The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 5, brought a number of new features and improvements. One of the most welcomed changes was the revamped notifications system with unobtrusive banner alerts.

But as usual, the jailbreaking community takes this feature a step farther. A new tweak has just surfaced in Cydia called Vexillum that allows you to customize both the background and font colors of your notification banners…

The utility is fairly straightforward. After installing Vexillum, you can access its features in your Settings app under the tab of the same name. Here you’ll find the customization options, and a link to email the developer for support.

Vexillum works as, if not better than, advertised. It’s stable, and any changes you make take effect immediately without the need to respring. And best of all, it’s free. Vexillum is available now in Cydia, in the ModyMyi repo.

Have you tried Vexillum yet? What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Color Banner vs. Vexillum, They do almost exactly the same thing???

    • Color banner = $1.99
      Vexillum = Free

      • Anonymous

        i just try em both, i choose Color Banner much better.

  • seanwes

    Would be cool if the background was skinnable in addition to color.

    • Would be cool if you were able to do gradients

      • i suggest color banner. it cost money, although there is ways around that and it allows you to use your own background picture

  • It’s too bad you can’t set customer colors and text for different notification banners (i.e. light blue with white writing for Twitter notifications, yellow background with black text for email notifications, etc.)

    Sounds like a lot of room for potential, but I like where it’s starting.

  • jose castro

    i installed it and it bricked my phone,

    • Anonymous

      how did it brick your phone? Thats almost virtually impossible these days….

      • was it ever possible?

  • I wish I never purchased ColorBanners now.

  • Ew… Ruining the iOS beauty.

  • Anonymous

    Well, good thing I spent $1.99 yesterday on color banner >_<

  • The article: “Vexillum works as, if not better than, advertised.”
    Vexillum’s description: “With vexillum you can change the color of your notification’s badge!”
    I definitely thought the description was talking about the badge, not the banner. That is how it was advertised.

  • color banners is better anyways (cleaner look) but if you dont want to spend 1.99 (or feel guilty obtaining it other ways) vexillum is ok.

  • i like it!

  • got the update today. the customization is amazing. goodbye to ColorBanners for sure now.