Make Your Dock Icons Do Tricks With IconBounce

By , Jan 28, 2012

There are some jailbreak utilities that are considered to be more or less essential. In fact, Sebastien wrote a post this morning detailing his top 10 must-have tweaks. Then there are others that don’t really serve much of a purpose.

IconBounce definitely falls in the latter category. It’s a simple utility that makes the dock icons on your iOS 4 or iOS 5 device do summersaults, flips, and other tricks without the need to mess with a bunch of settings…

When we say simple, we mean it. IconBounce doesn’t come with a springboard icon or any settings to configure. Once you’ve installed it from Cydia, your device re-springs and the utility takes effect.

So what’s the effect? Well as aforementioned, IconBounce animates your device’s dock icons. It might make one spin, and another bounce up and down — both the animations and icons are chosen at random.

You probably don’t need animated dock icons. But if you’ve been looking for a way to liven up your home screen, this one will do the trick. IconBounce is available in Cydia for free.

What do you think of IconBounce?

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  • Anonymous

    Off topic but does anyboys know of a tweak that allows me to have either all my apps or selected apps in spotlight? Basically i’d like to have a springboard with nothing on it at all and have app shortcuts in the spotlight page.

    Surely this must be possible, if not i’m sure it would be a good tweak for someone to make.

    • Santi Hervella

      I’m pretty sure you could just hide all your icons using the “hide icons” feature in SBSettings’ “more” section and they would all still show up in spotlight.

      • Anonymous

        Yep you can, I did that but often with some of the weird names apps can often have, I forget what they are called so if they are hidden I often don’t know which letter to search for … I’d like a tweak that allowed me to use the space to list app shortcuts that don’t require a search, much like appscenter for iOS5, it just seems that space could be used much more usefully than it currently is.

      • You could try an app from cydia called “Dock”. I use it and it’s pretty cool you can even access your apps from the lock screen. I believe it is available for $0.99.

    • Santi Hervella

      I’m pretty sure you could just hide all your icons using the “hide icons” feature in SBSettings’ “more” section and they would all still show up in spotlight.

    • Yea just use infinidock and folder enchaner and throw everything in folders and place it on your dock that way you just scroll your dock and nothing will be on your home page but those folders On your dock

  • Dan

    seen this but seems kind of dumb imo

  • I like it, just wish it did the whole home screen, would definetly liven up the phone (“,)

    • Try motion. It’s the same thing but it has a setting panel and does the dock and home screen

    • Try RandomFlip. Whole home screen. It’s Free too.

  • Where’s Jeff? We miss him!!

  • I think that the paid 99¢ Motion tweak is a better tweak. It animates all application icons everywhere and has deep customization.

  • how can you download IDB APP on iphone?

  • Anonymous

    Off topic: is there any tweaks that will allow you to respring real fast?

    • Gregz0r

      I configure the tap and hold status bar gesture in Activator to respring.

      • Anonymous

        Nononono, I meant respring real fast instead of accessing it by shortcut.

      • Gregz0r

        You don’t understand. You configure whatever gesture(swipes, taps, multi-fingered taps and swipes, etc) you want in Activator to whatever action you desire. From then on, you can perform that action(respring, reboot, ect) from anywhere you choose, by your chosen gesture.
        You enter Activator just to configure gestures and actions, not to execute them.
        Try it.

      • Anonymous

        Good grief…. I don’t want to access respring fast, I want the respringing process to be fast. It’s like talking to a dolphin.

      • Gregz0r

        Apologies, I thought you meant ‘real fast’, as in less taps.
        In any case, it looks like you’re SOL.

  • I can’t find it on cydia. What repo is it on?

  • I cant find it in cydia. What repo is it on?

  • Anonymous

    Stupid IMO. That is all.

  • Just like “Bigify”, IconBounce should have options in Settings. You should be able to choose animate the dock or all apps. You should be able to choose the type of animation – vertical flip, horizontal flip, bounce, random, 360 degree turn, 360 degree rotation, etc.