I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re big fans of Kickstarter here at iDB. And it seems that Kickstarter project creators like us, too. Apparently, thanks to iDB, a few thousand dollars have been raised for various Kickstarter projects, and we’re pretty proud of that.

Today, we sit down with Keith White and talk to him about Trak, a mobile credit card reader for iPhone and iPad he intends to launch with a little help from Kickstarter.

In just a few words, what is Trak?

Trak is the next-generation mobile POS credit card reader device and app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Trak reader is ultra thin and small enough to fit into your pocket. It’s pretty sleek-looking too.

How did you get the idea of Trak and why did you start this project?

In September 2010, I developed a multimedia mobile entertainment content platform to help Sony Music monetize its large digital music catalogue on a mobile carrier’s 3G wireless network in Latin America. During that period, a lot of industry buzz and hype was around mobile payments, especially near-field communications (NFC). I liked the Square business model better and saw market opportunities Square was not addressing. So I decided to create Trak to address the void.

Do you have a background in product design?

No, I do not have a background in electronic product design, but I have a good sense of really good designs and I have a great team of designers around me. Not to mention I oversaw the website design and development of one major video portal in 2008.

Who is helping you out with this project?

I have a group of advisers and consultants: electrical engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, product designers, eCommerce, card payment experts, a VP of business development, marketing and others. We are still in stealth mode and there are many things I have to hold close to my vest.

Your goal is to raise $20,000. How do you expect to get there?

Yes, $20,000 is the minimum goal. The goal will be reached by individual consumers and readers pre-ordering and making a pledge on our Kickstarter page. Pledges start at $5, and for as little $25, $50 or more, backers will receive the Trak reader first edition before public launch. We think it’s the coolest-looking and aerodynamic card reader on the market.

How different is Trak from similar products like Square?

Square’s reader is unencrypted, meaning it lacks security in the reader or at the card swiping level to protect customer’s card data from theft and tampering. Lacking this security at the reader level can expose the customer’s card and merchant’s data to risk. Trak has encryption at the card reader level to fight fraud and card data theft.

Square charges a 2.75% per swipe transaction fee. Trak swipe fee is 2.5%. Trak offers an ambient sensor light to alert the merchant when the card has been swipe successfully, Square does not.

Trak connects through the 30-pin connector slot at the bottom of your iPhone and iPad. Square connects through your headphone jack and you have to have the volume on the phone set to high or the Square reader want transmit the signal for the transaction to the device.

Often times you have to swipe the Square reader multiple times for the card to be read successfully. Trak does not have this problem. There are other attractive features that I can share with you at a later date.

When will Trak enter production?

I can only say that we expect to launch in late Q1 or early Q2 of 2012. Anyone can participate in our early beta test by going to our Kickstater page and there is a pledge level for beta testers.

How much will it cost?

The first edition of the Trak reader can be pre-ordered now for $25 on Kickstarter and the app will be free.

Where will we be able to buy a Trak?

Trak will be offered online at our www.TrakNow.com web site. We have not launched the site yet, as we are still in stealth mode and will have many more details and goodies to reveal at a later date. We are also talking with a few national retailers about Trak being sold through their stores. More information to be announced about this at a later date.

As Keith mentioned above, pledges start at $5 and go all the way to $250. Those of you who decide to invest in this project will receive the first version of the Track reader once its made available. Please make sure to visit Trak’s Kickstarter page for more information.

  • Santi Hervella

    Cool, but I feel like it won’t really make it when its up against the square, which is much smaller, more portable and already wildly popular. Also there was no mention of this working with an iPad.

  • title typo, track or trak?

    • No, it’s Trak, without a C 🙂

  • Anonymous

    its fake! iDB is a RIPOF iZettle is the original from sweden

    • Seems so! The picture up the top of this post clearly shows the software is just a photoshopped version of the iZettle software. Whether the whole product is a scam, or their just screenshot thieves remains to be seen.

      • Anonymous

        I tiped IDB off about this thing weeks ago! iphonet(dot)se/archives/1958 and what did the do?
        the copied it and put it on Kickstarter, its a nice move IDB! very nice indeed!

      • idownload blog reports on many iPhone related Kickstarter projects, I doubt they realise that it’s legitimacy is questionable. Do you see anything apart from this post that connects Trak to the iDownload blog staff apart from this post? because that would be very suspicious.

      • Anonymous

        its right there in the header! [Sponsored]

      • I said apart from this post. If you have a look back, ALL the posts on Kickstarter projects have a [Sponsored] tag. That only means that the Trak people paid them for this article, it doesn’t mean that they made the Kickstarter page

    • Anonymous

      Trak, a Mobile Credit Card Reader for iOS [Sponsored] , how did you miss that?! they never wright [Sponsored]

      • Anonymous

        Ok, I Allready told you that i tiped IDB of about the original produkt and they refused to wright about it maybe because the dint get payed for it but still the never put things up that they know are copies and I know that Sebastien is the owner of this blog and come on!, look at this Keith White Guy… is that guy for real?! dont think so.. but here is the deal! if these comments are here in 24 h then i guess Im wrong

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I Allready told you that i tiped IDB of about the original produkt and they refused to wright about it maybe because the dint get payed for it but still the never put things up that they know are copies and I know that Sebastien is the owner of this blog and come on!, look at this Keith White Guy… is that guy for real?! dont think so.. but here is the deal! if these comments are here in 24 h then i guess Im wrong

    • How bout you let sebastien enjoy his new baby then when he is ready he’ll answer your conspiracy charges deal???

      • Anonymous

        “his new baby” right?!..

      • Yes he is a father now it’s a wonderful thing to be a new dad takes time to let it all sink in so I doubt your even on the radar lol

  • Nice

  • Anonymous

    Square gives their readers out for free, recouping the cost through transactions.

    This guy needs to do the same. I’m not going to pay $25 for something, when the competition is offering it for free.
    I’m too lazy to do the math, but the 0.25% less that Trak takes doesn’t seem to be worth paying $25.

  • This scam conspiracy is ridiculous.

    This guy is starting a kickstarter project. He didn’t steal anything from anyone. He might have stolen the idea of a mobile card reader from Square, but can we blame him for that? Absolutely not.

    I might have received a tip from someone about a similar product in Sweden before but I honestly don’t remember. That’s probably because we receive dozens of tips each day and most of them go unnoticed for various reasons.

    And yes, we were paid to publish this interview. I thought it was pretty obvious with the [Sponsored] tag in the title. And we’re pretty clear about sponsored posts. See our Disclosure page for more info http://www.idownloadblog.com/disclosure/

    So please, stop spreading your false claims of theft here. If you have a problem, complain directly to the Keith White, the guy who started this Kickstarter project. If I see one more comment falsely accusing anyone in here, I will have to moderate the comments, which I’m not really fond of, unless it’s the only solution.

    • Anonymous

      Wel allright, But the cardreader that is the original idea he stole is called iZettle and its absolutely stolen

    • Anonymous

      Will this card reader “See” C/Cards & Debit from Canadian banks?
      To S – Nice Blog here.