Another iPhone Wallet-Case Combo With Aerodynamic Flair

With the holidays just around the corner, expect to start seeing an onslaught of iPhone accessories. Apple is entering the 4th quarter of 2011 with more handsets on more carriers than ever before, and manufacturers are looking to cash in.

One of the more popular iPhone accessories we’ve been seeing as of late is the wallet-case combo. We’ve seen offerings from TwelveSouth and Waterfield Designs, and now we have one from the popular laptop bag-maker, Timbuk2…

The manufacturer describes its new Mission Cycling Wallet as “an aerodynamic smartphone wallet that protects from the elements and was built for speed.” The ballistic nylon case features a zippered compartment for your iPhone and slots for your I.D. and credit cards.

While the case may not be for everyone, it certainly has some nice features for those in the market for a wallet-case combo. For starters, it’s not real bulky. And if you’ve seen some of the other cases in this category, you’ll know why that’s such a big deal.

Timbuk2’s case also keeps your iPhone extremely well protected, in its own zippered compartment, from sweat, dirt, and other elements. And it even features a touchable plastic window so you don’t have to remove your handset to access it while on the move.

If you own an iPhone and live an active lifestyle, (or know someone that does) you might want to take a look at Timbuk2’s Mission Cycling Wallet. And at just $30, it’s one of the cheaper wallet-case combos we’ve seen. Order it now from Timbuck2’s website.

What do you think of this wallet-case combo?

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