If you’ve been online at all in the past few days, chances are you’ve come across a number of sites protesting SOPA. The Stop Online Piracy Act bill is currently making its way through congress.

Several websites have taken steps today to raise public awareness of the dangers of SOPA including Google, Reddit, and Wikipedia. And since the bill, if passed, would directly affect the jailbreak community, we figured we’d do the same…

So first off, what is SOPA all about? Brian Barret of Gizmodo offers a detailed explanation of the anti-piracy bill. But for all intents and purposes, it can be summed up by this excerpt:

“The beating heart of SOPA is the ability of intellectual property owners (read: movie studios and record labels) to effectively pull the plug on foreign sites against whom they have a copyright claim. If Warner Bros., for example, says that a site in Italy is torrenting a copy of The Dark Knight, the studio could demand that Google remove that site from its search results, that PayPal no longer accept payments to or from that site, that ad services pull all ads and finances from it, and —most dangerously—that the site’s ISP prevent people from even going there. Perhaps the most galling thing about SOPA in its original construction is that it let IP owners take these actions without a single court appearance or judicial sign-off. All it required was a single letter claiming a “good faith belief” that the target site has infringed on its content.”

So why do we care? As Joshua Hill, better known as p0sixninja of the Chronic Dev Team, points out, SOPA could make the distribution of jailbreaking software illegal — which would greatly affect our business of bringing you the latest in jailbreak news and tutorials.

Even though the US Government made jailbreaking legal back in 2010, the distribution of jailbreaking software could be deemed illegal under SOPA because it contains Apple’s [reversed-engineered] IP. That would mean that one phone call from the Cupertino company could effectively shut down sites that host the software. Wow.

So what can we do? As several other sites have suggested, we recommend that if you live here in the States, you call or email your respective congressmen. If nothing else, help spread the word around the web about what SOPA really is and the repercussions we could face if it gets passed.

  • mattsuperman148

    Wow! Yeah deffiently stop SOPA! Does anyone know when this bill might might be past? Get ready for a huge disgustion underneath me…

    • passed* discussion* beneath* good fucking god, you really need to go to English class, like now.

      That being said, it’s being voted on on the 24th I believe.

      • Anonymous

        You missed “deffiently” lol .. Just an idea but English might not be their first language, if it is then you are correct, some extra schooling wouldn’t go a miss.

      • Dinh-Van Colomban

        If it’s the case, if English isn’t his native language, then you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. American and British people are so used to the world adapting for them, that they consider other people speaking English a given. But it isn’t! I think it is admirable that he makes the effort to learn English, especially if he comes here and not to one of the many non-English tech sites.
        On the other hand, if he is American, than my comment might be very very offensive… sorry 

      • Don’t hate on the man. His autocorrect just though it was April 1st

      • Who needs English when there’s spell check?

      • Anonymous

        maybe your language and your blasphemy against God wouldn’t go astray… Repent my son…

        God… capital G thank you…

      • mattsuperman148

        Jesus Christ! No, English is not my first language douchbag! So quick to judge me. You’re the scum of the Internet.

  • I cant believe this bill even got close to being considered. Just shows how pathetic and desperate record labels are. They would rather spend their time and money on court room battles than try and be creative and innovate. Just ridiculous.

    • I’m more disgusted that our government doesn’t squash things like this in their path. Shows how money-grubbing and corrupt it all is. It’s unfortunate a country as great as ours is now falling prey to stupid shit like this. And being in charge of the internet, even moving to Canada wouldn’t fix that. Ron Paul is the last hope for this country. Here’s hoping he flips over a table or two about this one.

      • Anonymous

        Come to England and then you’ll see how corrupt and fucked up a country can be lol

      • True that I saw Harry brown I feel for England it’s definitely going through growing pains. As for America we have always been greedy lol

      • I found that insulting

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. Well, ’till you mentioned Ron Paul, that is…
        I was gonna vote for the man myself, ’till I heard what he considers his “foreign policy”
        and realized that the guy is just a good ol’ Texan xenophobe – which in and of itself wouldn’t really bother me that much – but his idea of foreign policy is a dangerous one that could bring the war on terror into America’s home turf. That is unacceptable, and Ron Paul is right about everything, except that. But he is so awfully wrong about it, it makes him a dangerous man for us Americans. Just think about it before you lock in that vote.

