Where has this year gone? Thanksgiving is next week, and after that you’ll have less than a month to finish up your holiday shopping. For those of you who are still looking for gift ideas for the little ones in your life, you might want to go with something from Apple.

A recent report from Nielsen, a marketing research firm, shows that Apple’s line of iDevices sit at the top of kids’ wish lists this year. The iPad and iPhone not only beat out other smartphones and tablets, but they also topped every gaming system as well…

For the survey, Nielsen polled over 3,000 youngsters and asked them which electronic presents they hoped to receive this holiday season. The kids responded with answers that ranged from iPads to PlayStations, and everything in between. Take a look:

Not only did nearly half of the kids say they were hoping to get an iPad this year, but iPod touches and iPhones came in as the second and third most popular gadgets. The popularity should help Apple sell some iOS devices this holiday season, but will it be enough to pull off a $37 billion dollar quarter?


  • Dan

    back when I was a kid, I would of been a disappointed kid on Christmas day if I had asked for something that expensive!

    • Yes in deed.

    • Lol- with the credit crunch and recession… Parents are well screwed… Lol

  • Anonymous

    Just confirm these “the Apple iPad 2 is by far the dominant tablet player in the tablet space, selling in the tens of millions. ”
    I think not only Kids, but also many folks! As said in iFunia iPad column “The iPad Hot Gift for Holidays!”