Even though Siri has received mixed reviews, a majority of the public seems to like the digital assistant. Folks are chomping at the bit for the feature to be ported to the iPhone 4 and other non-approved devices. And some are even hoping it finds its way to the Mac.

While we wait for Siri to arrive on the desktop by way of either Apple or hackers, this workaround might help fill the void. It allows users to dictate text on their desktop computers (Mac or PC) using Siri. It doesn’t cost any money, and it’s actually really easy to do…

TUAW passes along the obvious tip, which suggests that iPhone 4S owners use a remote application to dictate text on their desktops. Apps like Mobile Mouse connect to a desktop client over Wi-Fi, allowing users to remotely type on their computers using their phone.

We tested the theory using Mobile Mouse Lite (a free application) on an iPhone 4S and a MacBook. Setup involved installing Mobile Mouse’s desktop client — and that’s it. After launching the iPhone app, we were dictating text to the Mac within seconds. We found the process to be both speedy and accurate.

Sure, there is dictation software available for desktops, but those apps can run upwards of $50. If you want to try this free method out for yourself, you can download Mobile Mouse Lite from the App Store. Even the pro version (more features, no ads) only costs $2.00.

  • Anonymous

    No video of it in action?

    • Jeff- we need videos man… So we believe its a true story

  • Anonymous

    Ill stick to typing instaed of fighting with siri to type the right words. Siri is pretty good at dictation, but lets be honest, somtimes its like trying to communicate with a retard.

  • Anonymous

    OK I installed Mobile Mouse and running on both my Macbook Pro and iPh4s.
    How do I get this to work now?
    I have SIRI up and running and what I way isnt opening or dictating anywhere.
    Can anyone explain please?


  • Did everything, but can’t get Siri to dictate to the PC

  • Can’t believe this is a real article seriously ?
    I usually like all your guys stuff but this is just dumb. What possible use is this and what is the point ?

  • This worked for me, I have the pro version. Writing seo articles just got easier…

  • don’t work !