Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair chimes in on the Apple TV rumors by sharing his own predictions. According to Blair, the next-generation iMac for 2012 will integrate the Apple TV and iCloud, turning it into a personal computer with TV capabilities. Blair says:

“We think this makes sense because while we typically think about the newest TV’s hanging on the wall in large form factors, Apple could effectively start with what they already have on the manufacturing line and slowly push their offering from 27 inches and scale up from there to 32 inches and then move on to the 42, 50 and 55 inch market,” he writes. “In short, we believe the initial Apple TV is their iMac computer that can function as a TV, over the iCloud platform.”

I fail to see the practicality of a Mac/TV, but who knows? What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    Small USB TV tuner can run cable on computer.
    Apple should run like that inside of iMac.
    This is just my opinion though.

  • Jas God

    I’d buy it.

  • but what does that mean exactly? do you mean it will have a tv tuner or just stream? if just stream then its not a tv…its a computer that streams. which is just a computer.

  • Daniel Risler

    No one wants to use their computer out in the living room where everyone else wants the Apple TV to be, and no one wants to watch the Apple TV in the office or bedroom where everyone else wants the computer to be.

  • My iMac has had a digital TV tuner for 2 or 3 years now. It plugs into the USB port and the software makes it run like a DVR. Pause live TV and all.

    Check out EyeTV

  • hellome

    they are thinking way too hard. not going to happen