Rumors are very much part of the Apple culture, and nothing garners more speculation than the iPhone. We’re only a few months into the life cycle of the iPhone 4S, but we are already in the realms of both the sublime and the ridiculous when it comes to rumors for what will become of the iPhone 5.

The biggest rumor that just will not die is one that suggests the next generation iPhone will come with a new, larger screen. With a 4-inch part being rumored strongly, a new analyst has joined the discussion, although they are apparently unwilling to share who their sources are.

Pinch of salt in hand with this one then…

Susquehanna Financial analyst Chris Caso says the next iPhone will indeed be released with a larger screen than any of the prior iPhones, with 4-inches reportedly the sweet spot. With so many Android smartphone makers plumping for bigger and bigger screens on a monthly basis, it would make a modicum of sense for Apple to increase the size of its own model’s screen, though we still aren’t convinced.

We see similar rumors each time an iPhone is released, and so far they have been wide of the mark. While that may not be proof in itself that the 4-inch rumors are wrong, it does detract from their impact somewhat.

The news that a new analyst has thrown is hat into the ring does not surprise us either, with everyone apparently an expert in what Apple will or will not do with its iPhone these days. Our bold bid? It’ll have an old style extendable antenna as well as big rubber buttons on its face.

[Cult of Mac]

  • Anonymous

    i sure hope so. if they do go bigger with the screen ill say 3.7 with 4′ being the max.

  • That image is hawt.

  • Maybe bigger screen but the size of the device will stay the same..edge to edge screen…the device at the mo is just right for one handed use. It fits in your pocket just right ..

    • Anonymous

      It has to for me, there is no way I would buy another iPhone if it became as huge as a lot of HTC handsets for example. People rave about bigger screens but I don’t get it at all, if you want a huge screen then buy a tablet, it’s a phone and should be portable so yep, increase the screen size but if anything make the handset itself smaller and thinner.

      • Maybe thinner..but as for smaller I think that might be hard with what’s in side..and the screen would come down in size because of it.. But will we have to wait and see..its a few months away yet ( lol ) lets wait and see what other rumours come out about the i5…here we go again ..

  • Anonymous

    4″ is just nice. I wouldn’t want my phone to be as big as galaxy note.

    • The galaxy note is a rediculous phone. It’s like pressing a foodtray against your face.
      As a portable tablet it’s alright probably.

      As for the rumors, Apple never seems to care much about competition. It’s probably going to be a redesign, but similar dimensions. After that we’ll get a spec bump on the iphone 5s etc. it’s much more interesting wether they are going to deviate with the ipad lineup. Or maybe they just wanted to pull an iPod mini on us again.

      • Anonymous

        History has shown that apple will solve its current problem. For the iPhone 4. It was antennagate. They solve it with the 4s but now it’s batterygate. Maybe the next iPhone will solve that.

      • willy aparicio

        the Galaxy Note is a hybrid between a tablet and a phone.

  • steven beattie

    I sure do hope they increase the screen size to 4 inches. I have owned 3 out of 5 iPhoens to date (2G, 3G, and 4). On my first two iPhones, the screen size wasn’t big of an issue, because app store had limited apps, and the interesting games that they had didn’t render so beautifully due to the non-retina display. So, all in all I preferred to play games and such on a dedicated console. But, things changed with iPhone 4 with its new retina display. It was such a beautiful screen to not play games on it, so I started using it for games as well. This is when I seriously wished my iPhone’s screen was a bit larger. I’m sure there are at least a couple of 100,000 users that share my opinion. I sincerely hope that Apple listens to our wish and bump the screen space to 4 inches. Also, I think 4 inches is really the ideal size, anything bigger will not look pleasing and ppl would have hard to carrying it around in their pockets.

  • G

    This would be Apple’s best move IMO. With the iPad being bigger than many tablets and the iphone smaller than many smart phones, a slight increase in the iPhone’s screen would bridge the gap and divert customers from buying smaller competing tablets. Lets face it, the iPhone is better than half the competing tablets out there already

  • I love the size of the screen as it is! 4″ would be just to big…

  • Wouter Bardoul

    Why is it still called iPhone 5?

    The fourth iPhone is called iPhone 4, the fifth iPhone is called iPhone 4s… Don’t you think the next (and sixth) iPhone will be called iPhone 6…? iPhone 5 doesn’t make any sense…

    • pigsy101

      Actually by that reasoning, the iPhone 3GS is the fourth iphone then.

      I’ts fair to say the next will be an iPhone 5 because it’ll be a new form factor.

      • Wouter Bardoul

        You’re wrong…

        The first iPhone was the iPhone.
        The second iPhone was the iPhone 3G
        And the 3GS was the thirth iPhone…

      • mattsuperman148

        This whole conversation… SMH