Ever since I jailbroke my iPhone 4S using Absinthe, it has been behaving a little weird, sometimes displaying white icons or even transparent icons for certain applications. It seems that this issue only affects Apple’s stock applications such as the Phone app, Calendar, etc.

I can’t really pinpoint the issue. Is it because of Absinthe? Or is it because of a package I have installed from Cydia? While I’m not really sure what causes this problem, I have found a simple trick to fix the blank or missing icon dilemma…

To fix this problem, simply download iWipe Cache from Cydia, and run the app. According to the app description, iWipe Cache allows you to:

Clear your SpringBoard Cache to ensure all images from any theme will work with WinterBoard. Due to Winterboard being very out of date, It does not clear springboard cache. This app will clear your cache, allowing new masks and overlays to be applied to Icons.

As you can see, iWipe Cache was apparently developed to fix WinterBoard problems, but since it I don’t have WinterBoard installed on my iPhone 4S, I know for sure my blank icons issues aren’t due to this app.

Additionally, it seems that doing a respring temporarily fixes the problem. Respringing hasn’t proven very effective in my case, which is why I recommend the iWipe Cache option, over a simple respring.

If you’ve seen white or missing icons on your iPhone or iPad, try this fix and let us know how it works for you.

  • NeelamRamos

    Thank you! My settings icon was white but after downloading iWipe Cache, it returned to it’s default icon style 😀 Thanks, again.

  • All you have to do (if your icon is gone) is long hold on an app as if your were gonna move it and clck the home button when you see your icon show up.

  • A.d

    I’m missing my phone, app store, n contacts icons on my 4s need help getting them back… Also can’t send text messages for some reason…

  • r@su1890

    thanks …………..

  • it works with reinstalling the libhide from cydia

  • Mahm

    iWipe Cache work great for me iPad 2…..simply instal and that sit white Icone back to normal

  • xxwa92xx

    it worked! thank you

  • it work well

  • smrala

    Thanks a lot, yes it worked , your a star

  • iphone4s

    Thanks….worked instantly

  • after jailbreaking my iphone 4s the phone and message and most of the main icons is disappeared any help how to download them again ?

  • Leah Holmes

    This happens on mine but only after useing app icons from the App Store but I respring and it sorts it out what I want to no is some of my settings are missing eg mail and messages if I want to add a mail account or change the settings I have to put my phone into safe mode then the mail and messages settings come back until I restart the spring board again dose anyone no how to fix this thanks

  • Hossam Tawfik

    it works great, thank you man.

  • imAshleyDavies

    Yeah this worked 100%, I got all my apps back that were disappeared! yay! <3

  • Austyn

    Hi i have a iphone 4 and its jail broken i had the white icon adsheet and could not get rid of it. I opened ifunbox and used it to open the raw file system and deleted the adsheet app and now my phone will not boot up ppast apple icon some one please help. I have tried the dfu and + button method will no luck. i can’t get itunes or ifunbox to read it

  • fiffer4

    I know it’s an old thread, but I recently got stuck in a reboot loop in iOS 7 jailbroken with Display Recorder installed. Had to upgrade to iOS 8.1 and once I installed Display Recorder, the app icon was missing from the springboard. It was listed under settings just fine.

    I had to upgrade Cydia Substrate to get the icon to appear on the springboard. A reinstall if you have the latest version might also help as suggested by others (thanks for the tip!).

  • spyjoshx

    simple respring worked for me!!

  • Sunny127

    iWipe Cache Worked great for me! My whatsapp icon is green again 🙂