Today the long awaited iPhone 4S was supposed to go on sale in China. A lot of people crowded Apple Stores hoping to get an iPhone.

M.I.C. Gadget is reporting that a huge fight broke out between scalpers, shutting down the Apple Store in Beijing. It even got to a point where it was so bad that Beijing SWAT team had to be called in to help control the angry scalpers and customers.

Once the SWAT team arrived, Apple Store employees told people waiting in line that the iPhone 4S launch was cancelled. Many of the angry scalpers went as far as throwing eggs at the iconic glass at the Apple Store and making threats to police officers.

Apple has yet to announce another launch date for the iPhone 4S in China.

  • lol

  • Maybe the fight was FAKE(?)

    • I am a Chinese, and I don’t think so.

  • Anonymous

    man, those guys really want their kool-aid

  • Anonymous

    I wish I was there to see that!!!!

    And silly me… I thought it was crazy at the Serramonte Mall’s Apple Store when they introduced the new iPhone 4!!! HaHaHa!!! At least at Serramonte they served us free Starbucks Coffee!!! In China they offered up a serving of “WHOOOOOP – ASSSSS!!!!!”

    • whoa buddy…cool it there with the exclamation marks

  • Just like in Indonesia with Blackberry launching…awful..but for iphone 4S i’ll join the brikade too…he..he

  • Lolx here in middle east u dont have apple stores…go to a mall pay the money and thats it nO carrier issue no nothing….i bet its a publicity stunt wish i was there too to fight:p

    • hahaha lol but wat about the fakes? theres fakes and genuines

    • hahaha so funny my dad saw one
      dad: ohhhhhh ali look iphone 4s i buy i buy
      me: yeahhhh u c if u look closely u will notice that it is a fake
      dad: noooooooooooo i buy. he bought it looked at it an i was just laughing at him for like 15mins

  • Amagawd its just a phone xD

  • Lupius

    *cue music*

    Everybody wants kung fu fighting~~~

  • just brilliant

  • educated ppl..

  • ahahahahahahahahaha KungFuuuuuuuuuu

  • every body likes kung fu fighting
    everybodys as fast as lightning

    i dont no the rest of song
    i dont give a shit

  • fail~ funny how the scalpers were angry and not the customers? o.O;

  • Amazing how people get crazy for Apple.

  • Where did they get those eggs from? Do Chinese people take eggs with them wherever they go?

  • I am a native Chinese, and I fell shame for these happening in Beijing.

    There are a lots of scalpers buying and selling iDevices in China, cause Apple is so hot in China.

    Welcome to talk to me in Facebook, guys.