There’s something special about an iPhone-controlled coffee machine. Think about it: you wake up early in the morning, launch an app on your iPhone, shuffle into the kitchen a few minutes later, and a nice, hot cup of coffee is waiting for you.

The Scanomat Top Brewer sits out of sight under your counter and features a metal pipe that pours delicious coffee into your cup. The machine’s dedicated iPhone and iPad app lets you make your favorite drinks from the comfort of anywhere in your house.

The Top Brewer makes an incredible 4 coffee cups per minute. It also cleans up after itself. The machine claims to have the smallest milk foamer on the market, and the tip of the metal dispenser heats and foams to match the necessary texture of whatever drink you’re making.

You can dispense hot and cold water, milk, fruit juices, and even steam with the Top Brewer. The iPhone app lets you connect to the machine and select from the available drinks, or have your own favorite coffee pre-programmed and dispensed.

Scanomat hasn’t announced a price tag for the Top Brewer, but expect it to cost way more than your typical Bunn coffee maker.


  • Order 3 for me, i need 1 @ home, 1 @ work and 1 in my car LOL….
    great machine !! like it

    • Anonymous

      Looks like it could double as a nifty night stand also.

  • can anyone tell me when the ios5 untethered JB will B released 4 the public??

    • Anonymous

      soon, child.

  • As awesome as this sounds, I have a bad feeling it’s going to be $1,000 + :-/

    • Anonymous

      My bet is 1000 X not +. 🙂

  • Matt

    but how does it know when to stop filling up? not eveyone has the same type of cups and glasses

    • Anonymous

      It knows because you take a photo of the cup with your app and it does that math thingy! It’s Smart.

      • Matt

        lmao sweet

  • Anonymous

    It’s huge! Love it. When I become a 1%er and have a 90,000 square foot house like Trump I am sure to get one.

    Until then I will have to make do with my Keurig.

  • jo-macral

    I don’t care that it supports iPhone or not, it just looks stunning. Little bit large, so I may have to put it in the kids bedroom, so yeh, sign me up!

  • Shasha

    If that come true it should be an amazing app than any other. There will be users for that one whole around the world. I think these app will have a link to any commercial coffee machine.