Welcome to our inaugural summary of the top jailbreak videos of the week. As you know, we post a ton of videos for your enjoyment every week, so if you didn’t catch them all, here’s a few of the best from last week.

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How to Rid Yourself of Newsstand

Springtomize 2 is Coming

How to Install Notification Center Themes in iOS 5

How to Make Notification Center Banners Show Music

How to Jailbreak Faster With RedSn0w

How to SemiTether Jailbreak iOS 5

Untethered vs Tethered vs SemiTethered

  • Wma

    Should do this more often, useful post

    • You should see it every Monday going forward.

      • AJ

        Weekly recap also

  • Burge

    Love the nonewsisgoodnews…big downside… iPhone 4s… So the folder tweak it is…

  • Katie

    It’s all about IOS5.What about people on IOS4?Any new tweaks,themes,anything for us?Or you just totally crazy about Ios5???????????

    • There’s not a lot coming out for iOS4. It’s not us, it’s the developers.

  • Hopefully us iPad 2 jailbreakers won’t be left in the dust with iOS support for too long…wish I wouldn’t have given the 1st generation iPad to the kids!

  • The newsstand bug is hard but useful

  • The newsstand bug is hard but very useful.

  • Marky Mark


    • -_-

      Put your 4s in your butcrack and pray and fart same time and your done.