        Oh, and for the record – there still ain’t no other candidate that is better than him, unfortunately. Aren’t you all as tired as I am of being relegated to voting towards “the lesser of all evils”?

      • #Occupy!!!

      • shane holman

        I agree. I really did like Herman Cain. But it was amazing how fast the media swoope in on him. The people coming out of the wood works making claims that couldn’t e backed up. And thise people now have been in trouble with other things so their credibility is questionable.
        But now the choices we have the media has gone limp on?!?!

        It seems rigged. It’s like the choices we have now wont affect the change we need and that’s what is being spoon fed to us. I hate to say it, especially being a father of 2, but out country is coming to a fork in the road and either we are going to bend over and take it, or we won’t

        Either way bad things are coming.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously fuck this SOPA shit.

  • i dont believe USA going to be like china… we are heading for communist guys ?

  • This article doesn’t simply refer to record labels. Besides, how can A record label simply concentrate on being creative when every creative idea they create is torrented right after they create it, therefore loosing every nickel and dime they spent into mass producing that idea. Even with that being said, there still exist a problem. It just shouldn’t be delt with the way SOPA decided to approach it.

    • Record labels squeeze artists plensty enough. I don’t think they are going to switch to lower grade caviar any time soon.

      I think they should use the creativity and innovation to change their bussiness model. There is a reason why iTunes and Amazon are doing pretty damn well. But instead they choose the riskfree path so they don’t have to change a thing. But in the end this will give big conpanies more power to crush all upcoming innovating sites.

    • shane holman

      It’s not that we are advocating piracy. It’s that SOPA isn’t the way to stop it. Many of the ideas of SOPA are food, but the way it will be handled is bad. It’s open up to a lot of different interpretations and that’s bad for a bill. It means other companies can skew it for their peraonal gain, including the government. Not to mention that shutting access to a website without a court hearing is no longer being innocent until proven guilty. It’s going to get worse. If anyone needs examples just look at Viacom. They make spongebob and Dora, and a ton of other things. They wanted to sue YouTube and people postun YouTube videos which had their videos and/or products in them. And oh, btw, they are such a reputable company that they themselves were stealing videos from YouTube to post on one o their own sites, without permission.

      This bill is a mess and needs to be re-worked.

  • Dan

    then I think I speak for all jealbreakers: fuck sopa!

  • down with sopa
    we are the people that rule the world
    so shut up sopa and make me a sandwich

  • ██ ████████ ██████ ██████████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████████ ██. ███ ███ This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been remove

  • If it is passed, the internet will not be fun. 5 years in prison for posting a video of Michael Jackson on youtube. Thats one more year than the guy who “killed” Jackson.

    • I predict a major increase of VPN customers in the near future xD

      • Dan

        I already use one, I highly recommend iPredator

    • Anonymous

      Why would u want to post a video of Michael Jackson on YouTube? Or the Beatles . Or Madonna? You tube is for YOU! MTV is for Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Beatles.you guys talk like panhandlers . I BUY what I want. If I can’t buy it, I don’t need it.nothing is free! NOTHING

    • Crefus Williams

      Lol, funny but very valid point.

  • Anonymous

    We definitely need to get awareness out! If SOPA is passed, the internet is going to get screwed over so bad!

    • Might be bumpy first month. After that it will basicly only affect americans since everything “suddenly” relocated to europe

  • if this bill passes I’m going to kill my self

  • if this bill will be approved. i know someone will make a work around for us.

  • I see this site is to money hunger to join the strike.

  • Guys im just starting on developing mac apps and other things… and if this bill passes i will start to work on a project called “engage” and it is an internet browser that allows you to bypass firewalls and other annoying things. Please support me bye following me on twitter @D23inc

  • Good thing i dont live in usa then

    • Kok Hean

      It affects US sites so you ARE affected as well :p

    • You do realize this site is located in the US, right? Meaning this site, along with the majority of others, all across the internet, will go down if this bill goes through, affecting everybody among other countries too, idiot.

