The folks over at iSuppli have teared down the new iPhone 4S, this time providing a detailed analysis as well as the estimated cost to manufacture the handset.

While the iPhone 4S looks almost completely identical to the previous generation iPhone 4, there are some changes inside the new handset which seem to have translated to a 50 cent cost increase from the iPhone 4…

The 16 GB iPhone 4S model carries an estimated bill of materials (BOM) of $188, while the 32GB 4S BOM is $207, and the 64GB 4S BOM is $245. Last year, iSuppli estimated the 16GB iPhone 4 parts cost a total of $187.51 to make.

As noted by iFixit’s teardown, Apple has decided to use Qualcomm baseband chip (which costs around $14-$15) in the new iPhone 4S, instead of the previous baseband chip from German chip maker Infineon, which was purchased by Intel last year.

Additionally, according to the report, it seems Apple has used Hynix for its flash memory instead of Samsung which it has used in the past. This probably was due to the legal tensions between the two companies, although the iPhone 4S A5 processor is still manufactured by Samsung and the A6 is rumored to be as well.

The 8-megapixel camera in the 4S is reported to cost $17.60, although the research firm has stated that tracing the part back to its supplier has been difficult. Additionally, although it had originally been reported that the sensor had been manufactured by Sony, it seems Largan and Omnivision are also listed as potential suppliers.

Keep in mind these estimates don’t include costs for items such as labor, shipping, advertising, software development, or patent licensing.


  • Richard hawkes

    In theory would it be possible to order these parts and turn an iphone 4 into an iphone 4s

    • John doe


  • Chris

    Then why waste there time making Iphone4s They should have just focused on making a breakthrough with iphone 5 instead of sidetracking and giving the same thing from last year.
    And really the only redeeming feature is siri. which they could have just released that as a patch or app for iPhone 4.

  • Jas God

    I’m sayin, unless u had a 3G or 3GS, IMO upgrading to the 4S is a waste. just wait for the 5. (still rolling with my 3GS)

    • moob


    • Sticktron

      iPhone 4 is a massive upgrade.
      The dual-core CPU and 7x faster GPU are like upgrading from a 800MHz P4 w/ GeForce 2MX to a 2x1GHz Core Duo w/ GeForce 8800GT.

    • Sticktron

      iPhone 4 is a massive upgrade.
      The dual-core CPU and 7x faster GPU are like upgrading from a 800MHz P4 w/ GeForce 2MX to a 2x 1GHz Core Duo w/ GeForce 8800GT.

  • John doe

    Iphone 5 was never apples intensions! Its the public who started this iphone 5 rumor. Its also consumers fault that holds apple to there launch dates! So let me get this right? YOU start a rumor, than expect it to really happen, and when it doesent you get upset? All i need to say is, GET A LIFE!

  • TheCameraSux

    I’m an admitted iPhone doubt. And I don’t mean to change the subject, but although I love some things about the new iPhone 4S, the camera SUCKS, imho.
    Every point-n-shoot Sony I ever owned sucked for the blurried photos I would get..way more often than not. So some time ago I moved on to Nikon (DSLR), then Canon (DSLR & p&s) and Panasonic Lumix (p&s). NO blurries….and NO pixelation to speak of.
    I EXPECTED the new camera on the new iphone to live up to the hype…but I gotta say…FAIL!
    If I don’t hold PERFECTLY still…it’s a fuzzy shot. And zoom…LOTS of pixelation! And I’m talking zooming to shoot, AND zooming in on a regular photo. Pixels. Lots.
    I’m not sure if I just got a lemon phone…is anyone else finding this an issue? Seriously….the iP4 camera took fabulous photos…ESPECIALLY in comparison.
    Wow…incredibly disappointed in this part of the iP4S. And that sucks cuz hello….don’t most of us use our phones for those awesome, random shots???
    Now I have to drag my P&S around everywhere, too?? Not good.

    • John doe

      My iphone 4s camera works just fine, and better than my iphone 4. Regardless if you expect your phone to be same quality or better than your dslr’s with a good lense well id like you to share the shit your smoking with me.

      • TheCameraSux

        Uh…OK. When did I say I expected my ips4 or ip4 camera to work as well as the dslr cameras?? Good Lord. I was referring to my past experiences with sony cameras IN GENERAL.
        Maybe that’s yur problem. You smoke shit…I don’t.
        Anyway…all I was trying to say is that for all the hype of this new camera built into this new phone…it’s crap in comparison to the ip4…IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.
        And again….I’m pointing this out to maybe see is my new phone has issues. I noticed this morning that the forward facing camera was extremely washed out with too much light unless I held my finger really close to the sensor. It also flickered to a black screen with multiple streaks of color- briefly.
        Again – I don’t smoke shit or anything else.
        But thanks for the awesome help there, buddy.

      • goofygreek

        sounds like you got a lemon.

  • Daniel

    Rumour mill usually works great for apple but unfortunately apple just undelivered with the iphone 4s! due to all the other phones on the market, the iphone 5 was expected sooner rather than later.I can’t wait until the iphone 5 it’s finally released.

  • maxx

    Does anyone have BOM of a Samsung Galaxy II headset? That would be interesting because its the oponent of the iphone 4/4s.

  • Lou XuZhao

    HAHAHAHA… People here seem to think that every decision in regards to Samsung is related to the lawsuit. The purchasing department, engineers, and the finance department choose which brand of parts to use. And these departments rarely consider legal battles in their purchasing decisions as long as there is money to be saved.

    The company that wins the bid on the account gets to provide flash chips for the manufacturer. And these bids are often dictated by price, quantity, contract duration, and date of shipment. Legal battles between the two legal departments are almost never taken into consideration when it comes to which chips to use.

  • Brent

    Who quoted these parts? Those NAND and DRAM prices seem way too high.

  • Second, many of the mechanical and technological devices of today are much more advanced than those

    made 30, 20, even 10 years ago. Computers run cars, and the parts of phones, televisions and

    laptops are often so small that only experts can manage them. We are wary of getting in over our

    heads when trying to take anything apart.