At iDB, we don’t just pass along the Apple rumors; we also try to follow them on their road to either truth or debunking. And in the case of the recent Digitimes’ iPad 3 report, that journey took less than 24 hours.

Yesterday we told you about Digitimes’ latest claim that Apple would unveil two new iPad models at the Macworld (now iWorld) conference in January. But today, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has effectively put that rumor to bed.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dalrymple, he’s the former Editor at Large of Macworld with a history of breaking Apple news. When he weighs in on a rumor, folks tend to pay attention.

From The Loop:

“Reports began circulating earlier today that Apple would release two new iPads at Macworld Expo in January. These rumors are completely false. I checked with a number of my sources today and an iPad 3 is not planned for release at Macworld. In case you’re wondering, an iPad 3 won’t be released at CES either.”

We were skeptical of Digitimes’ report from the get-go, and this seems to confirm our suspicions. For what it’s worth, Jim also notes that Apple won’t be debuting its rumored TV set in January, either. But he doesn’t exactly deny that it exists.

  • Kok Hean

    iPad – April
    iPad 2 – March
    iPad 3 – February?

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea how any rumor site(this one or macrumors) would post/believe such a ridiculous rumor about the iPad being released at MacWorld.

    Guess what, it won’t be released in my backyard either.

    Tim Cook won’t release it while riding a dolphin.

    And Steve Ballmer won’t be welcomed on stage to help introduce it.

    All the above are equally as ridiculous as believing Apple would introduce the iPad 3 at a 3rd party trade show.

    • As the article states, we’ve been skeptical of the rumor since it debuted yesterday. We were more interested in the bigger iPad battery aspect of the story, which is why we ran it in the first place.

      Thanks for reading!

    • We post this for the sake of information. Of course we don’t believe it, which is why we usually start those posts with “rumor” in the title.

      • Anonymous

        I’m just ranting. I still love iDB. 🙂