      • Simple answer: relocate. Less qq man

      • and if your country’s government decide join the club of “anti-piracy laws”? What will you do? relocate yourself?

      • No one was crying kid. Did you even read or were you too anxious to post fail of a response?

      • Sopa is usa. Thats it. My country cant join in since its against civil rights here

  • “Now, we all must fear evil. But there is one evil that we must fear most, and that is – the indifference of good men.” – Boondock Saints

    The evil we must fear most in this case, Cody – is the fact that this law wont just affect people in the US, but all over the world. These laws might be brought in front of the US Senate and House of Representatives, but just like the case against Marijuana championed by Harry J. Anslinger ( who, after successfully having it criminalized in the US, went on a mission to have it criminalized worldwide by speaking in front of the UN council and as a result, succeeded in having it criminalized worldwide) – there very well might be worldwide and lasting implications to all of this, that’ll make it so that even if you get these laws repealed in 50 years, if they are indeed passed now – they’ll be repealed in the US only, which means the internet will still be a shell of its former self.

    SOPA and Pipa mean the death of personal freedom online, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of the press, and a plethora of other freedoms I can’t even begin to mention.

    Bottom line: They infringe on our constitution in every possible way. This is akin to pissing on our forefathers graves (Americans). Our country goes and states that China and Iran should not regulate the internet, and allow it to be free and unsupervised – and then turn around and try to regulate it??
    “Do as I say, not as I do”, eh?? Well I call BS.

    Fight against Sopa and Pipa – raise your virtual voices as loud as you can,
    This is the good fight, ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it.

    “Get up stand up – Stand up for your rights.
    Get up, stand up. – Don’t give up the fight”

  • O. Bakerman

    Well… good bye america!

  • “When efforts and courage are not enough, *sighs* a shotgun helps.”

  • Irvin Frederick

    The fact remains that the SOPA might be passed if we don’t stand up so you guys stop the girlish argument about language and let us stand up and fight for the freedom of knowledge after all that’s the reason the Internet was created – spreading information and gaining knowledge. My friend I do support stevej303 – respect the most high and don’t stray from the topic at hand “SOPA”

  • This is going to affect all sets around the globe. Who gives America the right to be in control of a global network? I believe that if this bill is passed, it could lead to more severe consequence. Just a note: America is a country like every other. If they were to try and pass the bill, it should go through UN or some other global organization. Every country should have a say

    • Its only for sites located in usa. And if the dns block part comes thru they can force isp’s to block foreign sites for americans. They cant shutdown a foreign site. No need for UN since a country decides over its own infrastructure.

  • The iphone 4s jailbreak better be released soon just incase SOPA passes. I dont believe it will pass, but just to be in the safe side

    • Anonymous

      You want to be able to jailbreak your iPhone 4s! What if Apple STOPPED making it! What if Apple never even invented it! Where was the Dev team and all these hackers when I sick and tired of my Nokia . Or when my Motorala razor couldn’t surf the web.or when Blackberry was king of the world! Where in heck were they. Playing the Playstation! They couldve been inventing what is now the iPhone, but Noooo.if Apple said they weren’t making anymore iPhones and were going to leave it to Jailbreakrs to take over the mobile industry( without using any of apples technology) you would be stuck!no maybe u still got that old Nokia?

  • Anonymous

    “which would greatly affect our business of bringing you the latest in jailbreak news and tutorials.”

    Yeah, “THAT’S” what we should worry about?

  • Anonymous

    if jailbraiking will be stop then i will stop buying Apple products and many people will do same, i guess. whats the point if you cannot really enjoy your very expensive iPhone.iPad,iPod, etc.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry dude, you got that backwards…! If Apple stopped making products then the Jailbreakrs will go out of business. Apple is more than an iPhone, iPad, or laptop! Apple is a software Company first. Ever heard of Pixar Films! These gadgets that make you so mad because u can’t watch porn or place widgets are perks for Apple Inc.

