One of the biggest complains people have about RedSn0w is how long it takes to go through the jailbreaking process. This is due to the fact that RedSn0w spends a lot of time “stashing” applications on your device.

Due to the demand for a faster tool, the Dev Team announced today that they have made the RedSn0w jailbreak process 60% faster by releasing version 0.9.9 beta 7. But it’s not without a caveat…

“After some feedback on reddit, we’ve decided to make the initial jailbreak as quick as possible by no longer “stashing” the applications by default during the redsn0w run. This reduces the time to actually perform the jailbreak from 210 seconds to 80 seconds (60 percent!). However, you make up for much of that the first time you launch Cydia, which will then want to stash the applications. You can choose whether you want redsn0w or Cydia to stash in the Preferences pane.”

In short, the time you gain with the faster RedSn0w will eventually be lost the first time you launch Cydia, because it will have to go through the applications stashing process. In the end, it’s all the same.

Now it’s up to you to decide when you want to spend this time stashing applications. Now, or later? You can choose what you want to do in the Preferences pane.

As usual, you can download RedSn0w from our download section. You can also learn how to use RedSn0w on our dedicated page.

Have you tried RedSn0w 0.9.9 beta 7 yet? If so, what option did you choose, and why?



    • Wait for a while. I’m still making it.



    • Eric

      Troll, tethered is not that bad. Downgrade if you dont like the tethered JB.

      • Max

        You can’t downgrade from iOS5.

      • Ken

        I can’t happy with siri alone. Without jailbreak make me feel something missing.

      • BURGE

        Yes you can downgrade ..
        I keep going back and forth from ios 5 to 4.3.3..

      • BURGE

        Yes you can downgrade ..
        I keep going back and forth from ios 5 to 4.3.3.

      • soccerkrzy

        You cannot downgrade an iPhone 4S….

      • Steve Jobs (DMac)

        Apple is no longer signing iOS 1.0 – 4.3.5

        In short – YOU CAN NOT DOWNGRADE.

      • DomPerignon

        You can not downgrade IF AND ONLY IF you don’t have your SHSH saved in Cydia. Remember you can still do this as long as you are downgrading to iOS 4 x.x.x because until now nobody knows how to downgrade within iOS 5.

    • for about 5 months 😀

      • Eric

        You can downgrade if you have your shsh blobs backed up. It’s called tinyumbrella it tricks iTunes into talking to Cydias server and not apple and fetching those locally stored Shsh or the ones on Sauriks server. U pick what one u want.

  • Eric

    seems kinda strange if in the end it could possibly take longer depending on the speed of your phone vs your computer. Just my 2 cents. I think i will stick with the regular way.

    Has anyone noticed beta 5 (have not tried newer ones) that the countdown for putting it in DFU mode is super slow, like twice as slow as it used to be. If i were to follow the count down i would never be able to put it in DFU mode. Luckily i have done it about a million times so i know how to do it myself while redsn0w is running.

    • r0cket1000

      Yes, I thought it was my Macbook responding slow, but I guess I’m not alone. Luckily for us, we knew how to go into DFU mode without the countdown.

      • Eric

        Oh good! I am glad i am not the only one! I dont understand how something so important isnt working right…….

  • Craig

    Why are you even using beta 5 when the final is out !

  • Eric

    I am not talking about beta IOS firmware. When i said beta i am talking about redsn0w it is in beta
    version 0.9.9 beta 7. I am talkinb about 2 versions of redsn0w ago. NOT APPLE FIRMWARE

    And you can too downgrade from IOS 5, i have gone to 4.3.3 several times. so wtf are you talking about?

    • Eric

      although i could never restore successfully to 4.3.5 so maybe thats the only firmware apple blocked? IDK

    • iMarc

      Too much disinformation out there, I too downgraded to 4.3.3. from iOS 5.0 No probs at all.

      • Dmac


        FACT: apple is no longer signing iOS 1.0 – 4.3.5

      • Gus Me


        It’s possible you’ll just need your blobs saved to be able to downgrade 😉

  • Max

    I think I’ll stash in redsn0w for my own devices, but maybe impress other people when I jailbreak theirs faster 😛

  • jamesandyori

    When it comes to stashing does it matter whether cydia does it or not?


  • kokhean

    I would rather stash the applications using redsn0w. I mean, who wants their Cydia app to reload? There isn’t any loading bar at all.

  • I use tethered jailbreak and it’s not too bad. I learn which jailbreaks require a reboot, like Winterboard.

    • Jason

      If you have to reboot while installing a jailbreak tweak while using a tethered jailbreak, you have to re-jailbreak your phone? I though it was only if the phone shuts off completely…

  • Steve Jobs

    After going through a painful process of upgrading my iPhone 4 GSM (Model A1332) using sn0wbreeze v2.8b8, the modem firmware (baseband) was inadvertently upgraded to 04.11.08. However, as per Cyadia’s server, I have several preserved baseband’s. Sn0wbreeze has proven to be unstable so I’d prefer to re-process the jailbreak using redsn0w. Can anyone provide the steps required? Can I directly apply the RS jailbreak?

    • Eric

      Cydia does not store basebands. It only stores shsh blobs. Once your baseband is updated you are screwed. Have not been able to downgrade basebands for a long time now…

      • Steve Jobs (Dmac)

        Well it appears that sn0wbreeze updated my baseband, for this exact reason I would not recommend sn0wbreeze to anyone. Fucking trash..

    • Bro, u can downgrade the firmware but u cant for the baseband. U r stuck to bb 4.11.08.
      May I ask if u did Pwned DFU?

