Apple is in the middle of one of its busiest weeks in recent memory. It’s releasing multiple major software updates, including iOS 5, and it’s launching a major sync and storage service. Oh, and it has to deliver a million iPhone 4S orders by Friday.

Apple kickstarted the festivities yesterday afternoon by rolling out iTunes 10.5. Now the company has moved on to iCloud, giving the service’s website a noticeable update. Along with a new login screen (above), also lost its ‘beta’ status… 

For those who aren’t familiar, is the web portal for Apple’s new iCloud service. This enables you to access iCloud-synced information like contacts, calendar, and even email from a web browser anywhere in the world.

Though the website has been updated, and is no longer marked as beta, it may still not work for folks on non-developer accounts. iCloud itself has not gone live to the public yet, so there’s a good chance that the website is the same way.

Things are definitely getting interesting, though. First iTunes, now, and iOS 5 should be released sometime this afternoon. Make sure to keep checking back with us throughout the day for the latest updates on Apple’s releases.

  • Chazz

    is already working for me now (in Israel)

  • DIno

    Cody, I never had a mobileme account. But can I still use icloud though?

    • You bet! iCloud is free for everyone with an Apple (iTunes) account.

      • Josh

        Only 5GB though. Which really isn’t much but it’s something.

      • aserettt

        it asks me to move my mobile me account to cloud tho – and i dont have a mobile me account (i have a 3GS)

      • Mark

        I still have my 3gs until the 4s shows – do you know iClouds features are for 3gs as well? Does find my phone even work for 3gs anymore?

      • DIno

        okay thanks. Cos I tried to log in just now but I guess it wasn’t ready yet for non dev’s.

  • Gabriel

    So it’s not live then…… much fanfare for nothing.

    • Actually, some non-developer folks have been able to sign in. If nothing else, Find my iPhone should work.

  • I’m not fussed on I cloud I don’t like the thought of my personel stuff somewhere else other than my phone I don’t back up contacts and personel info with I tunes or any other medium

  • Joey Johari

    I’m able to sign in….but can’t do much….have to upate to IOS5……can’t wait…..!!!!

  • Frank

    testing it now, so cool!

  • John

    redirects to unavailable (UK)

    • Frank

      I’m in the UK as well but it is working for me.

  • Josh

    Also note that opening the page on the iPhone gives you the option to install Find my Friends, though the installation doesn’t work just yet.

  • Jano

    iCloud worked for me since monday when it was still beta, and I’m not a dev. With all services 🙂

  • Mark

    To see Apple already stumbling whole doing a roll out shows how effected they are without Steve Jobs.

    -Find my iPhone (not allowing me to sign up) takes you to download the app and the instructions say to set up a username and pass in ‘MobileMe’ (SJ would never have allowed this oversight)

    -Set up iCloud is linked to a Page Not Found error for most

    -Install Find my Friends attempts to go to the App Store and a popup says – Your request Could Not Be Completed

    Seems to me that a lot of people over in Cupertino were ready to goof off when SJ passed away and we are paying for it now. Welcome to the Future of Apple!

    • Andrew

      Go play with your android

      • Mark

        The only Android I have is my dusty Google Tv – wipe the muck from your eyes and you will see I am right. What did I say that is untrue? BTW – I have a 4s on the way from AT&T, meanwhile my neighbor got his yesterday direct from Apple – I don’t bash everything, just the truths.

        Also – don’t be a tough guy online

  • Jen

    Im in the UK and not working for me, when I try to go to set-up it directs to page not found…anyone else also got problem in UK apart from john.

    • John

      working fine for me know, still says unavailable in firefox but opens and is synced through ie

  • dk

    I get the following message “This account is not yet eligible.” when I try to move my MobileMe account to iCloud.

  • heshammd

    expected release of ios 5

  • Eric

    Not *quite* working for me yet in the U.S. (Colorado) — the website comes up just fine, but tells me I need to set up my account via iOS 5 (which iTunes hasn’t yet pushed).

    • TechSavy101


  • TechSavy101

    U.S still nothing, but supa excited oh yeah iOS 5!!

  • bluedun

    Anyone been able to transition their MobileMe account yet (in the US)? I’m still getting a link to do so, but then it immediately tells me that my MobileMe account isn’t eligible and that I need to be a developer.

  • Kp is live and working. I just uploaded some contacts to it from my laptop.

  • bluedun

    Nope, still getting the “Your account is not yet eligible” screen, which indicates I need to be a developer to move my MobileMe account to iCloud.

  • bluedun

    Is accessing the iCloud service dependent on operating system? For instance, I’m trying to transition on a PC running Windows 7…