To most people, iPhones and iPads are fairly expensive. That’s why we all put cases and screen protectors on our devices — to keep them safe from drops and other accidents. But how do we protect our gadgets from water damage?

Well, there’s a handful of case options that claim to make your iPhone waterproof, but they’re either bulky or extremely unattractive (see DryCase). Liquipel, however, is trying to change that with its new invisible waterproof coating…

TheNextWeb says Liquipel’s latest invention, a microscopic coating that protects electronics from water damage, could change the world of electronics forever. And we might have to agree. Watch.

Although the company won’t divulge any specific details about what it is or what it’s made of, it describes the product as an invisible coating that bonds to your device at the molecular level (inside and out) to repel water.

Don’t get too excited though. Liquipel’s product isn’t available at your local Best Buy. You actually have to send your iPhone (or other handset) into the company along with $59 to have them apply it, and we’re not sure the average person is going to be willing to that.

But the mere fact that the technology exists is still incredible. Here’s hoping manufacturers eventually pick up on this and start applying Liquipel to their products before they ship them.

What do you think?

  • Dan

    iPad and kindle in the tub, this would be interesting! lol

    • Min

      Oh man I would LOVE to chill in a hot bubble bath with my ipad!!!! Ha.

  • I want this so bad on my iPod and iPhone and iPad so i can play in the shower XD!

    • my wife uses something different to play in the shower…

  • jose castro

    wtf nice

  • Impressive!

  • it’s just distilled water…

    • Anonymous

      And you think “distilled water” inside an electronic device is ok!

      • ….actually, distilled water doesn’t conduct electricity. Kind of chemistry 101 stuff.

      • in every billion even pure water molecules, yes PURE WATER, 2 water molecules will break apart and turn into [H3O+] and [OH-] , meaning it does conduct electricity, but very little.
        BTW, im a 11th grader in Canada and this is chemistry 20 stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Last time I checked Aquafina is not distilled water. This doesnt even impress me, I saw this years ago, maybe about 5 years ago back when they did it to the iPod. Doesn’t look like this is going to go into mass production until they can convince a major manufacturer that this is 100% waterproof all the time. If a manufacturer starts producing this and finds out that 1/10 times you drop it into a liquid the device fails then there going to have a hard time justifying the price and time spent doing this if they cant claim its 100% waterproof.

      • in my opinion it doesn’t really matter, as we aren’t actually going to put the idevice in water purposely , it was designed to help prevent water damage , like accidents, which means the water wont be in contact with the idevice for longer than i say… 1 min? so i think this would do the trick. tho i do agree that it cant be proven to be 100% waterproof.

  • Thats crazy! I wonder how this would go taking pictures under water? It still would scare the shit out of me to try any of that with my iPhone!

  • Thomas Gehman


  • yay i want one…

  • Anonymous


    Next Question, are they a publicly traded company??? If so, I want their stock!

  • jose castro

    it will change the world like the iphone did

    • Ashton Pal

      The iPhone did not change the world :).

      • Berkay Özkan

        you sure ?

  • Holy fuck! No way!

  • waterproof iDevices, i wonder whats next?

  • Anonymous

    He** no company’s aren’t going to start applying this stuff…………..Then they won’t be able make consumers buy it when it get’s water damage…………………..I suspect “most” companies would rather you buy another phone……then try to make sure nothing breaks/ruins it………But then again….Some companies might………….Just IMO.

    • when no company does it, and ONE particular company does, that companies sales wud fly sky high. but only for a short period of time.

  • Eh hem…. I would like to announce; I just shat bricks.

  • i think they need to open up ur device to install it thats why u gotta send it

  • Anonymous

    the reason why companies wont include this with their next devices is because of (not because but related to) something called planned obsolescence.

    they dont want your device to survive water damage… we have more than enough technology for things like light bulbs (ONE bulb) to last easily 50 years, or our iPhones to last 10, 20 years(maybe even more) on proper use.
    Now… the #s, S’s and 3G’s on the end of the names, thats perceived obsolescence.

    look it up…
    lets see how long we can make ours last instead of waiting for the next one.
    and im pretty sure this micro-coating tech is a way to do that…
    if only it weren’t product of another company out for our money.

