Yesterday, we started seeing Black Friday banners pop up on The top of the image read “Every gift list has its day,” and was followed by a request for customers to return to Apple’s online store on November 25th for a special one-day shopping event.

Given Apple’s track record, we weren’t expecting the kind of deep discounts that other retailers will be offering this week. And it looks like we were spot on. 9to5Mac has gotten ahold of a copy of Apple’s Black Friday deals, and as last year, they seem fairly modest…

Aside from knocking $101 off of each of its Mac computers, Apple is also shaving between $41 and $61 off of its iPads, depending on the model. The iPod touch is also being discounted according to capacity, with savings between $21 and $41.

Those with accessories left on their shopping lists will be happy to hear that Apple is also discounting its in-house supplements this Friday. Items like the Mophie Juice Pack Air and the iPad-compatible wireless keyboard will be receiving various price cuts.

Although the sale may not seem like much, you have to consider that Apple doesn’t typically discount its current-generation products. And if you are looking to snag an iPad or an iPod touch before the holidays, this is likely the cheapest price you’re going to find.

Do you plan on doing any shopping at Apple on Friday?

  • No deals for the iPhone or Mac Mini? Or just not in the photo?


    • Dan


    • Anonymous

      It says right below the picture “Aside from knocking $101 off of each of its Mac computers,”

  • These are some crappy stingy ass deals.

  • I own an iPhone4, 3G, & 3GS before that. Sold each iphone to get the other. Only paid 50 bucks for iPhone4 with 2yr. Apple’s products is still way to over priced for my taste. They nice products but way over price. Those deals are down right TERRIBLE.

    • Yeah… well… in the eu a 2 year contract sells an iPhone 4 at about 6 times that. So we win the suckiest iPhone deal competition, fantastic.

  • Apple ‘SALE SCAM’ more like! they have today (23rd Wednesday) INCREASED ALL PRICES ready for the 25th Friday Sale Day!
    What a CON.

    • Anonymous

      Prices on what? iPad prices are exactly the same as they have been forever. I’m pretty sure you are trolling here…

    • Are you high? Apple sets their prices in stone every keynote, usually even sticking to the previous generation price if not lowering. iPod touches are relativly cheap compared to the original cost, but in the end they do stick to their premium product prices.

  • BestBuy has better deals than Apple. 13″ Macbook Air with 128gb flash drive selling for $1099. I just got $200 price adjusted from Bestbuy for the Air I bought last week 🙂

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    Who gives a damn? Just because Apple regularly doesn’t give discounts doesn’t mean other better retailers don’t either.

  • Jake Powazek

    i just got a mac last week, do you think they will give me it for the black friday price? Wwe asked them if when we bought it if on black friday it would be less, and they said no.