Here’s a quick pro tip for the iPhone 4S-wielding iDB readers out there. Do you know what happens when you tell Siri to “restart?”

Try it, and you’ll find out.

Now wasn’t that fun?

(Oddly, I haven’t been able to get Siri to turn my iPhone off. Weird.)

  • Curt Zirlott

    So enlighten us who aren’t fortunate enough to own a 4S. What happens?

    • Kelvin

      Sadly this is true.

    • Funked


      • iamLuqman


  • DaveGreengo

    Looked like it did a quick re-spring for me

  • Bliky

    Asked it to “restart” and it asked me what it would like to do next. Asked it to “restart” again and it did a re-spring. Nifty!

  • Masters

    Couldn’t get mine to do anything but say “ok what’s next”

    • Masters


      • ic0dex

        me too

    • jonathan

      just say restart

  • Steve

    It did no t restart
    double press the home botton and you will see al your apps are still working
    it just did a “re-spring” as people are calling it

  • Bryce

    Respring means to restart the springboard.

  • Add a freaking video. I don’t have 4S. ๐Ÿ™

  • DaveGreengo

    Lol nothing special ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Radu

    Looks like siri doesn t like mr bill :). Guest it does the same thing resprings.

  • zyx

    It just keep saying what can I help you with now?

    • zyx

      …and I tried again and it resprang…
      Impressive Snake!

  • Rob

    That’s strange that Siri can do something that otherwise can’t be done manually.

    I wonder what else she can do? Anyone try asking her to Jailbreak?

  • Dave Greengo

    Lol it’s been done, has different responses for it, here’s my latest attempt lol

  • moob

    if Jeff had written this he’d have automatically embedded a video for non-4s owners !!

    • Dave Greengo

      Lol well he can embed mine now

  • madhatter

    Omg!!! I told Siri to jailbreak the iPhone 4S,….and guess what happened!? Try it!

    • Patrick


  • Darrin

    If you try to do it while in an app. It will continue to reset her response so she can help you with something. If you do it from the home screen it will respring the phone. Just some FYI.

  • Saad

    Try “reboot”

  • Testt

    Ff testen

  • Mine respringed

  • Danimal61

    I’ll know it’s a good day when I can say “Siri, Jailbreak my phone!”

  • Jim Piwniuk

    Mine says
    I can’t look for places in Canada

  • Sean

    Lmao it worked, it respringed

  • Steven

    After telling Siri to “restart” my 4S did a quick reboot/restart but when it came to, it was completely unresponsive. I couldn’t unlock it, the screen just froze all the time! I had to do another manual reboot and all seems to be fine now, phew!

    • Realistic

      I read this at work and tried it, it worked ๐Ÿ˜‰ but to get it to work a 2nd time just isn’t happening ๐Ÿ™

  • Fresh and Lovely

    I don’t own an iPhone 4s… but I just farted.

    • John doe

      I had siri fart for me

  • John doe

    Mine just says, “ok, whats next”

    • Realistic

      That’s what mines does and it clears your convo with her

  • mike

    thanks i have been trying to do this since yesterday, it wouldnt work just kept sayin ok what next and stuff like that. but as said in a previous post if done from the home screen not with in a app it works fine lol

  • Since the iOS 5.0.1 update. The restart command seems to only restart Siri.

    • I think it’s server, not the update ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Agreed, it was originally working on 5.0.1 but they’ve changed the script sent back from the server and it no longer restarts springboard – it just clears Siri’s screen.

        Ie, they can clearly change the behaviour of Siri without any updates to the phone..