The most talked about aspect of the iPhone 4S has to be Siri. Apple’s newest AI technology has been making splashes in the press since its announcement two weeks ago. People are even trying to port it to the iPhone 4.

Siri can recognize and interpret tons of voice commands. We’ve all had fun seeing Siri’s attitude in action, but did you know that the dictation aspect of Siri is incredibly advanced, too?

Jim Rhoades of Crush Apps has compiled an extensive list of dictation commands that Siri recognizes. When you’re dictating anywhere in iOS 5 (via the mic icon on the keyboard), you can add complex punctuations to your sentences.

Some examples:

  • “new line” = move to the next line
  • “caps on” = hold caps lock
  • “caps off” = turn caps lock off
  • “cap” = capitalize the next word
  • “new paragraph” = start a new paragraph
  • “space” = stop hyphen from appearing in a normally hyphenated word
  • “ellipsis” or “dot dot dot” = insert …
  • “quote” or “quotation” mark = insert “
  • “apostrophe” = insert ‘
  • “copyright sign” = insert ©
  • “frowny” or “frowny face” or “frown face” = insert 🙁

Head over to Jim’s post to see the full list.

Have you discovered any interesting phrases or punctuations that Siri will dictate?

  • Gus Me

    Nice find, thanks!

  • Rafael Damasceno

    What happens when you say “Alex has a frowny face”?

    • Justin

      Would probably parse it as “Alex has a :-(”

      Which is infinitely cooler.

      Anybody know how do double space yet? As in this post? I’ve tried saying new line twice. is it new paragraph?

      • MrA


        Yeah. That’s it!

  • soccerkrzy

    I’ve also found “open parenthesis” = “(” & “close parenthesis” = “)” while I was trying to see if it could do order of operations properly, which it cannot do properly by the way.

  • Me

    i want siri on iphone 4 !!! and fast when 🙁

    • MrA

      Siri is freaking awesome!
      – Posted via Siri

  • zaba

    get iphone 4s then

  • Try Vlingo app it’s almost like having Siri.

  • Me

    I cant get an iphone 4s i need to wait 2 monthes so he arrive to israel but cant i install it on iphone 4 when this will be allowed ?

    • Funmz

      Siri just for the iPhone 4s won’t be able to get it on the iPhone 4 not from apple anyway, rummers suggest that it may be able to be ported to the iPhone 4 for jailbreak users… But personally I would not be surprised if it didn’t happen…

      • Funmz


      • MrA

        It’s already been put on an iPhone 4. Via hacks.

  • ou8jonesy

    Siri is AWSOME!!

    Posted BY Siri

  • Honestly, Siri is a neutered, limp, helpless wretch of a an assistant.

    I use Dragon dictation for texts and such because it is much, MUCH more accurate, flexible, and free.

    When MyAssistant came out, I jailbroke my phone and set up 20 or so commands that previously got “I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to do that” or the ever-irritating “I can search the web” from Siri. “One-Trick Pony is Siri.

    Now? I run with location services off, unless I need them (not cool with the idea of being tracked by anyone, thanks), and a press of the home button, speak “location on” and POOF! it’s there! Likewise Wi-Fi, bluetooth (can send and receive files via bluetooth now!), VPN, and more.

    Maps, dictation, contacts, photos, and anything else I care to setup, now voice activated!

    Everything backed up to dropbox, too!