Just grabbed a brand new iPhone 4S? Are you a new iPhone user? If you want to learn more about your new device, then the iPhone 4S user guide might be for you.

Unlike most products, the iPhone 4S doesn’t come with a physical user manual. Instead, it comes with a user guide that you can access directly from Safari…

Simply click here to access to iPhone 4S user guide. Because it is online, you will obviously need an internet connection.

The user guide is broken down into several categories. From the basics to more advanced functions, it should cover your basis, especially if you never owned an iPhone or iPod before.

  • Allan Atkins

    how do I transfer contacts to sim on iPhone 4s

  • Ray

    how do i make the words on the screen bigger? i double tap and the text gets bigger but shrinks right away.

  • jeanette johnstone

    I am trying to enter my email account details. after enterring my user name and password do I choose imap or pop, then it asks for host details etc. this is where I fall flat. Can you advise

  • edontheedge

    I have a
    Iphone4s and my contact list just vanished is there any way to get it back

  • Jill Stegall

    How do I reduce the size of phone numbers on my iphone? The print/numbers are so large I can only view the first 6 numbers. Can’t look up a whole phone number to check it.