Apple has already revolutionised the way the music industry works with iTunes, and arguably changed the way mobile phone companies work forever. They set about doing the same thing with publishing when the original iPad was released in early 2010, but things haven’t really taken off. One of Apple’s latest additions in iOS 5 may have just changed all that, according to reports.

While magazine and newspaper publishers have put out their own apps in a bid to claw new life out of their ageing model, the take-up amongst customers has been hit and miss (with more misses than hits).

Apple’s latest addition to its content arsenal is Newsstand, a “custom news stand for all your subscriptions” which, the company hopes, will provide increased exposure for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. If Condé Nast’s recent figures are believed, Apple might just have cracked it…

According to a report by paidContent, Condé Nast has seen weekly subscriptions for all nine of its digital magazines (Allure, Brides, Glamour, Self,GQ, Golf Digest, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Wired) increase significantly since the introduction of iOS 5 and Newsstand. How significantly? A whopping 268%.

It’s not just subscriptions that have increased — single issue purchases have also seen a rise. Sales have increased 142% for individual issues of magazines when compared with the previous eight weeks’ figures.

Increased discovery due to the new store-front offered by Newsstand is believed to be the reason for the increase in sales, according to Condé Nast executive vice president Monia Ray:

“Putting all the magazines in one place just makes the most sense, in terms of allowing easy discovery for consumers.”

Have you found yourself dropping cash for magazines or newspapers since the introduction of Newsstand, or have you spent the last two weeks trying to hide its icon?

  • Gus Me

    “Have you found yourself dropping cash for magazines or newspapers since the introduction of Newsstand, or have you spent the last two weeks trying to hide its icon?[/quote]”

    I spent this first day or two trying to hide the icon. Those are some pretty nice numbers if they’re anything close to accurate.

    • Sean

      I have to admit , I’m one of the ones who subscribed to a couple of magazines, O well *kanye shrug*

  • DebTym

    finding some free ones that are interesting.. uhm…

  • Mike

    I’m definitely one of those who moved it to the last page on my iPhone along with everything else I never use.

  • Zack

    I merged my Golf Digest subscription to my iPad. I gotta admit it’s pretty cool on the iPad. They imbed some swing videos and stuff that they just can’t do in a paper magazine. When my subscription expires in a few months, I plan on re-purchasing it through Newstand.

  • Larry

    Are there Espn mag or can u even search for diff mags b/c I cant find them

  • Cheryl

    I would buy a subscription but why do I only see 6 choices of magazines? There just is not enough choice and the prices are a bit too high still for my liking. Maybe Americans have more choice? But Canadians love technology and so give us selection and we will buy.

  • Chris

    There is a way you can hide this rip off of an app in a folder, you just drag one app onto another like your making a new folder and while it’s doing the “drop in” animation u quickly drag newstand into the folder, it might take a few tries but it works!

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Score magazine anyone?

  • Harimau Kayu

    Amazing. Apple has brought us to new era. Green era. Can you imagine, how much paper we save? We save our forest. Thanx to Apple.

  • Ryu

    @ Chris, good tip. Tucked away in a folder.