    • i cant agree more, as even my little sister knows, when the iphone 4 came out, in hong kong there were already phones from japan with cameras at 10.0 mega pixels+, and iphone 4 was at half of that, and even the 4s is only at 8.0 mega pixels now.

      • The higher the Megapixles the more memory it will take up per image. I think Apple made a good move with 8MPs, I can’t see any pixels on my photos, the photos look great and it takes up lots less memory.

    • That is the companies side, but commecrialisme should also be taken in account, how often nowadays do you hear people buying a new phone coz the old one died? More often then not they just want a new phone.
      It’s a vicious cycle with both consumer and supplier basicly doing nothing sustainable.
      You can’t really blame the companies though, sustainable products are simply the worst possible bussiness plan.

      • Anonymous

        cant agree with u more. most our products do last enough. we just “get bored with them”
        but we dont really. its just part of the business plan itelf. using marketing and hype we get “new” or “upgraded” product which we dont really need.
        thats the basis of Perceived obsolescence (perceived because we perceive we need something because its thrown in our faces or we think we’ll be out of touch with everything new in society)
        and about your last two sentences. do we really need to spend resources(we dont have) to make cheap products just so a company can sustain its business plan? i say build the best most durable product and then focus on other stuff. like creating a political system thats not based on exactly that, making money by basically throwing away resource.


  • WHERE HAVE U BEEN ALL MY WIFE’S LIFE??!??!??!??!!!????

  • coolest thing

  • This is amazing!

  • I wonder if this will scratch off or just wear out overtime???

    • if it is a coating, i am sure it wud come off in time, but if this technlogy contines to develop, i am seeing a future with all devices waterproof as the nano tech will be done before the parts are put together.

    • cody soto

      Liquipels coating is a lifetime guarantee

  • Grant Lawrence

    They should try dropping it in the toilet bowl with turds and wee and see if it survives…

  • Apple shoud buy this company and on their next comercial they should have a family in the water shooting pictures saying “introducing the new iPhone 5, the only phone that can shoot and record video underwater”

    I’d buy that!

  • Apple shoud buy this company and on their next comercial they should have a family in the water shooting pictures saying “introducing the new iPhone 5, the only phone that can shoot and record video underwater”

    I’d buy that!

  • Anonymous

    i doubt the dock connector, mic, and speaker work ordinarily.

  • Anonymous

    i hope it doesn’t cost double the iPhone price!

  • OMG!!… Apple should buy this company, with this the iPhone will be close to perfection!!

    • i bet if it is proven to be 100% waterproof, apple WILL buy the company to prevent other devices to be Liquipel-ed.

  • awesome

  • Why would companies make their products with this? They rather let you have water damage so that they can void your warranty and forget about exchanging anything for their customers. Just saying…

  • I think I may be sending my phone off next month! Only thing is, when it comes back “waterproofed”, I’ll still be too scared to actually try it out! lol

  • Also, if you check out shipping costs, “Next Day Air” is only $25, while “2nd Day Air” is $29.36… WTF?

  • Jonathan Yerger

    Is it available for iPod Touch 4G?

  • Min

    Wonder if this will make opening the device difficult if repairs ever need to be made or internal parts replaced.

  • Min

    water PROOF or just resistant. Like, for that price and inconvenience of sending it off for this service I wanna drop it in the toilet, be able to take 5 mintues to talk myself into reaching my hand into toilet as thats just gross, and it still be on and functional. Seems like the mic, speakers would be challenging to waterproof though completely without degrading sound quite a bit.

  • stuff doesn’t work…its garbage…

    • cody soto

      Liquipel saved my phone from water damage..4 times!!! Truly amazing product