If you’ve been trying to use Cydia for the last day, you might have noticed that it is slow, sluggish, or even unresponsive. Before you start thinking that your iPhone may be the cause of the problem, relax and don’t freak out, because it’s not.

Since the release of the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak yesterday, potentially hundreds of thousands of people have been jailbreaking, launching, and refreshing Cydia sources in the same short period of time, resulting in server overloads for many repos…

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do. The only solution is to wait for things to calm down. I suspect that in a day or two, most jailbreakers will have already installed the untether, and things will start going back to normal.

So be patient! In the meantime, you may want to try using Cydia late at night when there is less online activity.

  • Really annoying…

  • calm down, not clam down… typo

    • Fixed. Thank you

      • I liked clam down better.

      • Anonymous

        Epic comment is epic.

  • Anonymous

    What about the network problems or no service at all on ultrasnow unlocked phones? Can we blame Cydia for that? Baahhhh… Corona sucks!

  • I guess you ment Milions of people lol

  • Dan

    I’ve managed to get everything I needed, but i’ve had the most trouble with bog boss repo

    • Anonymous

      hahahh bog, i see what you did there.

      • Dan

        actually that was a typo lol

      • Anonymous

        Nevertheless, that was funny.

  • You think it’s slow now wait till the 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak is let loose !!!

    • Anonymous

      I bet there’s more iPhone 4 and 3GS users jailbreaking than there are 4S and iPad 2, i’m just glad the jailbreak wasn’t for all devices, then everybody really would be fucked lol

  • slow refresh -_- …thanx jeff for information.

  • anyone gettin the “colon_delimited” message on top?

  • Anonymous

    yea kinda figured that might be the issue.thnx for confirming

  • Westin Bielecky

    Weird enough, Cydia has been loading faster for me…

  • hey guys, because of that lag i deleted my modmyi repo and now i cant add it again!!
    can someone help me please?

    • Just use google to find the right repo name ..and install

      • yeah i looked for that but its harder than i thought

      • but tnks btw 😉

      • Just found this for you …………
        If you’ve uninstalled the Modmyi repository (or another one of the default community sources), you can reinstall it by opening Cydia and choosing “More Package Sources” from the homepage. The missing source (if any) will display at the top of the page and you can tap it to reinstall…….

        I found this on the net I hope it helps…

  • I’ll like to find out how slow it is….ARGH I4s

  • just wondering lol my ipod 4th gen has had more ram then it did on 5.0 lol

  • Anonymous

    i just finally got ultrasnow to work on my iphone 4 1.59 baseband with 5.0.1 after a whole day of trying. cydia looks more stable than yesterday for me but i still have issues when i turn the phone off sometimes it comes back as no service and get stuck that way till i run cydia and refresh changes

    • Anonymous

      before when i put in my tmobile chip it would say no service and get stuck that way but now it finally has started to recognize the tmobile network and make calls

  • I installed installous about an hour ago and after it resprung i had no stock apps at all!! No camera, phone anything. All that was left was web shortcuts!! Had to restore, any ideas anyone???

    • Well theres a cure for that..


      • Noted!! Wont be doin it again, just cant understand why it happened

      • Dan

        Personally I use installous to try out apps before I buy them. If I like them, I buy the HD version for my iPad. If I really like it, I’ll keep it on my phone too since I refuse to pay for a regular and HD version that won’t work on my phone.

    • Heh. That happened to me. All I had to do was restart the device and all the apps came back. And @Burge, there are legitimate uses of Installous such as installing non-App Store .ipa’s on your device.

      • True..but what do you think was being installed…

      • Maybe Stuart’s making jailbreak apps for iOS and needs a way to send his .ipa’s to his iDevice XD You never know. Then again, maybe not, considering he had to restore his device to fix a simple problem…

      • And the fact he put ..noted !!! won’t be doing it again…..lol…

    • Don’t steal apps?

  • Hmmm.. Cydia has been ok for me.. There’s been a few bumps but I could app repos and things but it just takes a long time for them to add… Also if a FREE tweak is not installing try cydiaupdates.net and use iFile to install it, it worked for me on few packages so yeah.. Make sure you have the dependencies though

  • Dan

    I was having so much trouble with bigboss repo (and still am), had to resort to installing pirated tweaks of tweaks I actually bought (springtomize, gridlock, folder enhancer), it’s crazy. I guess it will resolve itself in the next few days.


    • It’s been done on here already …search for it…

  • but i still cant search things in cydia

  • Late at night for me, its sunshine for 300 million chinesse iphone lovers!

  • It doesn’t works for me :l like 24 hours that cydia doesn’t works

  • Facebook stopped working! Oh wait, it never did work. Hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    My sinfuliphonerepo first work. Anybody else having problem?

  • Anonymous

    My sinfuliphonerepo wotn work. Any body having same problem?

  • my cydia is not loading.

  • my cydia is not loading.

  • D.w

    so that explains that posix error ive been recieving

  • I have a great number of apps that are not working right now. Help anyone?

  • I’m running firmware 4.2.1 on my iphone 4 and I’ve updated the cydia last night, and my iphone 4 has respring and it stopped on the start where the apple logo shown. i tried to restart it but failed to get my phone working.. now I’m restoring it back but is it safe to jailbreak it and install cydia?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. The worst possible trouble your phone can get is brick mode which you have experienced already, a restore is but what it needs.

  • Anonymous

    Should have expected this to happen. Exactly like the day when iOS 5 went live.

  • So is it normal that when I’m trying to download a theme or something for wonterboard it’s stuck on “running” ?

  • Danny Henson

    My ios 5 ipod locked up lastnight and i got a “sever crashed” notification and thankfully everything came back on and seems to be normal. I’m have problem installing and deleting some apps though. deleting seems to be screwing up the substrait. Anybody have this happen?

  • i am facing a problem once i jailbreak the Iphone IOS 5.0.1, and then the phone works fine, however, once i install switcher plus from cydia the phone crashes and i it will not reboot it will stack on apple logo.

    seeking your help here.

  • Trang