We’ve all had those situations when we’ve received a text message that we don’t necessarily want anyone else to see. The problem is that such a message always seems to come through when your iPhone on a desk, or on a table in plain sight.

So there you are, your message pops up along with the sender’s name and, if you have default settings turned on, a preview of the message’s contents.

A new jailbreak tweak allows you to minimize such embarrassing situations by giving you control over what iOS shows when you receive a new text or iMessage, and it’s called LockMessages…

Once installed via Cydia for $0.99, you’ll find a new Settings panel for LockMessages with your new options.

LockMessages offers two levels of security, the first of which is a user-definable, pre-written message which pops up when a new text or iMessage is received. You can enter a custom sender name, and even enter text that will appear as the preview, for good measure.

While this protects what is seen on the lock screen and inside Notification Center, LockMessages also offers a second level of security for all your messages in the form of a PIN lock.

Once enabled, entering the Messages app will prompt the user for a four-digit PIN code – no code, no entry.

We’d like to see a more granular option to control which specific messages are hidden on the lock screen, but even if you just use LockMessages as a way of PIN-protecting your messages, it’s probably a good purchase for your jailbroken iPhone.

Let us know if you use LockMessages, or if there’s an alternative you prefer, and why.

  • Asad

    U can hide a text from the message settings

    • Joey

      Yes this is such a waste and looks messy while the setting one just says message or iMessage.

  • jokontole

    no need the tweaks

  • DTT

    How can you hide a message in the normal unjailbroken message settings?

  • How do u hide text please I’ve been tryin to do it in the settings menu thanks

  • Carsten

    Useless, you can go to settings, notifications and select imessage and also say do not show preview, in that way it will show only message received, so I donpt really see any utility on this tweak

    • Will

      I know right !? That’s the first thing it came to my mind when I was ready this . Unless you wanna pay just to customize what you want it to show I supposed .

  • Garrett

    IMO lockdown pro is a better buy. You can lock all the apps you want. Not just iMessage or normal messaging.

  • Mzjazzyre

    I love IDB it’s really informative & I visit the site several times a day but all the good addons are for jb iPhones is there anything for the iPhone 4s which can’t be jb yet? 🙁

    • Whammy!

      No. I’m guessing this is your first iPhone. You can’t do a thing to the phone (settings related, ie “tweaks”) without jailbreaking it.

      • DTT

        Whammy, do you know what the setup is that everyone is talking about to lock messages in the stock iOS5?

  • Whammy!

    Settings > Notifications > Messages > Show Show Preview

  • DTT

    Ok I am confused……this program LOCKS text messages so that people cannot access them without a password of some type.

    How is this the same as just shutting off the previews of the text.
    It is not remotely the same thing. All the shutting off the preview does is shut off the preview….it doesnt lock the messages…does it?

    So why is everyone saying it is already part of the iOS5 system?

    What am I missing here?

    • Whammy!

      Judging from the pictures, a key feature of it is obfuscating text in notifications. Therefore, that aspect is already covered by iOS, as I described a couple comments up.

      • DTT

        Ok thanks for the continued help, although I am still confused. Let me state my questions like this.
        I know that the native NON-Jailbroken Ios5 cna block the preview sms from the lock screen and notification center.

        THIS tweak locks out the text message and password protects it so it cannot be seen.
        Does Ios5 do that natively?


      • Whammy!

        Oliver (the author of this article) answers your question perfectly. I suggest giving it a re-read.

  • DTT

    Oliver doesn’t mention a thing about if you phone is NOT jailbroken and what you can do to achive the same PIN or SCRAMBLE security on a NON JAILBROKEN iphone. NO WHERE does it mention that.

    I am pointing at in the comments where people are saying that these functions are ALREADY in the STOCK iOS5….the ONLY function in the stock iOS5 that relates to this is to shut off the pop up and notification indicators NOT ANY TYPE of pin security etc.

    So you comment is both sarcatic and useless. I have been asking basic questions that you cannot just seem to answer straight out. So have a little class, if you don’t know the answer, just say so.

  • bob


  • Sydney

    I have a IPhone 3GS, and today I downloaded iOS 5. My messages are hidden and I want them un hidden. I wanna be able to read the message instead of seeing it say “text message” with the persons name. If anybody knows how to change it..please let me know ASAP. Thank you(: