Apparently I’m not alone in my thoughts about Apple’s stock weather theme for Notification Center — it’s a bit lacking in style.

NC weather widgets is a jailbreak tweak that adds custom Notification Center themes to iOS 5 via WinterBoard with just a few steps.

Step right inside to see how the improved weather icons look like on video…

NC weather widgets includes three built in weather skins, and is a free download on Cydia. Keep in mind that it does use WinterBoard to accomplish the changes, so if you don’t like WinterBoard you’ll have to wait for an alternative solution.

Do you think these new weather themes look better than Apple’s stock offering? I surely do.

  • hey jeff,my device(ipod touch 4g) takes a longer time to respring than yours.
    how do you respring so fast?

    • I think it’s called video editing. It wouldn’t make a very interesting video to sit through three resprings now would it??

      • ya i know that,even i thought of that at first,but even if you look at the video carefully,i doesn’t look edited at all and even hes speaking while the device resprings.
        and afterall he’s jeff and thats why i asked.

      • and plus,no one can do 3 resprings and the video in 1 minute..(refer to the time on his phone)

      • That’s why I like Jeff’s videos so much. They are really polished. I think he said in one of his Ask Jeff videos that he does the voice over after he makes the vid

  • Anonymous

    Sort of related- Has anyone gotten WeatherIcon to work correctly in iOS5? I can get it to appear in the statusbar, but I can’t get the stock Weather icon or The Weather Channel’s app icon to be themed correctly (especially with the Klear Weather theme)…

  • Anonymous

    After Winterboard installation the scrolling between the springboard pages were not as smooth as it was before. Maybe this is a 3GS issue only.

    • Anonymous

      I noticed this too! This issue along with WeatherIcon not theming the icon correctly led me to get rid of both tweaks altogether 🙁

      • Anonymous

        **page scrolling was also laggy on an iphone 4

      • Ya I was wondering what this was a couple of days ago. And when I restored for something the other day I forgot Winterboard and everything was so much better. And Continues to be do.

  • What we really need is a Weather widget that is there even with no WiFi 🙁 … I’m sick of this “Weather Offline” .. its dumb .. cause you can see the weather on the app it self any time .. but noooo not the widget god forbid .. it’s just plane dumb .. how sad is that apple 🙁