This is kind of interesting. After all of the attempts we’ve seen by developers to try and port Siri to non-Apple-supported devices, it appears this guy did it by simply restoring his iPod touch from an iPhone 4S profile.

How’d it happen? Well as Gordon tells it, he recently purchased a late-model white iPod touch. And instead of setting it up as a new device, he decided to restore it from an iCloud backup made from his iPhone 4S…

When the restore was complete, the entire Siri interface had been installed. And although he hasn’t gotten the assistant to connect with Apple’s servers yet, he claims that the Dictation component works flawlessly. Interesting.

Want to see it in action? Cult of Mac contributor Michael Steeber has uploaded a video of the purported iPod touch, with Siri running. The device has been jailbroken, but there doesn’t appear to be any Siri-related tweaks installed.

It’s important to note, before you go trying this on your own, that restoring a device from another’s backups is pretty risky.

We’re still a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but we have to admit, it is intriguing.

What do you think? Real or fake?

  • What about iPad?
    Any try?

  • i think it real!

  • Justin Amberson

    This is going to be proven fake

  • Only way to find out is to … Jeff get on the case and have a go…

    • Anonymous

      yea,, JEFF is the man,, go Jeff go,, show us some preview,, we know you can Crack some vital & acurate INFO:)…

  • I think it’s real if he does one thing non jail broken device or he puts it on a iPad 😀

  • if this is real then is it easy to crack it to a ios firewire or cydia tweak ! and ipad must be work to !

  • I call bs… The voice recognition works through the same servers, so that really all makes no sense.

    • Kok Hean

      That’s what I thought of too.

  • I call bs… The voice recognition works through the same servers, so that really all makes no sense.

  • There is no such thing as a brick you can always restore

    • you clearly didn’t jailbreak the early iOS software

      • Lakota Lustig

        i bricked my ipod 5.0.1:)

  • hey cody
    what if we restore our iphone4 but put the iphone4s (ios 5.0.1)
    using IREB
    will it work
    could we use siri?

  • I dont think anyone has noticed but iPods dont have numerical battery indicators do they? also this must be jailbroken? I can understand that maybe the firmware has the properties for the numerical indicator and would have maybe transfered to the iPod but someone correct me if im wrong?


    Btw, it’s pretty much not possible to “brick” your iDevice by restoring with a foreign backup profile… I believe as much as you can go would be bricking the backup set, but the device would more-or-less always be accessible by a restore. DFU mode might be required tho…

  • That explains why my 3GS now says “1982 Sinclair Research Ltd”, must have had it near my ape deck.

    I call fake on this one also

  • Jas God

    Has anyone’s iDevice actually been bricked? I’ve gone thru my fair share of problems with jailbreaks in the past but have always been able to resolve em… just curious if bricking is real. I feel like it’s a myth, lol.

  • Link fixed. Thank you

  • You CANT brick an iPod. You literally can’t. Nothing we have, except jailbreak tools which use exploits, has enough privilege to access anything in the boot process. Not even iTunes. This stuff is hardware based, the DFU mode, is hardware based. You *ALWAYS* have DFU mode which means you can *ALWAYS* restore. The only way to ‘brick’ and iDevice, is to install the iPad Baseband onto it, then every restore will fail unless its a custom IPSW file. I **HATE** it when tech sites use the word ‘bricked’ so lightly. An iTunes restore will not brick your iPod, in the worst case scenario you would have to restore it in iTunes…

    • Lakota Lustig

      i bricked my ipod. its on ios 5.0.1

  • Anonymous

    Is everyone here retarded? The post clearly says that it can damage your device and if it dose restore Siri still does not work. What’s the point then?

  • Ape deck sounds pretty cool though…

  • Mac Crabtree

    It is fake, it is probably just spire. Someone else should try it.

  • its fake. i know cuz there is an app that looks exactly how that looks. I had it on my ipod touch 4th gen before i got my 4s.

  • Ty

    Fake, I’ve done this before. All you do is add the files yourself rather than using a tweak to install for you

  • MrE

    “It’s important to note, before you go trying this on your own, that restoring a device from another’s backups is pretty dangerous. It can lead to bricking, essentially turning a device into an expensive paperweight.”

    What a load of crap!!!! I would love to see your source for this claim.

  • so I can just take the ios 5.0.1 made for the iPhone 4s and put in on my iPod??

  • I think that it would be cool to try downloading an iPhone 4S .ipsw and shift+click restore that ipsw on an iPod touch… what do you guys think. Would it brick my iPod?

  • Anonymous

    I atleast thought the post would show a picture of iPod touch 4G with Siri on it. Not Sirious………the outdated jailbreak