Apple’s introduction of iOS 5 has been accompanied by plenty of problems. Launched alongside the iPhone 4S, iOS 5 has been blamed for all kinds of things, but most prominently a considerable loss of battery performance.

Apple may have another potential problem on its hands, with reports beginning to crop up of iOS 5 devices struggling to connect to Wi-Fi networks. Even when a iOS 5 device does join a Wi-Fi network, users are reporting flakey connections that constantly drop.

As with the infamous battery problems that have plagued the newest release of Apple’s mobile OS, this issue appears to span across all of Apple’s ‘i’ products, and not just the new iPhone 4S…

One particular user has all-but-proved that the issue is indeed iOS 5-related and not created by faulty hardware, thanks to a troubleshooting process that leaves little doubt. By reverting back to iOS 4.3, the user found that Wi-Fi connectivity issues went away. Re-updating to iOS 5 made the problem return, ergo, iOS 5 is indeed the culprit.

Apple’s recently released iOS 5.0.1 to help with battery drainage, and 5.0.1 does not appear to have been the fix many had been hoping for.

Have you been suffering Wi-Fi connectivity problems since updating to iOS 5, and did iOS 5.0.1 help fix the issue? Let us know if you’re having these types of problems in the comments below!


  • cannot connect to my wifi…

  • Since upgrading to 5.0.1 my wifi connection on both my iPhone4 and iPad2 keeps dropping out or won’t function at all. Very frustrating!

  • Jesus Carlos Alberto Robles Re

    Yes i have been having this issue, my wifi connection drops, i have to got to airplane mode and then back for it to work again… quite annoying…

  • Joseph Croft

    Drops wifi all the time since iOS 5 update, iOS 5.1 has not helped….. Apple please help……

  • Anonymous

    i updated to ios 5 today on my iphone 4 i cant stream radio apps i paid for any more because it somehow HOGS the internet, but yet when i tried to play one of the multi player adventure games it is fine.

    i cant even download apps on my iphone either it gives an error reading something along the lines of my internet; i connect at home with wifi and successfully stream music radio apps through my home speaker system; or i did do so before updating to ios5!. unless they release an ios that actually corrects the connectivity problem there is no point in me keeping the iphone.

  • JLW

    WiFi is constantly dropping out. When I go into settings and tell it to reconnect, it always does, and the signal is strong. Def seems to be a software issue.

  • Anonymous

    I think i know what the problem is. I had the problem on two Iphone 4 we have in our wifi network when we updated to Ios 5. I´ve tried all the solutions avaliable on all forums but nothing helped.

    Finally I went in to network setup in the phones and changed DHCP to static IP-address. I also went in to my router and fixed the IP-address for the phones and voula, the phones worked!

    The problem comes back at certain wifi-network when using DHCP, probably IOS5 makes the phone “jump” out of the network when the IP-address aint static.

  • Yes I have same problem just bought iPhone 4s and wifi is sluggish

  • Yes same wifi problem to just bought new iPhone 4s and wifi very sluggish

  • same problem here to just got new iphone 4s and problem with wifi to

  • same problem here to just got new iphone 4s and problem with wifi to

  • Im experiencimg same problem with ipad 2 5.01, ive tried reseting network settings as described in other forum. So far so good..

  • I have definitely had the same wifi issues. Very weak. how frustrating!

  • My Wi-Fi signals have been a nightmare. Going to my room (2m), causes the connection to fail, and make the network unusable.

  • Anonymous

    I upgraded to iphone 4s now I can now longer access wifi spots that worked with my iphone 3Gs. the new features are nice but wifi has been a big issue

  • Anonymous

    Yes i have had the same problem with iphone and ipad.I have tried everything changing chanels but no help.Apple just suggests doing the same as i have been doing so no help.On the Apple support pages there has been more than 400 hundred in the same boat.Do you think Apple will sort the problem????

  • Marisa Fotosensible

    Yes indeed so i an experiencing and after having reported my net operator whom I also blamed alike iCloud for -but none gave me a solution,at this moment I am sorting out myself by restarting the router. Moreover, I have noticed that the loss of connectivity mainly happens when my 3 apple devices are switched on… Today I was determined to review the case and then I came accross with your site… As I have been advised to configure each ip device to manual so each one cant confront with each other -but have not tested such advice yet- any similar experience ??? Thanks whoever shares a solution …

  • I was so happy when the new update announced a fix for the battery drainage problem. Not only did it NOT fix the battery, now I cannot connect to my Wifi at all. I made a date for the Genius Bar, where I will insist that they replace my phone. (It’s still under warranty.Have an iPhone 4s, and I think I got a dud.

    • Experince was bad to use wifi. Its not working for me. I upgrade operator unlocked iphone 4 from 5.0.1 to 5.1 version yesterday. Seems wifi not connecting bug is added in this release.

      It was connecting file earlier. I have to use Mobile connection. 🙁 data plans are costly !

  • Anonymous

    Since downloading IOS 5.1 yesterday, my iphone 4Gs will sometimes briefly connect to a v good wifi system, but then doesn’t work and drops out almost immediately. Useless and v frustrating!!

  • My mic has stopped working, my wifi doesn’t pick up well at all, i get 2 bars next to my router, but my voice controls all work fine. 3G is massively slow, drop battery life within minuites of being off charge, STEVE JOBS!!! WE NEED YOU!

  • I got talked into an iphone as it was 64gb, if they don’t sort this wifi out I am going back to nokia and never coming back, iphone after iphone and they still can’t get it right.

  • I have updated to the IOS 5.0.1, and since then my wi-fi has been terrible, nothing ever word with wi-fi no matter where I am, I always have to use my 3G and Im very disappointing with that. I have tried restarting the phone and my wi-fi nothing works. I dont know what to do about this, hopefully Apple fixes this problem because i cant be always using my 3G data.

  • Emanuele Savona

    I have iPhone 4 with iOs 5.1 and i have problems with wi-fi. The phone can see the network, but cannot connect. The gear icon spins for hours and hours but cannot connect. NO connection with my home wi-fi, work or pubblic network…

  • Emanuele Savona

    I have iPhone 4 with iOs 5.1 and i have problems with wi-fi. The phone can see the network, but cannot connect. The gear icon spins for hours and hours but cannot connect. NO connection with my home wi-fi, work or pubblic network…

  • I have the same problem with my iPhone 4 as described, and it did begin with the upgrade to iOS 5

  • I have the same problem with my iPhone 4, and it appeared with the upgrade to iOS 5…

  • I am suffering the same problem, My wi-fi is connected by no transfer data between it. I really need ful fix , 1000$ should not be like this . hope to see fixation soon .

  • I have a iphone 4s and Ipad 2 and a Ipod touch and I keep loosing wifi even though before the update it worked just fine. IDK what to do. Please apple fix this problem

  • I had intermittent problems but my husband didn’t believe me when I thought it was caused by the update to 5.0. Now I’m on 6.0 and it’s worse. In fact, if I can keep a connection longer than 10 minutes it’s a miracle.

  • jerry

    When i connect to a wifi and dont use it for a while say 5 mins it loses connectivity from the internet although my device remains connected to the wifi. To get back connectivity i have to switch off and switch on wifi from the settings. does anyone have a fix?

    • Ajeesh

      I have the same problem