One of iOS 5’s marquee features is the ability to backup and restore devices from iCloud without the need for iTunes or any of those pesky wires. Let’s be frank, we’ve all got hundreds of those little white USB cables, but can we find one when we need it? We know we never can!

As is so often the case with such new and ambitious services as iCloud, it appears that the process is not without its problems, more specifically, problems surrounding a possible security risk.

According to Electronista, there appears to be a real issue that could potentially reveal the Apple IDs of random users…

The whole issue arises when a user restores an iDevice and then uses iCloud to restore a backup. As Electronista’s video shows, the software repeatedly asks for an Apple ID password while automatically populating the email address of an account. The issue here is that the account does not always have any link to the iDevice itself, as five or six email addresses are often revealed before the sequence ends.

According to reports on Apple’s discussion forums, the recent iOS 5.0.1 release does not fix the bug, though Apple is reportedly aware of the problem. Perhaps this will be another fix to find its way into the upcoming iOS 5.0.2 release.

As is so often the case with early versions of a new release of iOS, there has clearly been a few bugs that have found their way through the various betas. Here’s hoping we get the next update before too many email addresses get revealed!

  • Best find that white cable and sync with iTunes ..oh and turn off iCloud and wipe it…

  • Anonymous

    I never liked the thought of I cloud or ota updates so 🙂

  • The only use i can find for icloud is the game saves backup =.=

  • Had this problem. My iphone got stuck on the boot logo soon after I jailbroke it. I restored and started getting those same appleid popups. I recognised some of the IDs from apps I downloaded through Installous and figured it was trying to restore those apps onto my device. Didn’t go away after rejailbroke it. Had to turn off icloud and it stopped. Heres hoping they come with a fix for it soon.

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    Apple just screwed up on iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1 really bad. No other iOS version had so many bugs or even close

  • Well my Apple ID suddenly stopped working stating my password was incorrect and locking me out. I tried to reset but CATCH22 it sent an eMail to the reset default mail address which is my icloud mail account. after 30 minutes of trying to remedy and thinking someone hacked my password it suddenly for no reason accepted my password that was stored on my devices and was working again? Glitch or hack?