PBS will be airing a documentary titled “One Last Thing” about Steve Jobs tonight at 10pm.

“One Last Thing not only examines how his talent, style and imagination have shaped all of our lives, but the influences that shaped and molded the man himself. The documentary takes an unflinching look at Jobs’ difficult, controlling reputation and through interviews with the people who worked closely with him or chronicled his life, provides unique insight into what made him tick.”

PBS notes that the title “One Last Thing” comes from Steve’s famous catchphrase. What they probably don’t know though is that they got it wrong. Steve’s catchphrase in “one more thing,” not “one last thing.”

Check your local listings for more details. As far as I know, the documentary will air at 10pm Pacific, Central, and Eastern time.

  • Greg

    I’m sure they know they got it wrong; they’re making a play on words since Steve will never again do “one more thing…”

  • Connor

    Yeah, they pretty clearly are referring to the fact that there won’t ever be “one more thing” from Steve…

  • Well, I think that the title refers to the “One More Thing”, but now that Steve passed away it is “One Last Thing”.