One of the most consistent iPhone rumors we’ve been hearing over the past few years has been that the Cupertino company is working on a ‘nano’ version of its popular smartphone.

Obviously, nothing has ever materialized, but for some reason the iPhone Nano always seems to surface in the rumor run-up right before Apple releases a new handset. But why? The folks over at PatentlyApple might have the answer…

According to the site, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted the iPhone-makers a series of 20 patents today ranging from multi-touch to iPad docks. But perhaps the most interesting of the bunch is a patent regarding an early iPhone Nano concept.

Here’s PatentlyApple’s thoughts on the filing:

“That last patent isn’t about a specific phone design in the least and yet it may illustrate that an iPhone-nano like design was very much on the minds of Apple’s engineers back in 2006. Is that idea now scrapped being that iPhone subsidies allow older models of full size iPhones to sell for only $99 — or is it a concept that’s still on Apple’s roadmap? Time will tell.”

Actually the 3GS is $0 at AT&T. And with three models of the iPhone currently hitting all of the major price points in the market, I don’t see where an iPhone Nano fits in. But the fact that one existed inside the company’s R&D labs at one point is still intriguing.

Was it a smart move on Apple’s part not to release the device?


  • JoBerlin

    I’d love to have an iPhone nano. Your picture looks just right. A bit smaller but with most features would be great. But I guess the battery might be a problem then.

  • Steve

    I think it’s crazy, we want bigger screens so we get an iPad then you want bigger screens on your phone and then they talk about a smaller iPad (which is just an iPhone) don’t do it Apple, the screen is perfect

  • Spencer

    Sorry this is COMPLETLY off topic….. I just learned that in the UK Siri is a Man!!! I’m gonna have to learn to speak “American English” …… Siri is a man NOOOO!!!!!

    • MisterZ

      Dude, just switch Siri to American English in the International settings

  • Crush0685

    I read that the last project Steve jobs work was iPhone 5 a total redesign of the iPhone and he was not that involve on the 4s. The 4s was just release so that the antena problem with the 4 was fix.

    • CrazyBraulz


  • Solid Snake

    I really like this idea… but it seems rather pointless. Still, it’s a cool concept, and it might be a good selling point for parents wanting to shut up kids wanting iPhones, but for a lower price! ;D