This video was taken by a man who witnessed another man stealing an iPhone from a backpack left behind on a London train. The thief had the balls to open up the bag and steal the iPhone from it in front of everyone, which enraged our amateur cameraman.

After arguing back and forth for a few minutes, the thief just grabs his bicycle and leaves the train, as if nothing had happened…

Of course this is revolting, but at least one person on this train tried to do the right thing, while other apparently stood there and watched.

If you’re in the UK and you know this man, please do the right thing and report him.

[Our SuperHero via Gizmodo]

  • teeef

  • Matt

    lol so he pulls out his phone to record some guy stealing another phone from a backpack.. but doesnt tackle the bastard down? or call cops? dafuq

    • Well it’s better than him losing a fight with the dude and not getting a video. At least he has clear evidence

      • Matt

        but doesnt know the guy, doesnt know if he’ll ever be back on that train. yanking it outta his hand and putting it back in its proper place would be good thing to do as well. and if i had anything on me, id take it all and follow the guy till i saw a guard or police officer to report while continuing to record

  • I don’t understand why he didn’t just punch him in the damn face. You see someone committing a crime, make a citizens arrest or something. This guy is almost as stupid as the man who took the phone. All he did was yell at him. Pointless. Didn’t accomplish anything.

    • He can’t even touch him dude. You should stop with that heroish talk.

      • Anonymous

        Anyone could have try to stop him physically, but no one did – now, your main point is?

      • Everyone can make a civil arrest. Dont act like you know something about the law.

      • Anonymous

        what i dont understand (granting the recorder isnt crazy) is that why in the freaking world whould the damn owner, after screaming stolen white iphone didnt do shit! this is stupid, didnt the owner wanted it?!!!!

      • Guest

        Not in all countries, don’t act like you know something about the law.

    • it’s england, not much different from here in scotland. A guy like that could easily be carrying a knife. Not really something you can defend against. And he couldn’t really assault the guy as well, he was filming and the other guy could have charged him.

    • Lupius

      Most countries have laws in place to prevent Batman-like vigilantism. You have no right to physically assault a perpetrator in order to prevent a crime unless it’s to prevent direct harm to the victim.

      • Uhm. everyone can make a civil arrest dude

      • Michael Sullivan

        Yes Jens people can make civil or citizens arrest. I live in the states but travel to London about 4times a year and travel the underground all the time. There at stabbings almost every day in London, in the states people use guns, is it worth your life the try a civil arrest. If you work in a store and it is being robbed you give them the money period. What this guy did was correct he got a picture of the guy. There are CCTV’s all over the place in London, if this was not a stunt the MET will find him sometime.

  • Twat….. Now to put this on twitter… Here’s hoping he get caught…

    • It really needs to be on 4chan, imgur, or reddit..

  • mordechai eliyahu

    if he gets caught he will jailbreak out

  • di*k

  • hehe in AmUrica he would have just got his ass kicked, and then they would have stolen his phone

  • I catch this train everyday (weekdays) and will look out for him!

  • I saw him in the 2 train in NYC 10 min ago

    • How did you see him going to NYC if this is in the UK.

      • he’s racist. he thinks all white people look alike

  • Anonymous

    T minus three hours to capture. Lets hope theres no jailbreak involved afterwards.

  • God they are both such p*ssys, the guy was holding the phone loosely in front of him, he wouldn’t even have had to punch him, just snatch the phone out of this guys hands, since the thief obviously was no hulk, neither a real criminal, just a wuss who thought he could sneakyly get a phone 4 free. If he had been a real crimnal, we wouldn’t even be seing this video right now, because he would have just punched the guy filming in the throat and would have taken his phone as well…
    Also I don’t really see what all the fuss is about, sure this its a nice thing to do, but it doesn’t really make the guy a hero, more like half a hero or somthing like that since he could have just stopped him in his tracks, if you’re gonna step in do it all the way and not half assed, what if a woman was being attacked f.e., would you also pull out your phone and start filming? Also if I left my damn 500€ phone on the train, I wouldn’t expect to ever see it again, neither would I have any right to believe otherwise.

  • What a wanker. That “concerned citizen” should have knocked that thief on his ass. What a pussy.

  • rob ramsdaro

    Let’s start a UFC group for idb since we’re all so tough.

  • The jokes on him, the phone will be barred the next day haha!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but will he get a new iPhone for free? Don’t think so.

  • Cloudi Windi

    If the stolen iPhone is Jailbroken and have a Tweak call ” iGotYa ” that would be create.
    They might find him if he try to unlock the password, but if he smart and restore the iPhone that was sth els.

  • Wish you go to iHell hahaha

  • I know that guy his name is Alex he is the vicious leader of a gang of criminals who occasionally go to school by day and then rape and pillage by night. He loves classical music and finds that violence and music provide him with similar kinds of aesthetic pleasure. Alex believes that commitment to ideals—whatever those ideals might be—is of paramount importance, and he disdains people who seem to him to be living without purpose. Despite Alex’s brutality and his natural leadership potential, Alex remains quite naïve and immature

  • SMH: hopefully she had find my iPhone :/

  • That’s Not Fair! Imagine The Person Without Their iPhone! I Can’t Live Without My iOS Devices!

  • i know him, he is John Smith!!!!!!!!!!111

  • All that talk and he didn’t call the cops?

  • Screaming thief would have done the trick

  • Josh Marell

    Where was the woman whose phone this was during all of this?

  • You are yourself a fucking dick !! I think u have problem in minding ur own fucking business .. !! Get a life

  • i just love the fucking accent !!!

  • Mohamed Zeneiny

    This is an obvious act,
    two friends on a train decide to make a video to pass the time,
    they get everyone else to get out of their way,
    and that guy “dick” “nicks” his own F***king iPhone

  • *applause* and salute to this guy scolding and filming the thief

  • Anonymous

    In America this is common and the prick who shot the video would have gotten beat up and his phone taken too. Lol

  • to all u so called vigilante types, i’m betting ur going to hesitate tackling this guy even if u post ur would be heroic rants here. a phone is a phone and not worth killing urself over with. what if the guy has a weapon? what if the guy capturing the video is a family man and also has to protect himself. ppl should use their judgment before their fists. don’t blame the guy for not beating up the thief. He already did enough.


  • over all….. owners fault for leaving a WHITE iPHONE 4/4s on a TRAIN. If that guy didn’t get it someone else would have.

  • If anyone finds it please let us know. We are just going to brake his hands and each finger.


  • Wes

    This is so fake, if the cameraman like to think of himself as a bit of a thesp, then he needs some acting lessons.

    How is it not totally obvious to everyone who’s seen it?