Oh Samsung! You’re making this easier and easier to call you out on your plagiarism of Apple products.

We’ve seen our fair share of images showing how Samsung goes out of its way to become an Apple copycat, but this one might be the most interesting. After adding Apple’s App Store app icons to its own company stores, Samsung is now using screenshots of the iOS Maps app into promotional documents…

As a matter of fact, John Gruber tracked down the exact screenshot Samsung used. This Maps screenshot was taken from a blog post by Laura Scott, back in 2008.

But don’t even try to look for this screenshot because Samsung already took it down.

If Samsung wants to prove in courts that Apple is the one copying its products, they’re going to have to try harder than that.

  • theadobeflash

    samsung you douch bags!

    • killa

      lmaoo i think they did it for reason

  • theadobeflash

    samsung you chumps

  • Catas

    Really.. whats wrong with samsung? theyr copying iPhone and Apple on everything!

    • JavR

      It´s difficult not to copy with something flawless so near 😛

    • fdxgncgfn

      actually, they probably didn’t copy. As you can see, it has an android status bar.

  • La Cucaracha

    Love how this posts are to call the attention of Android Fanboys

    • Soto

      No there not. This isn’t an android blog is it?

      • CrazyBraulz

        +1 lol

  • MrBig

    sorry this is off topic, but what is this great iphone case brand (leather e.g.) called? I think you gave some away some time ago!

  • Startwinkle

    Mmm, look at that snickers.

    • javierE186

      I know I want one :'(

  • Startwinkle

    Mmm, look at that snickers, it looks mighty delicious next to that iph-Samsung.

  • Ayush

    The Android folks have now copied Siri too, there is new app in the marke named iris (Siri backwards) and the name stands for Intelligent rival imitator of Siri

    • goofygreek

      technically, siri copied andriod. voice control has been around on many andriod handsets for awhile. plus, notification center is almost a direct copy of andriods notification center.

      • GoodGuyGreg

        Voice Control has also been around on iPhone since iPhone OS 3.0. Also, Notification Center was built by an iPhone jailbreaker and released in Cydia a while ago. No, Apple did not copy Android.

        Therefore, your argument is invalid.

      • javierE186

        Technically Android did copy Siri as the original Siri was out before voice control. Android tired to copy webOS’ notifications. Lastly Android is known for copying and has copied other mobile OS’ (iOS primarily) functions and “apps”, and using it as their own w/o the licence from the actual patent holder. Just Google it lol

      • kurt

        @goodGuyGreg…your argument is invalid (funny when arrogant people are put in their place)…the jailbreak dev you are referring to only had one small addition to the notification center that was taken from android. that was the popup that rolls in and rolls back so not disturb what you are doing. thats by no means notification center as a whole.

      • ice

        but apple made both better

      • fdxgncgfn

        notification center was the most appalling part about WWDC 2011 keynote. I can’t beleive apple could say everyone was being a copycat and then take android’s notification center and put an exact copy in iOS 5

  • Chris

    Galaxy iPhone S

  • Ayush


  • kokhean

    If you look really closely, you can see a hand holding a chocolate bar.

  • goofygreek

    the picture is a fake. Gizmodo had this earlier and said that this pic was on samsung’s website. Well its not. If you dont believe me, take a look at gizimodo’s post, if they havnt pulled it already. Almost every comment on that site said it was a fake.

    • goofygreek


      they also say its the samsung galaxy player 5.0 which seems to not exist. Well, at least according to samsungs website it doesnt exist. The links they posted in the post are dead ends. I mean come on sebastien. I dont really care if you guys copy stories, sometimes you copy, sometimes they copy. But at least do a little research before you post something that cant be proven. i mean, anyone with photoshop can make that picture. Gizimodo shows the original and the copy with samsungs name on it.

      • Please verify your info before calling us out. The Galaxy Player 5 does exist, and here is the link in Samsung’s website http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mp3-players/YP-G70CWY/XAA

      • goofygreek

        Ok, then were is the picture? I know its possible that they removed it from the site, but still, dont you think a major corp. is gonna make the same mistake again? And again, im sure there are writers on this blog that can make that pic(not saying you did, since it was posted on another site before here). As far as me saying that device doesnt exist, the links i was trying to use dont work. which also makes me think the whole thing is fake. (links from gizmodo’s site)

      • goofygreek

        my last reply should say do you think, not dont you think.

    • Erick

      It is fake…if you look at the left side of the “screen” there is more room on the phone than on the right side..so you can clearly see that the screen is not centered on the phone

  • Jason Masters

    Lol the snickers is fake!!!!

  • sebastien, your last 2 words “that that.” I think should be “on that.”, take note dude!

    • I meant “than that”.
      It’s fixed now. Thanks 🙂

  • Appung

    Apples uses 40% of its tech from samsung’s copyrights

    Bet u didn’ know that.

    • Andres

      Yeah, well did you know that 90% of statistics are made up on the spot?

  • Masterh

    Android is lame they could suck a big d*^k
    And Samsung shame on you ! All that money for no imagination ! >:( apple all the way 🙂 iPhone 🙂 oh yeah !!!

  • Hmmm… Why am I not surprized?
    I guess you could call it an iSamsung Galaxy Player 4S. 😉


  • Mac

    shame on you Samsung !!!!!!

  • Jt

    Ios maps = google maps? I got a google logo at the bottom left corner on my iphone.

  • Bill

    It is Google maps.. nothing to do with IOS at all anyway.

    Can’t wait till google pulls out all it’s gadgets from IOS and that Samsung gets paid for the 3G transmission technology it invented from Apple..

    Copying an icon is maybe not very nice, but using the whole 3G technology without even licensing.. is 100X worse

    Jobs is dead.. Apple soon follows

  • Polemicist

    That is a pretty funny find. But the only thing technically being copied here is the search bar and the rest could be considered the 10% change required to make it bypass the copyright police. Basically it looks like some lazy graphic designer just did a google image search for a Google Search screenshot and wacked it in a template. Yeah they caught some lazy bugger not doing his job properly. LOL. Cute. Love the snickers…

  • I agree Polemicist, “It looks like some lazy graphic designer just did a google image search for a Google Search screenshot and wacked it in a template.” LOLZ.
    Whatever is the reason but, in a highly competitive environment companies can do these kind of job and it’s not a big deal for them.

  • Khalid

    right now I’m watching samsungs football team playing live so i was imaging if apple got a football team what they r going do??

  • Alex

    Haha, I never noticed the Snickers!

  • Abuthen

    “After adding Apple’s App Store app icons to its own company stores”

    Why are you mentioning this again Seb? I thought you knew by now that it was the store owner (not Samsung) who did that. And it was not a Samsung store. Samsung (and other phone brands including Apple) had in-store stalls there.