WinterBoard, the jailbreak application that allows you to customize virtually every design aspect of your iPhone, has been updated with support for iOS 5.

After a week or so of beta testing, saurik has finally worked out all the kinks and made sure that WinterBoard is fully compatible and stable when running on iOS 5…

Because it is updated for iOS 5, it doesn’t mean that all themes will work. Themes also have to be updated to work properly on iOS 5. So if you have a theme that’s not working right, it’s probably not because of WinterBoard, but because of the theme itself.

You can easily update WinterBoard directly from Cydia. You know the drill.

How is this updated version of WinterBoard working for you?


    WE WANT UNTETHERING JAILBREAK LIKE…. N-O-W everyone join the chanting!

    • Hassabo


      • CyPhErLoUs

        You two homos are forever alone.

      • dummy

        Only hOmOs WrItE LiKe tHis!

      • Austin

        No one typed like that except for you

      • dummy

        dunbass austin…look at the name above mine

    • Andrew`

      This made me lol

    • Tony

      Ya so, when are you going to release it?

    • Timothy

      Yes we do

      • Timothy

        On top of that you haven’t even worked on a 4.5 untether

  • Jas God

    all of my favorite themes don’t work ๐Ÿ™ lol but I expected that. glad it’s been updated now tho-

  • Dave

    This would be great news if I could actually jailbreak my new 4S.

    • David

      Forget untethered jailbreak I’d settle for a tethered iPhone 4s jailbreak

  • dan

    Just a compatibility update? No fixes or feature additions then?

  • jamesandyori

    Should I/we remove winterboard fix IOS5 ?


    • Austin

      I did, and its working fine on its own now

  • Winterboard is a great cydia tweak but without UNTETHEd jailbreak its not too nice

    • Shaq Steel

      You can restart springboard without tethering.

  • Joey Johari

    pleaseeeee…….untethered jailbreak ……!!!!!!!………

  • Jedoonat

    Sooo I wonder…, remove winterboard fix before updating? Or…, update then remove. I just hope that nothing goes wrong.

    • jamesandyori

      Until get an answer I have both and they are playing nice for now.

      • Austin

        Working without the fix, I removed after updating Winterboard

  • Spencer

    Agreed that it’s really nice to see our Jailbreak favourites getting the iOS5 treatment but an unteather would be great. I will not buy a 4S until it can be Jailbroken.

  • Tommy

    Ok stop complaing about a untethered they said it will be soon hopefully, don’t forget this shit is free that they do, so step off there nuts amd not for nothinu wanna jailbreak do the tethered, dunno why so many ppl hate it that much just don’t let ya phone die for the most part

    • Jas God

      +1 fuckin agree, just be patient yall.. there’s a tethered jb available so fuck wit that then if you can’t wait-

  • shut up

    if your phone doesnt die, you only have to reboot your device on like two or three different installs. if an app says ‘restart springboard’ you dont need to retether. im lovin my jailbreak on ios5. and ive had to connect it twice in the last week to retether.

    • jamesandyori

      You don’t need to tether on restart springboard???????? Really?

      Ahhhhh sweet!

      I’m really starting to like this tethered jb!

      Hey DT take your time!


      • QuarterSwede

        This is what people really think!? No wonder people hate tethered jailbreaks. *facepalm*

    • Jas God


  • 2035 A.D

    Updated, but still no retina icon ;(

  • Sahil

    Pleaseee can u let me know when is untethered jailbreak is arriving???

    • Rick

      Lol, as if this blog wouldn’t tell us when one comes out XD

  • Gelly Bean

    You must reboot after install…

  • ShaolinFist

    Damn Rick you read my friggin mind!

  • ShaolinFist

    Damn Rick you read my mind!

  • I jailbroke my iPod touch on ios 5 and I got a blank game center icon any help?

    • tigo

      you have to boot tethered after jailbreak


  • jamesandyori

    You know what sucks is the individual’s that are all aggressive over wanting a untethered jb are going to be the same ones that are going to complain over tweaks that are not ready for 5.0 yet!

    I never thought I would like a tethered jb but it’s not that bad! Everyone should try it! It would be like then you earned the untethered jb!

    • QuarterSwede

      I was on a tethered jailbreak all thoughout the iOS 5 beta testing and never once did I have the system crash so I had to reboot. Just imagine how much more stable it is on the public release. The people who are clamoring for an untethered jailbreak have never used a tethered jailbreak. It’s the ignorant masses assuming it’s highly unstable (idiots).