    • Yes Eric said it right. There’s no baseband downgrade.

      • Craig

        Some of you guys have no idea what you are talking about yet you are telling other people what to do .. For the record, YOU CAN DOWNGRADE YOUR BASEBAND as long as the firmware that comes with the lower basebanc is still being signed, I have updated to iOS 5 during the betas and restored to 4.3.3 multiple times and the baseband ALWAYS gets downgraded too, as for the current state of play, I don’t know either way which firmwares can still be used as I use a pre signed 4.3.3 firmware but any1 who says you can never downgrade a baseband blatantly has no f’ing clue, FACT !!

      • Eric

        Yea i did forget about that, but the chances of getting downgraded is slim to none because apple does not sign firmwares for very long.

      • Dmac

        Craig, you might want to get your shit straightened out..

        FACT: apple is no longer signing iOS 1.0 – 4.3.5

        When default settings are used in the iOS 5 upgrade, there’s no turning back. Let’s hope the jailbreak community can change this;)

  • Wait for a while, Im still making it.
    90% complete

    • Steve Jobs (Dmac)


      • Just kidding, Steve! Where’s your sense of humor?

    • Hassabo

      Really the untethered jb?

    • Hassabo

      The untethered jailbreak?

  • Roman

    I prefer Sn0wbreez !!! The redsn0w is giving errors every time :)))) BTW with sn0wbreez you can have iOS 5 unthethered jailbreak on iPhone 3GS 😉

    • Steve Jobs (Dmac)

      I agree with you, to a certain extent. RedSn0w 0.9.9 beta 6 did not initially work with my device which is why I reverted to the sn0wbreeze jailbreak. FYI redsn0w also provides untethered jailbreak for iphone 3gs (old bootrom).

      • Jason Masters

        Change your username it’s disrespectful to his family he just passed away!

  • AsianLeader

    I cannot wait for the untethered JB, YOU GUYS ROCK.

  • David

    Instead of so called speeding up redsn0w should be concentrating on jailbreak for iphone 4s. Inen the end there is no speeding up!

  • Timothy

    Dont listen to that El Toro Guy. He’s a troll. The IOS 5 jailbreak untethered is going to be released by greenpois0n.

    • Steve Jobs (DMac)

      Only time can tell..

    • Timothy, man!, Where’s your sense of humor?

  • Steve

    I have an IPhone 4S running iOS 5 can I use te latest version of redsnow to jailbreak?

    • Steve Jobs (DMac)


      At the time of this post, there is no public jailbreak available for iphone 4s devices.

  • Steve

    I have an IPhone 4S running iOS 5 can I use te latest version of redsnow to jailbreak? Does anyone know ?

  • AvenGerMK

    Redsnow is the best jailbreak by far. Why complain about the time? It takes a min or two. Wow. Are you gonna die if your phone is plugged up and down for 2 mins? Most of you who jail break just fill up your phone With crap and don’t even begin to know how to tweak things to make it better.



  • QuarterSwede

    This is great for running beta firmware without a dev account because you’ll be able to OTA update finally since the applications don’t get stashed (that’s how Apple knows and blocks the updates).

    • QuarterSwede

      To clarify: this will only help if you don’t run Cydia.

  • Plazmer

    If I Jailbreak my iPhone with redsn0w, will it be fine when I rejailbreak it when the untethered comes out?

  • Tameeeeeee

    why they cant give untethered jb? can you make an article or something publish here on idb why anyone cant just release it ? we all have too mant questions and we want answers. Are you scared that Apple is gonna patch it? If that so, im stick on tethered jailbreak.

    • rdqronos

      Developers don’t just magically have an untether every time a new firmware comes out. It takes time to find them, especially since Apple’s been playing this game for four years and five operating systems. They’ll release it the day they know it works flawlessly. So stop your bitching, and downgrade to iOS 4.3.3 for your damn untethered jailbreak.

  • Daniel

    Is it ready yet??

    Redsn0w 0.9.9 beta 7 unthetered for Windows??

  • @Domperignon not neccessarily,there is a trick to downgrade from 4.3.5 or 4.3.4 back to 4.3.3 without SHSH blobs but i don’t know if it will work for IOS5

  • Yuha

    I have my phone SHSH saved in my PC and at Cydia 4.21, 4.3, 4.3.3 but I could not downgrade to any of these versions. I followed steps in but not working for me. got all different error code and Fix Recovery not fix it. Mine is iphone 4 GSM and now at 4.3.5 JB. Could some one help?

    • Alex

      Restore to custom not stock firmware

  • Why do you have to ask when is the Untethered Jailbreak coming? It will be released before you know it. Ai’nt that the reason why we open this iDownload blog every now and then?
    Don’t ask, just continue blogging, boys!

  • NewtonDKC

    I apologize if this is the wrong place to leave this – total newbie here for Jailbreaking. My question is this: My iPod Touch 4th Gen has developed a bizarre video glitch soon after updating to ios 5 whereby a section of the very top of the screen (basically the entire Status Bar area) is now also displaying on the BOTTOM of my screen! Basically it usually looks like I have a top and bottom Status Bar, and it’s maddening, and I thought downgrading might fix it, but of course I can no longer do that. I called Apple who wants me to send it in and be without it for 5 days – but obviously prefer to avoid that if possible. Does Jailbreaking induce any sort of system wide total reboot that might force the video driver to reinitialize similar to an OS update that a standard Home + Power doesn’t?
    Thanks for any assistance for anyone who knows any low level hardware/Jailbreaking info that can help!
    Much Thanks, Newt