Cover Flow has always been more eye candy than it is useful, but the usefulness it did have has always been hindered by its lagginess.

SmoothCoverFlow is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia that aims to eliminate the choppy feel that you get when scrolling through a large Cover Flow library. Does it work? Check out our video demonstration inside for the answer…

Indeed, SmoothCoverFlow works just as stated, eliminating virtually all choppiness present prior to the tweak’s installation.

I’m not sure what the tweak changes, but the change is certainly for the better, and hopefully Apple’s engineers are taking notes.

SmoothCoverFlow can be download for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo if you have a jailbroken iDevice running iOS 5.

Have you tried it out yet? Did you notice a reduction in lag?

  • I don’t find that cover flow very useful, I’d like an option for a normal landscape music app

  • It makes me laugh at how all the fanboys go on and on about how good Apple is and how good an OS they have yet if it was so good there wouldn’t be a need for all the tweaks that come out to so call “improve” what Apple made. 90% of tweaks for the iPhone fall into 1 of 2 categories:

    * Useless
    * Pointless

    I used to love the iPhone but got rid of mine and shifted to Android because I can make my phone look the way I like it without rooting or installing anything dodgy yet on my iPhone I had to jailbreak it and install a dozen tweaks to get the same result and it was full of issues such as slowdown, lag, conflicts between tweaks etc etc.

    Anybody who says Android is a shit OS clearly hasn’t used it or they’ve used a shit phone because my Sony Ericsson running Gingerbread 2.3.3 is as smooth as my iPhone 4 ever was.

    • Like the tweaks for Android doesn’t fall into the same two categories? Or the tweaks for Windows or OSX or Linux?

      Oh and you know that just about any application from Android Market you install can be dodgy? It’s not like it’s tested like they do before being approved for AppStore. There are many many more dodgy programs on Android Market than AppStore. Not that Apple is perfect by any means, but they are certainly much better at checking apps for malware…

      • I don’t root my device nor do I install random apps from the market, the customisation that Android allows is what made me switch, my phone does everything I personally wanted from my iPhone but without jailbreaking etc, like I said in my other comment, it’s about what an individual needs/wants and iOS and the iPhone just wasn’t for me, apart from the aesthetics that is. For some reason my replies on here haven’t followed in any order like they used to, really not liking this new site look and posting setup.

      • what customization? Widgets? THey get old FAST. Why? because they lag your phone.
        Android IS laggy perse.

        You have to just “Customize Everything” in order to get it into an USUABLE state. Because out of the box, pretty much NOTHING works.

        iPhone, out of the box… JUST WORKS.

        Sent from my brand New LTE Skyrocket Samsung Galaxy S2.

      • That would be because your full of it. You can’t first judge an OS stating one is crap and the other is better and then play the “to each his own” card. So yeah, arguement FAIL.

        But yeah, what an os does or doesn’t do, does right or wrong can be important to some and non at all the others. Personally I like not having to tinker with my phone. Others might want to completely personalize it.

        Similarly I don’t need my espressomachine to be a shoepolisher, some might like the added functionality, or to atleast have the option. Personally I don’t polish my shoes and ut would only add redundancies to my life.

    • Yes, i’ve used Android before…i have to admit it was pretty good but i had to shift back to iPhone simply because i missed my old applications from Appstore which either i couldnt find iton Android market or not as good/ polished as apps from Appstore
      IMO Rooting an android phone is hardern more difficult than jailbreaking an iPhone….tweaking will only make ios better if you know what you’re doin

    • Shut up you dick. You obviously have a small penis!!!

      • Wow that’s so original, the fact that you’re mature enough to insult me and about penis size just tells me you are the one with a complex about something, maybe you just like penis ??

    • Really? Another anti-iOS, pro Android comment on a completely RANDOM post. Obviously your saving this copy and pasted comment for a good entry but couldn’t wait. Stop trolling and go to an Android blog, no one is stopping you. This isn’t a blog saying one is better than the other. It’s an entry saying this tweak is pretty neat for an iOS device, and check it out.

    • I do like Android, but there is simply no way your web browsing is anything like as smooth as on an iOS device. I’ve used plenty of each. iOS dedicates a thread to UI updates, which is why the whole experience just feels smoother and more polished.

    • Anonymous

      true customization requires a ROM flash and is more complicated than it needs to be. Yeah if you want to change the dock or the “springboard” icons, thats easy. And stuff like MIUI makes themeing pretty easy as well. But TRUE customization, like the stuff up on DeviantArt is a PITA. I have a nookColor, rooted, and have installed Phirmod v6.3 based on Gingerbread 2.3.3 (I think thats right). While using a new OS is fun and exciting, I can’t help but get completely frustrated at how settings and options are thrown about the OS – stuff is so hard to find in Android. I also hate how fractured the “platform” (if you can even call it that) is – there is not support for 75% of devices without a Hack. Oh! Did I say hack? I must have been mistaken, because everything is completely intuitive and works with all handsets on Android… NOT!! Android has all of the same issues that iOS has and then some – not to mention an inferior AppStore. Keep dreaming buddy.

  • Anonymous

    NIce tweak. I like anything that improves performance.

  • It worked & i havent had any problem so far, but i never use it anyway…

  • This is my opinion btw from my personal experience, I still use my iPod but what suits 1 person does not suit another, it’s all about personal preference, that’s why I hate some posters on blogs such as this because if your opinion differs from theres you are bombarded with insults, an immature audience of the blogs perhaps, with more children having iPhones these days.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Obviously since we are iDownloadBlog, and exclusively focus on iDevices, we are biased in favor of the iPhone, iPad, etc. That’s a given. We aren’t blind fanboys though, and we point out Apple’s flaws just like any other reasonable person. That being said, I prefer the iPhone to any other Android headset, but I must admit that the Nexus Prime is one nice looking device. I’d actually like to try it out if I could do it without locking myself into a commitment.

      • I feel ya!
        I realy apprecite all your posts & videos that you created, it helped me make my iphones better everyday
        Keep up the great work Jeff!

      • Correct mate, like I said in a diff comment, I do still own an iPod and have recently replaced my iPhone 4 so it’s not like i’m on the blog, trolling lol. I do have an interest in Apple products but for me personally the iPhone is too big a handset, there seems to be an obsession recently with huge handsets and huge screens and that’s not me at all, my Xperia Ray does everything my iPhone did as good as and better in sum cases while being smaller and more “mobile”.

        Taste is very personal that’s for sure.

      • A smaller handset? That is indeed quite out of the norm. So in that aspect you can take advantage of androids varied choice.

        However, aside from this comment, yes you were indeed trolling, wether it was venting frustrations or envoking it in others, it was definitly trolling.

    • You really know how to subtly work in anti ios comments don’t you? Adding a sugarcoating of ‘I’m unbiased! Really!’ don’t be such a hypocrit. It doesn’t matter what os or phone you’re on, but it just makes you sounds so unbelievably stupid.

      Seriously, either choose to be a fanboy or normal.

  • Me neither, not every1 listens to music they buy from iTunes or Albums for that matter, all my tracks are singles that don’t come with cover art so the music player on my Xperia Ray is perfect in landscape mode.

  • Daniel

    Forget about smoother cover flow, I want to permanently disable cover flow! It’s the most useless feature on my iPhone!