Facebook may have only just launched its brand new Timeline feature to the vast majority of its 800+ million users, but that hasn’t stopped the social network giant from being uncharacteristically quick to update its mobile apps.

Facebook has pushed its latest update to its universal iOS app, but the Timeline feature is currently only available as part of the iPhone and iPod touch version of the app. Facebook noted in the app’s change log that the iPad app will get Timeline soon.

It is also worth noting that the biggest part of this update, the highly-anticpated Timeline view, will not show up in the updated app unless you have already activated it on your account from Facebook’s website.

Facebook’s Timeline view is not the only change to find its way into Facebook 4.1, with speed and bug fixes joining the fray:

– Access to Mobile Timeline on iPhone (if you already have a timeline). iPad support coming soon.
– Access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions.
– Faster, better performance.
– Photos are easier to view, upload and comment on.

If you’re a Facebook fan, then this update will no doubt be a welcomed one, especially if you have been suffering from the same photo-related bugs that we have been hearing about. Anything that makes Facebook’s often-sluggish iOS app faster and easier to use is ok with us.

You can download the newly updated Facebook app from the App Store right now.

Have you signed up for Timeline yet, or have the latest round of changes been enough to push you over the edge and make you close your Facebook account?

  • Other than notifications, is there any difference between adding a shortcut to the mobile version of the website and the official app? After they changed the design of the mobile website, I really can’t tell of any difference.

  • You should at least be able to copy and paste from this app.. web/app store app can not do this at all ..I need this ..

  • Anonymous

    I have , pretty cool , but where’s the option to view a summary of videos , photos , status update that was in the upper right corner of the app

  • Anonymous

    Photo links are still broken 😐 and a new bug has surfaced – the avatars next to some of my friends names are screwed up, ie a different friends photo appears next to another friends name. wtf?!

  • the timeline feature is not working for mine, even i already have it in my desktop version…any1 know y?? or how to fix it?