      • The iphone is what made apple popular again. Pre iphone apple was worth jack

      • Anonymous

        Yeah Popular! With who? Us! Consumers! …. The money & technology had to be there first, to create design and engineer. In other words Apple is the Chicken that layed the Egg (iPhone) . Not the egg that hatched a chicken? Smiles!

  • Sam OfTheFurry

    OMG I live in Singapore how can I help I hate SOPA!!!

    • If SOPA passes, I’ll build a remotely controlled nuclear bomb. It will be end of the world.

      America is just asking for it.

  • If it pass… the author wouldn’t be able to post that picture above. It will harm us in many way by sharing someone’s picture, video, etc….

  • doug dossett

    I vote for a fire sale!

  • We have to stop SOPA at any cost. The Internet must be free for us to say what ever we want to post what ever we want to protest an anything we want. I’m calling al the hackers community to join forces to stop SOPA.

  • All this shit seems to be around the Piracy issue. Piracy has been been around since the start of the Industrial Era, it hasn’t halted progress, if anything it gives progress a kick up its backside leading to ever newer innovations.

    I use Installous regularly, yet I don’t feel like I’m harming the developers cos for every me there is another ten me’s buying the apps. If I like something and use it regularly, I WILL PAY FOR IT! I develop apps also and am very aware that some apps may appear on cracked sites but this is on the whole is good I think cos humanity is not dead, they may make you think that, think that everyone is out to steal what they can, but I assure all you good people out there that humanity is alive and well.

    Ask yourself, why does iTunes and Amazon make so much money? Nearly everything on these sites can be torrented yet they make soo much money.

    This is not about Piracy, it is purely about control and what we hand over through fear is what will bind us forever more.

    Stand up to this, if there is anything you can do, do it now!

    • Anonymous

      The ‘Control’ of Piracy( pirates ) is very important! Here’s why. Let’s say U invented Miracle Bread. Someone buys your Bread but don’t eat it. They repackage it and call it Happy Bread, U see him at the local market selling YOUR bread as Happy Bread. He’s just one guy so no big deal. 3 months later he’s not buying you bread & repackaging it, he’s copying you recipe . Six months later Happy Bread is on the shelves next to Miracle Bread. Uh Oh! A year later Happy Bread has a commercial that he bought with YOUR potential profits. 2 yrs passed and EVERYBODY and their kids singing the Happy Bread jingle! You still make Miracle Bread but you make it in your kitchen and sell to friends and family! And they buy Happy Bread behind your back because your Bread is too expensive

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know all the details but….. To me , anybody that takes something someone else works, sweats and sacrifices to develop, create, and/or engineer, and then waits till it hits the market successfully to then then change it only to call themselves creative or genious is a crook. You may as well be a “China- man” selling fake Dooney & Burke hand bags while calling yourself a ‘company man’. Folks… Patents & copyrights are in place for a reason…to protect the American Dream! if every time you create something in your garage and your neighbor drives by and spots it, duplicates it, and profits from it, you would understand how he’s stealing YOUR dream! When u own something, that’s just what it means! YOU own it. Apple owns their apps! Not Cydia ! If u want to alter an app for personal use, fine ! If u want to profit from your ‘creative genious’ then get to work! The same software & hardware companies use to develop their products is available to everyone ! STOP GETTING PAID ON KNOCKOFFS!

  • shane holman

    Bah! Damn autocorrect on the iPhone :p

    Keep internet free.
    Its America a free country?

  • It won’t Pass, for one thing the whole “good Faith base Belief” system would bring KAOS to the net because basically NO site would be safe. Facebook,MySpace,Google, I mean what if some company decided that google itself was doing something, it’s just MASS Madness. I really don’t see this passing, if they want a way to police this they’d better find another way & using this as a way to “BIG BROTHER” the net just won’t Go.

  • Anonymous

    It won’t pass! It’s just to shake things up! To sift-out the scragglers, that’s all. Things like this puts lazy people on their toes and wakes everybody up! They’ve already accomplished their mission! It’s like when the boss intentionally starts a rumor of random drug screens and everybody stops smoking and etc. but it never happens! Nobody gets screened and nobody would have, BUT It prevents U from getting careless. Keeps ya sharp!

  • What If You Live In England?