My iOS 5 iTunes download has been stuck on 4 minutes remaining for about 15 minutes now, with no signs of budging. Thankfully, the direct download firmware links are usually a lot faster than going through iTunes itself.

Head over to our downloads page for direct downloads for every supported iOS 5 device…

To use these files, just download and choose “Restore” in iTunes while holding Option (Mac) or Shift (Windows) key.

Where these direct download links faster for you?

  • shiraz

    Hi every one
    I download it and it was about 700 mb but when i try to restore it on itune an error messege appear and say firmware not compatible,, can any one help me?

    • Gunter

      Did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem

  • Cameron Carlyon

    Hi please respond! Every time I try to update with the file I downloaded from here I get: Error code 21 I have no idea! What do I doooooo!?!

    • coast

      google it, it’s been covered HEAPS….
      There’s even a youtube howto…

      • Thanks coast! I just waited for a bit and it worked! 😉

  • Robert

    iOS 5 deleted my entire “My Documents” Folder! Even with Disk recovery software its no where to be seen. Is this Steve Jobs Last laugh? I am thinking Class Action Lawsuit for the thousands of pictures, files, videos, and music that are gone!

    • coast

      maybe now you’ll backup your important files like everyone else?

  • Dustin

    This is to HELP ME OUT