  • Gizmodzine

    Still using 4.0.1 and loving its no crash/buggy ways !!! oh and the old siri works still ;p

  • Bob

    I installed Winterboard on my iPhone 4 and after a while when I opened up some apps, like the Settings or Cydia app, the screen would shrink to 1/4 the normal size and I couldn’t navigate around the app at all. Had to restore and re-jailbreak the phone. Anyone else have something like this. Assuming it’s conflicting with something else.

    • I don’t have iOS 5 yet, but from what I’ve heard, it can be fixed by opening SBSettings and pressing Power then Safe Mode. When you come back to the lockscreen, tap the status bar and then respring.


  • Chad

    Works great with inpulse hd. But hide dock icons and no dock icon labels still doesn’t work! ” hurry up springtomize 2″

    • jamesandyori

      Agreed. I just tested it and it neither one works for me either.

      Bummer, but oh well it will get fixed sometime.


  • ruleover

    Any awesome themes that are compatible with this winterboard version?

  • Rob

    I love my forzaxtd theme. That’s why I haven’t updated. There doesn’t seem to be much info on what’s iOS 5 comparable and what’s not. I was the new iOS but don’t want to upgrade if my theme won’t work or will be really poor. If I upgrade what will and won’t work from the theme. Thanks

  • Tux

    icons text disappeared after updating my WinterBoard ๐Ÿ™ on iOS 4.3.3 iPhone 4

    plzzzz help (using theme iFlat2 HD)

  • GD748

    Jeff at least with the new winterboard you can now change the icon labels color again to match your theme mine is currenly blue 007eff Hex and only thing doesn’t work yet is wifi bars battery bars everything else is ready on ios5

  • Rob

    Thanks Gd748 I’ll probably update today now. Was worried about how it would look. But If it’s only the top bar I’ll do it.
    Is it the same for all themes

  • The reasons the theme didn’t work is because you didn’t wipe the notification centre cache in var/mobile/library/caches, I made my own notification centre theme and it works fine

  • So does anyone actually know what was changed in WB that made themes break?


  • Diyar


  • Core2

    The only thing I found desirable with a jailbreak was the Black keyboard after iOS 4 got released.

  • Siri told me, “too bad you bought the iPhone 4S”

    Me: “Why”

    Siri “Now you are stuck and can’t jaibreak!”

  • Giz1495

    I’m on 4.33 on iPhone 4 and I installed the winterboard update, resulting in most of my themes not displaying icons text, I resorted to going back to the last stable version of winterboard and all ok now

    • Giz1495

      can i just rephrase my last post, when i say stable version of winterboard i mean the last version that worked with my themes, winterboard in itself is fine, but i guess some themes will need an update, so until the update for the theme is released im sticking to 0.9.3211-1.

  • magralha

    Guys how do I downgrade winterboard to the previous release? Thanks

    • Giz1495

      Not sure if there is an easier way but I searched for winterboard 0.9,3211-1 in google and downloaded to my PC, then after deleting winterboard I used iphonebrowser to sssh into my phone, var/ root/ media/ Cydia ( if no Cydia folder create one)/ AutoInstall ( create also ). Then drag n drop the winterboard .deb file into AutoInstall. Reboot phone, then respring and winterboard should be installed. Hope this helps.

    • Giz1495

      Email me I will talk you through it.

      • magralha

        Thank you Giz1495, I have lost my app labels after update (until now seems the only problem), so I searched and found in Cydia a theme called “Better White Icon Labels”and now I have the labels back! ๐Ÿ™‚ But again, really appreciate your help and will let you know if I still need to downgrade. Thank you!

  • Smokin House

    I love my untethered Jailbreak of ios5 on my 3GS! Hope they update some of the mods soon ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Espiral

    Not working for me iphone 4 5.0

  • ajeesh i

    winterboard not working after rebooking in iphone ios 5.1

  • ajeesh i

    winterboad not working iphone ios 5.1 after rebooting

  • Anonymous

    I updated Cydia a couple of days ago, probably the April fools update that Saurik released, and now Winterboard doesn’t work right. the Icons are fine, my battery is showing up right, but my dock has changed, the app switcher bkgrnd changed back to the default and i had made my folders icons invisible so all I could see was the apps inside with no outline or box when outside the folder, but now it’s back to default. Anyone know what the fix is?