Multi-functional iPhone cases seem to be all the rage these days. Just look at the iPhone wallet. We’ve seen more than a few case-makers churn out iPhone case/money-holders in an effort to ride the trend.

Now we’ve come across a different kind of multi-purpose iPhone case. The Opena Case not only protects your precious handset from nasty falls, but it can also help you pop the top off of your favorite beverage.

The Opena Case is a thin, slip-on iPhone 4/4S case that also doubles as a bottle opener. The metal top-popper slides out of the bottom of the case when you need it, and slides back up into the case when you don’t.

The bottle-opening case started off as a Kickstarter project, but has since materialized into an actual product. You can purchase your own Opena Case from the company’s website for AUD$39.95 (about $40 US).

What do you think of the Opena Case?


  • typical aussies, classic us to invent an iphone accessory that allows you to get on the grog faster than ever

  • I can’t stand these things,people make money from my love to apple products. Why they don’t do such things for Nokia or samsung?

  • Kok Hean

    Useful for people who loves beer. I hate beer though, it tastes and smells disgusting, and also creates health risks for people. For me, at least.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a terrible idea? That’s got to put a lot of strain on the phone.

  • 40$? Too much. I´d rather buy standart bottle opener for 1$