reports, Apple has added a new SetActivationToken to the mix, and this has caused issues for those trying to use 3rd party servers. Fortunately, there does seem to be a work-around, at least for the meantime.

To fix these latest Siri server issues, it has been reported that a purge of the file located in the var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ directory remedies the issue. I have not been able to independently confirm this, but I have heard success reports on Twitter.

To muddy things up even more, some Siri users on non-4S devices are reporting that they’ve never experienced an issue, while many others have — I’ve received a noteworthy amount of emails and comments attesting to this fact.

Whether this is just Apple updating Siri, or whether this was a calculated move to stymie illegitimate users, remains to be seen.

We’ll keep our ears to the street and let you know if we hear anything. In the meantime, why not let us know what your experience has been?

[iHackMyi via OReviewer – Image]

  • jose castro

    i have no problems with siri

  • Still no problems with either of my Spire devices yet.

  • So far no probs with Siri at all, knock on wood.

  • Had that problem … Use the mentioned method and problem solve!!!

    • dumb question: how do you ‘purge’ the file?

      • Anonymous

        Delete the file.

  • Tyler Miranda

    No probs so far…

  • No problems..

  • this started happening to me on Sunday. I had to delete that plist in order for Siri to start working again. Unfortunately it reappears and I have to constantly delete it. This is extremely annoying

  • No problems yet…But then again I’ve got a legit copy of Siri on my i4s…
    if you want Siri that much get a i4s…or wait for your upgrade ( if you got one coming) ..or get the i5 when it’s out…

    • Alexander Colaço Osorio

      I am sorry, but you don’t seem to grasp two things: not everybody wants an iphone 4S or has money to blow on that sub par excuse for a new phone, nor does evrybody look forward to the iphone 5( I know I don’t want one).
      Furthermore you don’t seem to get the kick most people get from jailbreaking and hacking.
      Whaty are you, with all due respect even doing here on this blog?

      • Haha…all that make me giggle ..
        You seem to want what you carn’t have… Apple made siri for the i4s..
        As for your other comment what are you doing on this blog…
        I think you should look back in to the past posts on this site..and I mean from about when 3.1.3 was out…you will see what i’am doing here…
        Here’s a few things I told Seb about
        The modmyi app
        Apple still signing 4.1..that even got a mention from comex on twitter
        The Siri horror clip on you tube.
        There are others as well …
        That’s what i’am doing here..

      • Dan

        Everybody is allowed their opinion. Personally I think Siri should of been given to the devices capable of handling it, like the iPhone 4. It came out in June 2010 and it’s already considered old? I paid full price in May 2011 and they came out with another like 3 months later, like hell I’m going to spend another 800$ 🙁

        I wouldn’t even mind if they asked me to pay a 50$ surcharge for having it. I’d pay and not resort to using spire.

      • @Dan…with only 3 months before the i4s came out why on earth did you not wait ? I know the temptation of having a iPhone is strong but 3 months ..
        Yes the i4 can handle Siri , but apple made it a feature of the i4s ..when it comes to a upgraded phone it’s not always about the hardware , the softwear is also a part of it and Siri in this case was a upgrade from the i4 along with the hardware…if apple released Siri on the i4 which is a cheaper phone than the i4s ,do you think apple sell as many i4s ?…Siri is one feature that makes the i4s what it is..a upgrade from the i4..

      • Anonymous

        Dearest Burge, please understand that not all of us knew the 4S was going to be released so soon when we purchased our iPhone 4s.

        And everyone wants what they can’t have. It’s called life.

      • @alybrielle…
        I’am sorry you brought you i4 when you did…but apple pushed back the release of the i4s by about 3 months…so if you wanted I new iPhone at the time and i don’t mean a first time would of know that the new iPhone was coming..
        I take it your a first time buyer of a iPhone , that’s the only reson I would of got one ,if I didn’t know that a new phone was on the way…
        As for the …that’s life.. Your right that’s life the i4 doesn’t surpport Siri and the i4s does..

