We’re afraid it’s not all good news today. With the entire iPhone, iPad and iPod touch-owning public eagerly awaiting the public release of iOS 5, all is not rosy on the iOS front, especially if you happen to be a proud owner of the first-generation iPad.

If you’ve grown comfortable with the multi-touch gestures Apple added earlier this year to the iPad, you’re going to be in for a shock when your iPad restarts after installing iOS 5, for those same gestures will be gone. Lost forever…

The gestures themselves, for their part, were never actually a shipping feature. Enabled via Xcode and branded as “for developers only,” the gestures offered four and five finger swipes and pinches that would allow switching between apps, opening the multitasking tray, and returning to the home screen. Some liked them, most loved them, but they’re going away now, thanks to iOS 5.

Oddly, the iPad 2 will continue to take advantage of these four and five finger gestures.

If you’re hooked on your multitasking gestures and you own an original iPad, you currently have two choices. Either don’t update to iOS 5, and miss out on all that it has to offer, or wait and jailbreak your device after the update and find a tweak that re-enables the gestures.


  • kokhean

    Let’s hope the gestures are still nicely hidden in the firmware.

  • Ken

    I will wait for jailbreak.

  • In iOS 5 Multi-touch gestures doesn’t work on the iPhone. Why?

    • pwn1988


      • BLckAapL

        Hope he’s just trolling. >.<

      • Vince

        On an iPad jerkoff read the words slowly then maybe you will understand

    • Mouse

      because its a 3.5″ screen genius

      • In iOS 4.3.3 it works perfectly 😉

  • Simche

    That feature is great and usefull because of the screen size on iPad! I hope That jailbreak Will Solve this 🙂

  • ubicray

    • Multitasking Gestures for iPad
    ◦ Use four or five fingers to pinch to the Home Screen
    ◦ Swipe up to reveal the multitasking bar
    ◦ Swipe left or right to switch between apps

  • DoDo

    Thats NOT FAIR !! ..
    Well, lets all hope that its just a rumour ! :/

  • AC

    What?? I have the older iOS on my original iPad, and ws waiting to get iOS 5 to get all the gestures, notification center, and all the goodies…. man, what a rip off…..

  • Lee

    Does it brick the 3gs?

  • Leo

    you got to be kidding me… my gestures, why only ipad2 allows to keep them…

  • Remko

    Confirmed, my iPad 1 lost the Multi-touch gestures.

  • asdf

    Shit, I just updated…

  • Cinta Indonesia

    Confirmed. No multitask gestures for iPad in iOS5. It sucks!

  • Len

    Just Updated to iOS5 on iPad and no Multi-touch gestures. Even downloaded program under development in XCode hoping it would reestablish the setting, but no luck. I used those gestures all the time. I hope they become available again.

  • charlie

    AWW MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used those gestures CONSTANTLY… Shameless push for consumers to consume ANOTHER device that adds no other benefit for me!


  • Arturo

    Is there any legality in taking away such an important feature? I hope Apple did not do this on purpose so that we buy Ipad 2. I dont even a job now. 🙁

  • Arturo

    Is there any legality in taking away such an important feature? I hope Apple did not do this on purpose so that we buy an Ipad 2. I dont even have a job now. 🙁

  • Lustring

    Without gestures, certainly it’s a downgrade, painfully I just updated to ios5.

  • Sebastien

    They also wont let you edit photos on orig iPad…. Sucks

  • Jean-Paul

    Shameless marketing move that takes away the last remains of “we’re not just in it for the money”… By the largest, wealthiest company in the world, nice example for the rest.

  • Joseph

    I didn’t even realize how much I relied on the gestures until I didn’t have them anymore. Definitely takes the shine off all the other new features.

  • xgman

    Why on earth would they not include such a nice option? I don’t get it. Almost didn’t need the home button anymore.

  • Frank

    hate such actions from apple


    give them a bad feddback

  • rocketpanda

    Like everyone else I was really looking forward to the new gestures when I updated. Instead the only new thing I really care about is the messaging, which you could already do through 3rd party apps. Notification center? Really? Android has had that for years. Such BS, they better make this right.

  • Arturo

    What Apple taketh away unfairly, Cydia gave it BACK! I jail broke mine just this morning with red snow and it’s ios5 as it should be again! How do you like them apples, Apple?

  • gswman

    I do not understand; treating ipad2 customers different with regards to the gestures. ipad original will be my last apple product. I should know better than to buy a product from a company that has no EOL schedule for ANY of its products.

  • Jay

    What’s more shocking is that none of this was advertised or stated on any Apple documentation, including the release notes! However Apple are slowly starting to update the various websites to say “Multi-touch gestures for iPad 2″, as of 07:58 GMT on 14/10/2011 the US site says iPad 2 but the UK one just says iPad, something of a cover up!

  • Rudy

    Multi gestures gone with IOS5. Tim please can you get this great feature back. I used it every day and makes the iPad work more effectively.

  • Mark

    ARG! I loved the gestures. Now they’re gone. WHY?! Hope they’ll be back soon…

  • Alex

    Oh my god, i should google the ios 5 user feedback first, now I feel so upset to lost my four finger in my iPad 1 after upgrade to iOS 5

  • Joseph

    Sad apple sad…..

  • Mukul Kapoor

    I just activated the multi gestures on my ipad 1 with ios 5. Its very very easy .. you dont need to download any plist editor or anything.. follow the below steps and you will have them back with all the new 200+ features of ios 5

    1. Install cydia (jailbreak) on your ipad with ios 5
    2. launch cydia, select Sources, press edit, press add and enter the following “http://cydia.iphonekickass.com” and press Add Source
    3. After adding cydia.iphonekickass.com open and install “Multi-Tasking Gesture 4.3.x
    4. After installation restart springboard and thats all.. its done 🙂 you will have the gestures back.


  • Jim

    I’ve never considered jail-breaking.. until now. It’s rare that apple makes such a dumbass marketing move. Someone should have told forestal or tim the implications.

    Perhaps ios5 is too heavy, and the gestures were not quite as responsive as they were in 4.3
    It doesn’t matter. The functionality that we became addicted to outweighs the the asthetic-ness of that extra half second delay. And the result is more jailbreaks and a bad call on the record of some apple executive.

    Add it to the menu of an IOS update: (warning, this feature was intended for ipad2 and will not perform smoothly on and iPad. Are you sure you want to enable it?)

    Then we can ALL say YES and everyone is happier. The exec has his ass covered?

    The reason this will not happen is because maybe 10% the people affected will (update to ipad2, or buy a samsung in anger) and the executives will believe the slight monitary gain is worth the pain to it’s customer base.

    Going back to manually closing you app with a button, and then double tapping (quickly) the home button to see the running apps and then sliding along and selecting the app to open every time you want to jump back and forth between and email and a web page is dramatically bad and something I doubt the executives are doing a lot of as they deal with more important stuff on the latest products.

    Jailbreak, and then get your gestures back and all the stuff in the app store is now free. (just don’t leave important information on your iPad anymore or use it for banking or buying stuff online with a credit card.)

  • What an I missing? Other than giving iPad 1 users incentive to upgrade to the iPad 2, why wouldn’t they include the gestures on the first gen iPads?

    There didn’t seem to be any performance issues with the gestures on the first iPad. Apple is pissing off a lot of people and many of them may sell their iPad and buy a Kindle Fie.

    • RJ

      see my post

  • RJ
  • Colleen Sherman

    Am I unable to get specific apps on my iPad 1??