Chpwn has updated his popular jailbreak tweak called Zephyr with a couple big improvements. The gesture-based tweak brings intuitive, iPad-like navigation gestures to iPhone and iPod touch owners.

Version 1.0.2 of Zephyr is now available in Cydia as a free upgrade to existing users. The update brings with it the ability to blacklist certain apps and set custom finger swipes for each gesture.

The new settings window for Zephyr offers more options for customizing your experience.  You can set up to four-finger gestures for the two swipes, making the overall experience feel more like the iPad. You can also make sure that the iOS keyboard stays out of the way in open apps while switching with each gesture.

Specific apps can now be blacklisted in Zephyr. When you disable a certain app for either of the two navigation gestures you will not be able to swipe out of that specific app. It’s a pretty simple setting, but it can prove to be very helpful if you keep accidentally leaving an app with a Zephyr gesture.

The finger swipe and app blacklist additions make this Zephyr update an essential download. If you haven’t already, chpwn’s Zephyr can be purchased in Cydia from the BigBoss repo for $2.99.

Our original review of Zephyr:

Have you been enjoying this jailbreak tweak?

  • Anonymous

    Swiping with 4 fingers on an iPhone screen, that is highly impractical to say the least.

  • Its not in my cydia yet O.o

  • I paid for this app excited to use it only to find out I need to uninstall MultiCleaner.
    I’m sorry that’s my most used jailbreak tweak. This needs an update BAD

    • Dan

      that’s why you try it out free before you buy it, I’m not getting screwed again

      :::coughs::: insanelyi repo

      PS. The multiple finger update is great though, I use the two finger one all the time

    • is this really not compatible with MultiCleaner?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t work with Multifl0w either and probably with several others.

      • weak i was going to buy it to but its forcing me to remove Multicleaner

  • Cant wait for the 4S Jailbreak, so keen for this tweak. I can’t think of any apps that I use that go near the bottom of the screen so the Application Switcher gesture is going to be awesome!

    Looks very polished too which is nice.

  • This is one of the greatest tweaks!

  • Chpwn still doesn’t want to add support for using it in landscape. If he changed his mind, and added a gesture for returning to the home screen, it would make this tweak perfect.