Jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w has released iREB 5 for Windows users after 10 months of silence. The simple custom iOS firmware install tool will help you bypass iTunes errors when restoring an iOS device from a custom firmware IPSW.

Release notes:

  • Much smaller file size (390kb).
  • Fixed USB 3.0 issues.
  • iREB’s speed for the iPhone 2G/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 1G has increased significantly!
  • Fixed rare DFU detection issues.
  • Updated limera1n/steaks4uce payload to not hook “cmd_go” on 4.x images (nothing severe, but useless here).

All of the errors (1600, etc.) that iTunes occasionally gives when installing a cooked firmware. iREB isn’t for the faint of heart, so don’t sweat if you don’t know why you need this tool. Once you’ve created a custom IPSW with a tool like Sn0wBreeze, iREB can be used on Windows to get pass any iTunes hiccups you may come across.

You can download iREB 5 from our Downloads page. Let us know if you have any problems or questions in the comments below.

  • Do i need ireb for ifaith custom ipsw?

    • Kok Hean

      It would probably fix the iTunes errors that you may encounter using the iFaith custom firmware.

  • I would be really happy if Jeff did some tutorial od this ^_^

    • I think it may well be on its way. The US is only just waking up. zzzzzzzz

  • I couldn’t download it, when i click on a link in download page….it’s couldnt find the server…

  • Hello, the DL host is really screwy! Can’t seem to get the file. Can you use a different host?


  • Finally iH8Sn0w shows up. I love Sn0wbreeze and I want the 5.0.1 untethered from him. iBook has always work with Sn0wbreeze. Please update Sn0wbreeze ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. This was the only way I could get my apple tv jail broken. Was getting a slew of errors. I used the ireb4 to fix it but good to see it being updated.

  • I downloaded iReb, and when I launched my Norton Semantic virus detected it as a virus and deleted .exe file… I didn’t even get a chance to mess with it!

  • I downloaded iReb 5 on my pc… and my Norton Semantic Virus program detected it as virus and deleted .exe file… didn’t even get a chance to mess with it! Dang…