You might have heard Samsung is spending big bucks to have a TV commercial air during the next Super Bowl. They’re so excited that they can’t help bragging about it all over the web, just like a high school girl who just scored a prom date with the star quarterback.

Trying to generate buzz prior to the big day, Samsung released a teaser that, as usual, makes fun of Apple fanboys for standing in line to get the new iPhone. Of course, Samsung wouldn’t have such a problem since no one actually ever had to get in line to buy a Samsung phone. That’s how popular they are…

Yawn for boring and unoriginal marketing.

  • the next big thing is 5 feb 2012??? what is that supposed to mean?

    • cruzcontrol1001

      They are talking about a phablet with a stylus that is so early 90’s. Who the hell is going to buy that a dumbass that doesn’t want to spend an extra 20 bucks on a tablet. Or someone with a bad case of droidahrea.

  • Hadn’t this video come out before?

  • Dan

    well I’ll admit douches waiting in line and worrying about people not knowing they upgraded to a new model deserve to be made fun of lol

  • Anonymous

    I say it’s a good commercial, and that’s coming from an iPhone owner who actually has a sense of humor, and who does not at all feel offended by this.

  • Anonymous

    I think that commercial says it all at the end. “next big thing is already here again” That’s right. And Android phone comes out every week. AGAIN! Damn….My MotoSungLG Android was the $hit last week!!

    Not a fanboi but I want some time between my next big thing!

    Android moto should be….Yeah…AGAIN

    • Anonymous

      Some phones on Android are good and remain good for some time, if you buy a shit handset you can’t expect it to be a market leader … Personally I wouldn’t buy a handset sporting Android that wasn’t made by Sony because all the other makes have no idea about aesthetics .. Why I went with the iPhone.

  • Lol if it wasnt for samsung and other companys we would still have second generation iphones by now. U should appriciate the competition.
    I mean i understand the author that the post is only made to generate trafic, but common…..

    • cruzcontrol1001

      Lol that doesn’t make sense abion that’s like saying what comes first the chicken or the egg Samsung would still making blackberry knockoffs if it wasn’t for apple and Andy rubin would still be a low level engineer at apple if he wasnt a back stabber and google would still be just another search engine company

      • I think u dont really make any sense. I didnt tell you that if it wasnt for sumsung apple woudnt have come up with the iphone.
        Apple would have squized the last penny of every consumer out there and give us one feature at a time if it wasnt for the competition. I mean look at all the great smartphones out there and apple still comes up with bullshit 3g-3gs 4-4s. Why do they do that? Well u get the point.
        I happily am an apple 4s owner and have owned every generation iphone. I think they are the best out of them all. But that doesent make me blind. I love the competition because it speeds up the time and therefore the quality of the device that i have in my hand at the moment.
        I hope sumsung comes up with an outstanding phone that blows apple out of the water. So when is time for me to upgrade i wont have to buy the 5s but instead i will have the iphone 6 in my hands

  • Anonymous

    “Yawn for boring and unoriginal marketing.” … Seriously, nothing like an unbiased article is there, I can’t help but think if this article had been written about an Apple product then you wouldn’t have been so arrogant and almost bitter sounding.

    I get this is an Apple blog and you are an apple fan but it would be nice to not have this constant “Apple are better than everyone else” feel to every post you make.

    • you couldn’t be farther from the truth. I can be critical of Apple when applicable. For example, since we are on the commercial subject, I thought those “I’m a PC” ads making fun of the windows guy were just as boring and unoriginal as this Samsung commercial.

    • Anonymous

      “I get this is an Apple blog and you are an apple fan but…”

      Obviously you don’t get it. Quit bitching about Apple biases on an Apple product forum. Freakin troll. You don’t like it? Go to a fanboi site.

  • Hey Seb gr8 article. Just wondering what app I can use to sync my clipboard with my ipad and PC? For example I want to copy something on my PC and then paste it on my ipad. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      You can’t really, but the closest type of thing is probably something like “MyPhoneDesktop” from the App Store. It allows you to push messages, urls etc from your PC directly to your phone.

  • Samsung is not going to last for very long with all of these commercials against apple and their good ads and great products

  • Boys with samsungs = gay
    girls = sexy

  • Omg is it galaxy s3? I want oneeee

    • Anonymous

      I know right?! If it’s a Galaxy S3, I am DEFINITELY selling my i4.


    Those are really
    1) lame
    2) showing how popular (!) Samsung devices are

    LOL 🙂

  • give me a brake they are making fun of ppl that they want to make them buy there products this all lats make fun of the line thing is geting kinda old it was funny at first bat now its just annoying……

  • Anonymous

    Tainted Love is the only thing that makes this funny…

  • I think that what they´re talking about is about the Samsung Galaxy S III

  • Instead of creating a new lame commercial, they spliced segments of their previous commercials together. -___-

  • Why do people give apple crap about the iPhone 4 S when Samsung is worse. Samsung galaxy, galaxy S, galaxy S II, galaxy S II skyrocket and now what? Galaxy S III? Same shit every single phone. Just move the buttons on outside of phone to different place. Fuck them and their lack of any creativity. iPhone’s are beautiful phones. Samsung. Same reproduced shit. Im open to any phone and had my eyes on some HTC models before, but come on put a apple next to any other phone and it speaks for itself.

  • Biased as always.

    my buck goes on the sgs3 tho

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    Probably Galaxy Nexus on Sprint. You never know.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong.
    The ad doesn’t show that it’s from Samsung, right?
    Doesn’t it make people think it’s Apple ad instead of Samsung’s?
    It looks like Samsung advertises Apple more.

  • Anonymous

    Who waits in line anymore? I and most just get it shipped to the house or office. Lame commercial.

  • Anonymous

    “Samsung wouldn’t have such a problem since no one actually ever had to get in line to buy a Samsung phone. That’s how popular they are…”

    Would that be the Samsung that shipped more Smartphones than Apple in 2011?

    • Anonymous

      They shipped!!!! SHIPPED. And it was a few million more than Apple which doesn’t say much when Sammy had 50+ phones for sale and Apple had 1 until October when the 4s came out. Sad really.

      • Anonymous

        It is not a valid argument to say that because Apple only ships one phone everyone else’s success doesn’t count. That is their choice, their strength and their weakness. Suck it up.

      • Who gets in line for a phone at all? We got internet for that. Delivered on launch day and everything. No need to stand outside when you can spend that time on something else