Apple’s new handset has been extremely popular since it launched last month. Carriers are still struggling to keep up with the demand for the device. To put things plainly: consumers love it.

They love it so much, in fact, that many of them are willing to break their previous carrier contracts to get one. A recent study shows that some 45% of people surveyed paid an ETF to get their iPhone 4S

Marketing research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners recently surveyed 4,600 iPhone 4S owners across AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint networks in regards to how they came about the handset. The results of the query are actually pretty interesting.

According to the research, a staggering 45% of the people surveyed broke their contract with their current or former wireless carrier to get their iPhone 4S. And 77% of those folks paid more than $100 in early termination fees (ETF) on top of the price of the device.

Even though that sounds expensive, paying an ETF is typically the cheapest way to go when you’re still in contract. Full retail iPhones start around $650, and an ETF, at most, is $350. Add that to the iPhone’s $199 carrier pricing and you’re still saving $100.

Perhaps even more intriguing is that 71% of the contract-breakers were previous iPhone owners, demonstrating once again how loyal Apple customers can be.

How did you get your iPhone 4S? Did you break contract? Pay full price?

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  • Sold my iPhone 4 for $300 bought the 4S for $200. Made $100. Thought it was well worth it.

  • Paid of my contact early saved me £60 in the long run..and the i4s was only £29.00 bargain…sold the 3GS which coverd the cost of the early upgrade and the i4s …And I had beer money left over even better , more than 5 beers at that..

  • Joshua McClure

    Wow, thats just crazy to me. I would never pay an ETF for the 4S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People are crazy. And thats even if I had the As soon I seen “iPhone 4S users reporting harsh battery drain” that would have been a dead give away to not do sucha thing, like I said, even if I had the money to burn. I cannot even imagine having a phone that drains faster than the iPhone 4 does. And I have had quite a few iPhone 4’s (replacements, so it wasn’t just my one phone). Cannot even imagine. My opinion any way,

  • I sold my iPhone 4 16gb for $450 and bought the iPhone 4s 32gb for 550 “ETF”. I only spend $100 to get the 4S Not bad!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I broke my contract 3 months early, paid 100 dollars. Fido gave me 100 dollar rebate so I broke even. I had 400 fido dollars so i got the 4s for free. Sold my locked 4s for 750 and purchased my factory unlocked for 850. Im happy as pig in !?$&

  • tired of iphone4, nothing new in 4s except siri. Planning to upgrade to google nexus…

    • Get apple tv and make full use of your 4S.

      Nexus looks cool no doubt and big screen is a plus but remember its still android. You will be back. Did you read the article today about how process Carrier IQ #ciq tracks your every move and keystroke? even if you opt out of everything.

    • Anonymous

      Only thing new is Siri?

      You sir win the stupid award of the day.

  • Benjamin Hoover

    People are crazy. Breaking News: YOU DONT NEED A NEW IPHONE EVERY YEAR!!!!
    I might understand more if it was a major upgrade, but the reason the contract is two years is that’s how long you should wait before getting a new phone…
    I have had an ipod touch 2g for more than two years and I am still alive..

  • Jon Garrett

    How do you break your contract with your current carrier and pay an ETF? there is no such thing.

    • Anonymous

      If you are under contract with a carrier due to a previous cell phone purchase, chances are you have an ETF (Early Termination Fee). If it was an iPhone (or other smartphone) your ETF is likely in upwards of $350. The reason for that is because they sold you a $650 phone for $199 in exchange for your guaranteed monthly payments over the next two years.

      You can void that contract with your current carrier by paying the ETF (thus reimbursing them for the handset) and starting a new 2 year contract. Depending on who your carrier is and which employee you’re talking to, you may or may not have to completely disconnect your line of service and could run a small risk of losing your phone number.

      It’s not a common procedure due to the fact that some carriers consider it “false churn,” because disconnecting a line and adding another one would essentially, on the books at least, make it look like the company lost a subscriber and gained a new one, which wasn’t the case.

      But I assure you, there is such thing.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Broke my sprint contract paid $90 etf for 4S 64gb plus $20 to google voice to port my number out and back to sprint to avoid “phantom churn” and get new contract for 4S then ported number back.

    Will do it again for the iPhone 5/6. Sell my 64gb for $650ish pay $300 etf. Get iPhone 5 64gb for $50 to $100. Not too shabby.

    Worth it for the most powerful most classy device in my palm

  • this is very interesting ATT did not charge me an early termination fee even though it was only 1 year ATT is the best