We’ve seen some of these concepts before, such as the iPhone SJ or the iWatch. The guys over at ADR Studio have now put them all in one video. ANd it looks good.

Don’t you think?

  • Mohamed Zeneiny

    EVERYTHING has to be SIRI compatible?
    Would U need SIRI on your watch, camera and tv, when you have it already on your phone.

    • Anonymous

      Given the lack of space for buttons on a small watch screen, Siri actually makes sense there. Good way to take a quick note which would then sync with the phone in your pocket for instance. Not to mention the obvious benefits for reminders, setting alarms and music playback.

      Siri on a camera might be stretching it a bit though. It would be too easy to get an important setting wrong by relying on your voice to change controls. Not to mention its completely unnecessary when you’re already holding the camera in your hand, where accurate physical controls are at your fingertips already.

      I definitely don’t think we’ll see a DSLR style camera (or any stand alone compact camera for that matter) from Apple either. They are clearly convinced that the need for separate cameras for most amateur photographers is already gone, so I imagine they will continue to make improvements to smartphone cameras only.

      I’m not convinced there’s a place for Siri in the loungeroom on any Apple TV product either (whether it be a new set top box or TV). Unless Siri is built into the accompanying remote (or can only be used from an iPhone running Siri with a remote app) I can’t see it being very accurate in a loungeroom setting, where there is typically a lot of ambient background noise to contend with.

      • Mohamed Zeneiny

        Good point,
        But I still feel that he’s just adding Siri just for the point of having Siri

  • It sure looks good.
    The iBox is like an iPad and Apple TV combined ? 🙂

  • Actually the iWatch and the iCam would be a good idea because the former could replace the Nano and have Bluetooth capabilities and the latter would be good for those that want the camera that the iPhone 4S currently uses but not the phone itself, plus it can have integrated apps like instagram, Facebook, twitter, and whatever photo apps built-in so that you could actually take a photo or video and upload them up to those apps instantly.