      • Dan

        When I bought my iPhone 4 last year I was a noob 🙁 Then I started coming to sites like this one and learnt how to jailbreak etc.

        But yes I should of waited… had I known.

    • Osorio11

      NMot to be rude, Burge, but you seem to be a bit to excited about yourself and your contributions.
      You will never hear me brag about what I did here since OS 3.0…

      • I replayed the way I did because you asked me what i’am doing here..I gave you answer and your not happy about that…well i’am sorry for even replying to you in the first time you or another ask me a question what should I do ? Answer it or just think fuck them there problem !
        I will answer all the comments made to me.. that’s the way i’am sorry if you don’t like it..but hay at least you will know I will answer …

      • Osorio11

        I think, but am not so rude as to bluntly say it out loud, that you are a douche bag,or atleast act ike one. YThis is a respectable blog with a lot of nice people,and I think, my dear Burge you don’t really belong in a civilized environment.
        I flagged your last comment because you are a very rude , impolite person.
        Why don’t you just go elsewhere?
        I think it will be not just me that”ll be relieved to see you go.
        I answer you politely enough but this is no way to behave on a respectable blog and I will not stand for it.
        I flagged you.

      • Your last comment…
        I’am sorry if you think that… But if you don’t like free speech and all that comes with it… I suggest you don’t post on here in case someone replays to you with the right to use free speech… Now flag away… I couldn’t care’s not up to you if I get blocked from this site…if you don’t like the heat stay out if the kitchen…
        I TELL YOU …

      • @burge hey dude ur annoying so shut up

      • Osorio11

        Hey Jorge, thanks for your input 🙂
        Alex Osorio

      • Haha…Keep tell your self that…
        Just don’t tell my kids that…

    • The problems are on non-4S devices only.


  • I have problem ! When I deleted apple.assistant.plist it doesn’t working and after respring this deleted file is again create and not working too!!! HELP PLEASE

    • when you delete a file from the system you need to REBOT not respring cause the file still workin on the background

      • it is not working to ;( apple.assistant.plist exist again and Spire is not working..


    • Turn Siri off in settings, then delete and reboot (not respring). Now turn it on and retry.


      • Tom

        I was having problems. I deleted the plist and rebooted but it didn’t work.

        I did what Adam D suggested (switch Siri off, delete plist, reboot, switch Siri on again) and it now works again. Thanks Adam! :o)

      • You’re welcome! 😉


  • I have 🙁
    I was so use to using Siri every five minutes with all the new tweaks to get the best out of Siri, now it’s back to no Siri :(.

  • Kok Hean

    I use Siri to enable all the morning alarms XD

  • no issues at all (workin on iphone 4 with spire and private proxy)

  • Both iPad 2 and iPhone 4 have the problem. I deleted the file but did not worked for me. To bad..

    • jose castro

      thats weird dude becuase mine work on both iphone 4 and ipad 2

  • I’m having the same problem

  • I’m using Sara the Siri alternative and I’am very impress with what it does. It opens apps and does YouTube searches too. Sara is the way to go, plus the dev is always working hard with the Cydia alternative. Highly recommend to give it a try.

  • I use the Three Little Pigs and I’m just fine. My friends have problems though.

    • jose castro

      ya i use three little pigs and im perfectly fine.

    • Dan

      same here, good server, they respond quickly to questions. I deleted and it’s working again

      • how did you do ? only delete and respring/reboot and tap long home button ? or ??? please help ! i need manual

      • Dan

        Delete the Plist file. Using iFile from Cydia browse to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and delete

        Afterwards, just to be safe, I turned Siri off, rebooted the phone, turned it back on again.

        Then I spoke to Siri and everything was good.

      • still not working…

      • I deleted the plist as Dan mentioned and it worked right away (no respring/reboot).

    If u followed the tutorial on how to add idb logos and failed, a guy on cydia posted them on cydia!

  • Dan

    I had trouble yesterday but deleting fixed it. Me and Siri are chatting it up again today unhindered.


