Yes, you read that title right! According to

The Argentinian Government have took some measures to reduce the inflation level and strengthen the Pesos / US dollar currency parity. One of them was to block the sales of certain electronics temporary, among them iPhone and BlackBerry phones.

In order to continue to sell iPhone smartphones, Apple and BlackBerry must build plants in Argentina, a move that companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and LG already made.

If you get passed the bad English of this quote, you’ll still get the message. Apparently, this has been going on for over a year.

  • i think that the situation in Argentina will not take so long, apple built plants in Brazil, and the brazilian iPhones go to ther without taxes

  • If you get passed -> past

    • Past -> pass

      Correction for correction lol

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s “past”.

      • Anonymous

        Dude it’s past.


    This is true, although you can find iphones in markets.. but at incredibly high prices! Example 4s 64gb AR$ 7050.00

    I correct the notice something.. Blackberry is already making bb 8520 in Argentina!

  • How about some American plants apple we could use the jobs here first?!!!

  • Carlos del Valle

    I’m from Argentina, and not so long ago I read in a website that Brazil has the most expensive iPhone in the world, even when they make them.


  • I live in Argentina and everyone who gets an iPhone 4S is by asking someone who travel abroad. Sad but true.

  • Fabio Wada

    This is not true. It’s a news of Fool’s Day (28/Dec)


      iT’S true asshole