    • Thank you, I was looking to credit it, but couldn’t find the source.

    • Thank you, I was looking to credit it, but couldn’t find the source.

  • i have problems with within 12 hours. But now it seems ok.

  • Maybe apple must release a Siri on ios 5.1 for older devices…
    So people will not jailbreak a device and port siri…

  • Is anyone else having trouble activating? I just restored my 4s 5.0.1 and im getting “There is a problem with your iphone. Were sorry the iphone you connected may be damaged and cannot be activated for service. We reccoment you visit your nearest apple store for more information…” I looked on the apple forums and it loos like others are having this same issue. Im not sure if there is a hacktivate for 4s or not but i need my phone right now!

    • im having the same problem right now…did urs get fixed ??…im trying to sell my iphone 4…thot of updating…bad thought though !!

  • Here’s one to think about….
    How many of you do not approve of using hacked/cracked apps …

    If Apple are trying to stop non iPhone 4s from using Siri …Doesn’t that tell you that you are using a cracked copy of Siri ? And yet you approve of this…

    • Anonymous

      Here’s one to think about….
      How many of you do not approve of these abrasive, unnecessary comments …

      I’m a proponent of our first amendment, but it’s in poor taste to pick a fight. Perhaps invest some of that extra energy into practicing good grammar?

      • First of all I didn’t start it with @Osorio he/she started the comments between us… And he/she didn’t like my replys ,that’s not my fault for being honest ..
        As for the first amendment , perhaps you should realise that this blog is world wide not just USA only..

      • Anonymous

        “He started it”? Let’s not stoop to preschool levels, namely blame-shifting.

        My dear Burge, close-mindedness is not brutal honesty. It’s unnecessary to force your perspective upon others, and it’s immature to minimize others’ contrasting perspectives.

        You’re obviously a wise man, and I’m sure you’re not the douche you’re delineating yourself as. I’m hoping you’ll prove me right.

        And don’t worry, I understand that the Internet is available world-wide. 😉

      • Ok…starting with.. he started it wasn’t good..but this little argument is a bit preschool ..
        If one can say what they think and get the chance to put that thought on ( lets say here ) for others to read and reply to ( please look at my very first comment ). It’s not the fault of the one if someone doesn’t agree with what’s been put…and replays with ( see the reply )
        I’am only saying that Siri was not released on the i4 because it was a upgreaded feature of the i4s..
        The rest of the comments between us are just ( for me any way ) just away to blow of some steam..

  • I’m still using Siri also and i have both my iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 connected to a server

  • No issues here. Spire setup on iphone 4, works great as ever 🙂

  • I’m running Spire on my iPhone 4 through a SiriServer implementation and am not experiencing any issues.

  • Dan Caspi

    While we’re at it, can some of the commenters please share what Siri proxy service they’re using?
    I would love to get one, but I don’t those to be reliable & don’t do anything fishy with my data

    • adam lompis

      I use I have never not had her respond and not work!!!

  • i did have problems at first for the last 24 hours but i just tried to use it and my paid proxy server service, had resolved the problem and it works perfectly now.

  • How do you purge that file? -thanks

  • So setup spire Siri on iPad2 still working ? Cuz we have to add Ace host ….. On that .

  • i think Apple should install Siri on the iPod Touch 5g, iPad 1 & 2, and the iPhone 3g and 4g

  • Hey how do I gain access to said file?

  • y my iphone 4 ios 5.1 cant install i4siri? It say cannot Comply ~ PLS HELP ME!!

  • Definitely been having the issue of it not responding to my commands/questions. It thinks for around 45 seconds and then says “I’m sorry…” I’ve deleted the needed file but it hasn’t fixed anything.

    If anyone has an idea, I’d love a response. I’m willing to restore and re-jailbreak if someone can provide step by step instructions stating what they used and what proxy they’re using.

  • Ed Spater

    This fix worked for me!!! Thank you Jeff! 🙂